9 Upcoming Quarantine-Centric Romantic Comedies

Quarantinderella: Jamie is a gorgeous, successful architect who just can’t find “The One”. Dana is an event planner who once fell down a flight of stairs. They couldn’t be less alike! But after Jamie and Dana lock eyes in a liquor store shortly after quarantine begins, and then are cruelly separated when another customer starts coughing on an essential worker, they must hole up in their separate apartments and swipe their way through all of Tinder in order to find each other again. New York City itself and its 425,000 COVID cases round out the ensemble cast!

Sex Machina: Amy and Samantha are polar opposites: Amy has COVID, and Samantha doesn’t! After meeting online, they text a few times before realizing that they’re fundamentally incompatible, and they move on. But can a shocking third act twist – when both characters see the same public health briefing and realize they’re super horny – bring them back together?

In Stitches: Terrence and Katherine are just two young professionals trying to make it in New York City. One week into quarantine, Terrence flees to his parents’ house in upstate New York, because he is rich. When Katherine electrocutes herself in her apartment (by using her vibrator while doing dishes) and is medically evacuated to the quaint country hospital that just so happens to be located on Terrence’s family estate, will these two gorgeous, financially rock-solid kids manage to realize that they’re perfect for each other?

Proof of Love: Louise and Maggie meet in their local grocery store, their hands brushing each other as they reach for the last packet of yeast. Terrified that they may have infected each other, they quarantine together for 14 days. Will their love rise above their chaotic surroundings? More importantly… will their bread dough?

Owl Be There For You: While trapped inside her apartment, Anna decides she finally has time to try learning German and reboots her Duolingo account. When she and the Duolingo owl lock eyes, it’s love at first sight… until the owl begins demanding that Anna make more and more time for him. Will their love crumble under the Duolingo owl’s demands, or can Anna make time in her day to say “ja” to love?

The Love Oat: It’s July 2020, and Charlie knows she should throw out the expired carton of oats in the back of her pantry. But there’s something about the man on the Quaker Oats container. His eyes are so… soulful, and his name, he whispers, is Ezekiel. Their courtship is sweet, unexpected, and intensely erotic. She wears an oatmeal-colored cardigan to their Zoom wedding. Their child, an oatmeal raisin abomination, is born during the credits.

Untitled Quarantine Project: Myrna is so horny she threw up. She hasn’t touched another living human being in five months. Can her cat learn to dial 911 in time to save Myrna if she doesn’t stop googling “erotic One Direction fanfiction”?

Maskerade: Nobody seems to understand what Jessica sees in her beau. He’s just a simple cloth face mask – can he really protect her from a global pandemic? But when Jessica is given a fancy, expensive filtered mask by her employer, will she kick her poor mask to the curb – or realize that love was right in front of the lower half of her face this whole time?

Lessons of Love: Natalie and Cora have been married for ten years. When it’s time for Cora to go back to teaching at a public school, Natalie and Cora must team up to write their wills. Yikes!

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Allie Rubin

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  1. Yes, 1,000. Would watch Proof of Love.

    My partner did ‘make me’ do my will before heading back into the Covid fray of public school – we almost didn’t make it. I don’t want to talk about finance and death when I’m prepping lessons for angsty teens.

  2. As a massive film buff, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and especially appreciated your handle of romcom tropes and film blurb writing. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face :)

  3. I misread the title not realizing it was about movies which I would instantly know to be mere dreams, thinking this was about real books.

    Got my hopes up, I would read these

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