22 Lesbian/Bisexual Movie Covers Featuring Women’s Faces Just Inches From Each Other

Say what you will about the human race – that it’s in need of an Atlantis- style restart, as one example – but what an array of emotions we’re capable of experiencing! Dogs have like panic and joy, cats have disdain and getting spooked, and bugs just seem constantly stressed. But humans, we get them all. And every one of us engage with these emotions in our own unique way!

Oh, besides women experiencing love towards other women. Yeah, those women pretty much only have one way to express that emotion, and it’s like this: with their faces just inches from each other, mouths slightly open like they’re about to kiss but not actually kissing, no, no, no, it’s too taboo, perhaps they will never kiss and just exist in this void until the end of time. Women who love women experience love in the upside down world, where occasionally their heads follow suit. Remarkable.

How do they do it? What is it like? These and other questions. Let’s turn to a medium with an unparalleled look into this phenomenon. Dim your lights, won’t you? It’s time for a special presentation of Lesbian/Bi Movie Covers: My Face is Close to Your Face.

Girl Play


A New York Love Story


passion in the city goes just barely there

Loving Annabelle


Ties of Love


And Then Came Lola


A Perfect Ending




Blue is the Warmest Color






Bye Bye Blondie


Kamikaze Hearts


Kiss Me






Liz in September


Lost and Delirious


Anatomy of Love Seen


My Normal




While You Weren’t Looking


Romeo and Juliet


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  1. Can we convene the International Lesbian Standards Council to determine the official unit of measurement described by two women having their faces veryvery close together in this manner?

    Starting suggestions:
    dyke year

    • I dig the lesbimeter. I think it could be expanded on then too, such as kilolesbimeters, millilesbimeters. This pushes all my nerd buttons.

      • My only concern with lesbimeter is that it could get overloaded with so many other meanings, such as a device for measuring lesbians/lesbian activity, or the rhythmic structure of lesbian verse.

      • Moving up the scale, if one took the term cargile to mean “the distance two celesbians walk apart while drinking coffee that is close enough to suggest they’re going out, but far enough to not be certain” then one could construct the phrase “give a lesbian a clinch, and she’ll take a cargile.”

  2. Whoa, I didn’t realise Loving Anabelle had managed to win a couple of awards? That film was bad. Bad in a sort of good, guilty pleasure kind of way, but bad nonetheless.

      • Soso. Dissatisfied MarriedLady falls for Comfortably Out YoungerLady in the course of MarriedLady taking on new hobbies. Ends happily enough but mostly nothing you haven’t seen anywhere else. Acting not painful enough to un-recommend, but also I’m not in a hurry to watch it again?

  3. Last time I was on a date with a girl, my face got so close to her face. Best sex I’ve ever had.

  4. Wait, you mean this isn’t normal? Growing up in a small rural town I had no idea! I’ve been doing it wrong! :D

  5. Okay this is hilarious but also what is this While You Weren’t Looking movie?? I’m sold by the cover alone.

  6. Well, regardless of the ridiculousness of all those covers being basically cloned (and censored, too), the cover of “Kamikaze hearts” looks fascinating, delicious even. Gonna check it out.

  7. OMG, Erin, I’m laughing so hard. I’m a ghost.

    …I’ve also seen way too many of these movies…

  8. “no, no, no, it’s too taboo, perhaps they will never kiss and just exist in this void until the end of time.”

    xD Lol This is funny.

  9. The straight person equivalent of this is “barely kissing in front of a body of water” by Nicholas Sparks

  10. Women who love women on film apparently must look the way men who f*ck women like them to look, and mostly they are directed that way too.
    Sadly it seems even female directors think so, with few exceptions…

    I confess loving lesbian movies, for that emotional suspense, … until it comes to the sex, and then, well… I am afraid I just fast-forward, mostly, because they often are embarrasingly like porn. I like to follow the story of how two women meet, fall in love and get together, but I have zero interest in watching them do some weird… what is it? Tribadism? (scissoring???)

    Sheesh! I am 65 years old, actively queer since the age of 15 and I have NEVER had sex that way! As to strapons.. don’t get me started… S#it, my g/f lost an EYE to a homophobic attack! I got concussion! If I had wanted a d*ck, why would I have gone through all that cr@p? I would have got me a man!

    Seems lesbian movies can’t escape the soft porn trap, because our stories, as stories of ordinary women, don’t sell to the wider audience.. mostly MEN looking for lesbian porn, and bisexual-but-not-actively-so brigades.

    The memo went out a while ago, now, that we could no longer BE butches, or plain, and if we wore just jeans, t-hirts and lace-up boots we had to start wearing make-up and do our nails, spend time and energy, money and PRODUCTS on hair, in order to deserve other women wanting to be with us…

    So why would cinema be any different?

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