Gallery: 50 Adorable Lesbian Couples Having Adorable Lesbian Weddings

There are just a lot of lesbian and queer weddings and commitment ceremonies with photos on the Internet, OK? They are adorable.

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Ryan Yates

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  1. #3 es mi favorite.

    also, someone marry me so we can take cute pictures. that’s a good enough reason, right?

    • That is pretty much the only reason I’d consider having a ~traditional~ wedding with pictures and a party and stuff. Totally a good reason.

    • Well I was saving this for my girlfriend, but I’m sure she’ll understand…

      *Gets down on one knee, pulls out engagement ring* ;)

  2. I want every hair clip/headband featured.
    And nothing but joy for these gorgeous couples!

  3. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION (featuring my lovely wife Desiree IN A DRESS)

    There’s lots more pretty ladies (and genderqueer folks and whatnot) getting married on Offbeat Bride! In my post up there click on the “queer” and “lesbian” tags and you’ll find lots to squee over. :D

  4. I can never get enough of lesbian wedding photos!!! Nothing makes my heart melt more!

    Which reminds me, I really really want to see a lesbian chick flick wedding movie… suggestions?

  5. omg – thank you so much for this! who wouldn’t want to be a part of something as amazing as this? …just beautiful.

    (and, if I do ever get there, now I have a great reference for some killer lesbian wedding photographers).

  6. So much sweetness. This gallery makes me very happy. #37 is gorgeous! I also like #16 and #46. And hey, I just found out today that Brandi Carlile is going to marry her girlfriend!

    • Numbers 16 and 47 had more photos of their weddings posted somewhere. simply gorgeous couples with beautiful ceremonies.

      Though my favorite is definitely 3. So intimate and candid it makes me blush. The love caught in that image is breathtaking.
      And 50. Also candid and so exciting. Everyone looks so happy. It looks like Bliss. Captured.

  7. I admit, I eye-rolled at the title of this post, but all of my jaded snark went out the window when I started scrolling down. I love these pics and wish every couple the best of luck! Thanks, I needed this.

  8. Shameless self promotion: I JUST GOT MARRIED LAST WEEK!

    You can see the photos here:

    They are not professional photos and the first few are just from my crummy camera, but I think they are cute.

    The day started out rainy, so we also got to take a picture with cute rainbow umbrellas:
    Enjoy :)

  9. Adorable and makes me look forward to my own pending nuptials in September!

    Another note: I’m surprised that the entire wedding industry hasn’t gotten behind equality, what with the fuckton of money they stand to make from it.

    IDEA FOR REALITY SHOW: Two bridezillas plan a wedding. Zing!

  10. For some reason I’ve been way into looking at lesbian wedding pictures lately. You’d think I was in love or something. Anyway these are so adorable!

  11. This not only makes me want to get married, it makes me want to voluntarily pose for pictures in a dapper suit

  12. Aah, I love these–and getting to look at all the straddlers’ weddings!
    Despite the fact that I am not engaged, or even in a relationship, I really like looking at lesbian wedding photos (probably because, duh, queer women are cute). This blog is a good one, too:

    • yes – that blog is awesome. Especially since soyoureengayged hasn’t been posting much anymore (sad!).

  13. This was adorable. Also I want to commend whoever put together this gallery because it was epicly diverse! Thanks!

  14. #34 is my favourite. Thanks for this post! Great heart-warming way to start my Saturday morning.

  15. As much as I make fun of the straight girls on Pinterest, planning their weddings before they’ve even met the groom, I must admit: this single-and-anything queer is a total sucker for adorable lesbian weddings.

    Also, this gallery reminds me of how shamelessly I stalked Lacey Stone and Jessica Clark’s wedding photos when they got hitched.

  16. As much as I make fun of the straight girls on Pinterest, planning their weddings before they’ve even met the groom, I must admit: this single-as-anything queer is a total sucker for adorable lesbian weddings.

    Also, this gallery reminds me of how shamelessly I stalked Lacey Stone and Jessica Clark’s wedding photos when they got hitched.

    • I was okay with Chucks (although still kind of put off) but I definitely draw the line at Crocs. WHO DOES THAT?!

  17. I think if we’d all just print these photos and slip them into a homophobe’s mailbox the adoribleness would make all the evil melt out of their tiny shrivled homophobic hearts.

  18. #34 is Lacey Stone (my trainer!) and her wife actress Jessica Clark! They are still this effing cute!

  19. Just feel like I should say that today at Portland (ME) Pride one of my close friends proposed to her gf with the hopes that come November gay marriage will be voted in and they’ll be able to take their own lovely pictures!

    On another note I really feel like someone needs to make a blog called “My Big Fat Gay Wedding”

  20. Here’s a toast to y’all amazing women! Have a wonderful married life and stay out and proud!

  21. Omigod omigod imdgojiohgne[ointiobmotinhiotnhiotwnmwoinjm[y

    brb sending this page to my girlfriend for reasons

    svbnotnoinwoinhoy5nmo5iymnotynmponmium <3

  22. These pictures are so great! They are, indeed, adorable. :) Makes me a little jealous, actually. I very much dislike being the center of attention, and have no desire for a ceremony of any kind, but… just being able to get married, I wish I could do that. As for the ladies in the photos, congratulations!

  23. Wowo these photos are so great, they make me wanna get married asap, but i will wait for my turn, congrats ladies

  24. I love this! It’s absolutly beautiful to see such expression of love…how can people think this is wrong? How can you look into the face of anyone so in love and deny them this?

  25. This is like flipping through “Bride” magazine…so many good ideas for our wedding. I think we are settling on two dresses.

  26. Oh my god. The last picture is of a teacher (the blonde), who used to work at my school, and was the most AMAZING/PERFECT person ever. I seriously had such a huge crush on her, and was so sad when she left. My friends and I are awful people and creeped and found her wife’s fb, so I saw their wedding album, and safe to say, I died. When I saw this article I prayed that her wedding would be in her, but I though it was such a long shot, and there it is, last picture. Autostraddle, I love you.

  27. in the part of d world where I’m from, you don’t dare cough out the word Lesbian. ooh!…I’m so jealous going through these pretty pics

  28. How can anyone ever think that their love is wrong and they should not be entitled to marriage if that is what they truly want. I’m sorry to say that back in the day it was frowned upon to just be friends and lovers behind closed doors let alone be married.

  29. I discovered this post via the amazing yearbook. Thanks so much, 6 years later! This brightened my otherwise day.

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