4 Devastatingly Dapper Instagram-Inspired Looks for Graduation Season

College seniors are chugging coffee and sleeping in the library to cram for finals, which can only mean one thing: graduation season is upon us! This year I’ll be in the audience at Chapman University’s graduation cheering on my little sister as she steps into the real world — but before I booked my flight, found a hotel, or even picked out a graduation card, my first thought was… what should I wear?

Don’t worry if you’re also in need of style inspiration; these ideas from the fashionable folks of Instagram will make you the flyest guest at graduation.

Start Small with a Bow Tie

If you just need a little something, try topping your favorite button-down with a unique bow tie. Skip the solids and go for a quirky option; graduation is the perfect time to try something new.

1. Bike Bow Tie 2. Wooden Bow Tie 3. Comic Print Bow Tie

Snap on Suspenders

Level up your look with a pair of skinny suspenders! Aside from keeping your pants up while you jump and cheer for your graduate, suspenders can totally transform your outfit. Try a versatile black pair, or rock out in something a little brighter.

1. Seersucker Suspenders 2. Swiss Dot Suspenders 3. Floral Suspenders 4. Black Suspenders

Do It Big in a Suit


Nothing says “I’m a full-fledged adult” like sharply tailored suiting. The only downside is you might outshine the actual graduate in photos; you’ll look that good.

1. Slacks 2. Vest 3. Shirt 4. Suit

Keep It Casual in Denim

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Dress code not so formal? Mix dark denim bottoms with a lighter button down top, your favorite hat, and a pair of squeaky-clean high tops to finish off the ensemble. Voilà!

1. Denim Shirt 2. Fedora 3. Jeans 4. Sneakers

Have a great time at any graduations you attend (and at the post-ceremony festivities that hopefully include some lesbian bars). Take plenty of photos both to commemorate the day, and to commemorate your outfit!

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Cami Thomas

Cami Thomas is a blogger, marketer, and big sister based in St. Louis Missouri. A Loyola New Orleans graduate, Cami now resides in the midwest with a full time job as a Field Marketing Specialist by day, and blogger/Batman in training by night. Read articles and watch webisodes by Cami Thomas at Forthecultureblog.com & follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. i told my girlfriend i only want my style to be described as “devastatingly dapper” in the future and she said “Okay, babe. If that makes you happy”

    apparently i needed this guide. thanks Cami!

  2. I would love a detailed “How to wear suspenders for all body types” article. I love them in theory, but then when I try them on they just seem to draw attention to all the wrong parts of my body in all the wrong ways (exactly compromising the masculine-look goal of suspenders in the first place).

    Also, thanks for the reminder to start saving for a devastatingly dapper-ly tailored suit. It will happen eventually!

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