25 Pictures Of Lesbian Sex According To Stock Photography

by riese & laneia

Stock photography: that underrated art form in which professionals create rights-free images suitable for usage by a variety of magazine and online publications and often this art qualifies as a lesbian pic. We love us some Shutterstock, we really truly do, especially lately as they’ve been beefing up their lesbian section with photos that look like actual lesbians living actual lives. But the Shutterstock archives are still bursting with evidence of misguided photoshoots of times past. We’ve marveled at the oddness of lesbian stock photography before, and provided some homoerotic Christmas shoots, but that was back in the day when we only used Getty Images and now we have a whole new treasure trove to mine over at Shutterstock. Seriously though, who knew that the primary lesbian sex act was standing breast-to-breast, staring at the camera?

25 Pictures Of Lesbian Sexuality According To Stock Photography


uggghhhh my arm is falling asleep

Uggghhhh my arm is falling asleep


Is that a poisonous snake in your hand or are you just happy to see me

Is that a poisonous snake in your hand or are you just happy to see me


Let me get my tweezers and we can take care of that little chin hair lickity split

Looks like your waxer missed a hair


I think a bird just pooped on us

Babe seriously, female ejaculation is nothing to be ashamed of.



Rosalie swore she was a size M in white thongs, so Bella felt PRET-TY SMUG about proving Rosalie was actually a size S!


You bring me closer to Goddess

No, wait, the Ambien just kicked in. Sorry.



Blair and Shelly figured out how to make sure they’d never lose each other at the Dinah Shore Pool Party again


Oh crap I forgot to turn the oven off

Johanna and Katniss stayed perfectly still so as to blend in with the rest of the presents under Ellen Page’s Christmas tree


See, like they're doing in this episode of The L Word

See, Autostraddle says it’s totally okay to fuck with our clothes on!

What I read in Curve magazine that this is how lesbians have sex

I know it shouldn’t be, but the fact that your bedspread was stolen from Mrs. Abernathy’s Kindergarten class is SUCH a turn-on.

ooooooooo this is fun!!?!!

You’re right, this is so much better than having sex with boys!


Serpent of old, ruler of the deep. Guardian of the bitter sea. Show us your glory. Show us your power! We pray of thee, we pray of thee. We invoke thee.

Serpent of old, ruler of the deep. Guardian of the bitter sea. Show us your glory. Show us your power! We pray of thee, we pray of thee. We invoke thee.


Uhhh yeah, remember that conversation we had last week about my bloody vagina and the benefits of regularly trimming your fingernails?

Baby, remember that conversation we had last week about trimming your fingernails before fisting?



I can’t believe the bank teller only gave us one lollipop. So rude.


mmm next week let's wear our matching red panties

You know you really should consider going down a cup size, there’s lots of extra space in here





Legitimately unclear why this photo has been tagged with "lesbian"

Legitimately unclear why this photo was among my “lesbian” search results


Where's my motherfucking sandwich, ladies?

Where’s my sandwich?!


You smell like my favorite flavor of Yankee Candle

It’s just that you smell like my favorite flavor of Yankee Candle


All I need in this life she said is an exercise ball between me and my girlfriend, me and my girlfriend

All I need in this life of sin is an exercise ball between me and my girlfriend


Okay fine you can borrow my shoes but you have to promise not to mess them up!

Okay fine you can borrow my shoes but you have to promise not to mess them up!





Uh huh that's right right there right on the tip of the chin ooo yeah that's it

Cassandra had been waiting all her life for a woman who would lick her chin, and now that it was really happening, she could barely remember to breathe



Is this sex? Are we sexing yet? Get the flowchart out again.


Watching "Game of Thrones" in upward-facing dog lesbian sandwich pose is probably the best idea we've had since we bought these matching nude bodysuits from Frederick's

Watching “Game of Thrones” in upward-facing dog lesbian sandwich pose is probably the best idea we’ve had since we bought these matching nude bodysuits on the internet


Uh babe you're smushing my nose

Uh babe you’re smushing my nose

Now it’s your turn, how would you caption this sucker?




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      • Hi there. I had never heard of “transmisogyny” so I decided to educate myself and look it up. Here’s what I got:

        I’m sorry if I caused any distress, but I was wondering if you could help me understand how my comment could be discriminatory? (just looking to improve myself)

        • Hi there. I had never heard of “transmisogyny” so I decided to educate myself and look it up. Here’s what I got: “Transmisogyny, then, is […] the negative attitudes, expressed through cultural hate, individual and state violence, and discrimination directed toward trans* women and trans* people on the feminine end of the gender spectrum.” I’m sorry if I caused any distress, but I was wondering if you could help me understand how my comment could be discriminatory? (just looking to improve myself)

        • It can be really alienating and invalidating to suggest that lesbians don’t only interact with vulvas/don’t interact w sperm producing (which I’m assuming your comment was reffering too) genitalia ever because some have said genitalia and some have partners w said genitalia.

          there are for sure more extreme examples of transmisogyny than your comment but it still contributes to a culture that essentializes women’s identities and sexualities to genitalia and causes a lot of subsequent violence for transfeminine folks. Being a woman or a lesbian is a lot more than just genitals which I’m sure you know!! :)

          (full disclosure I’m not transfeminine but my partner is and am thusly sensitive to such issues)

          Thanks for your polite response. Best, Lex.

        • I might be mistaken, but I took it to mean that because they’re eating actual watermelon, they will obviously always spit out the seeds, so they don’t have to choose – as opposed to having to choose whether to spit or swallow semen. So not actually implying at all that lesbians never have to worry about that, but in fact the opposite (that they sometimes do).

        • Also, while the joke is arguably cissexist (assumes women with penises don’t exist), it’s not trans-misogynistic. Misogyny (and, by extension, trans-misogyny) is an expression of hate. Just as every act of sexism against women is not necessarily misogynistic, not every act of cissexism against trans women is necessarily trans-misogynistic.

          Failing to explicitly include us and expressing outright hatred towards trans women are not the same thing.

          **btw- I did find Chandra’s interpretation of the joke to be interesting, although I doubt that was the actual intention of the joke.

      • In the long run, I wonder if maybe it’s more productive for us to offer our own jokes that are explicitly trans women-inclusive with this kinda thing (so as to offer something positive rather than just be critiquing)… that having been said, I stared at that pic for a while and couldn’t come up with anything.

  1. “I just love it when my boo takes a nice juicy slice of my watermelon. It makes me feel that much closer to her, especially when our matching headscarves do not suffice xoxo”

    #19 and 20 killlled me. Killed. I can just imagine a group of ignorant people sitting around a table: “Lesbians generally wear matching shades of blue and cover their eyes with the hem of their skirts, right? Yes? Ok. Let’s do that then.”

  2. I actually like the *first* no 16, because it is a poignant vignette about an impotent man discovering that “his lady”, is actually not “his lady”, as she has “her own lady”, and he is transforming into The Incredible Hulk of the 1990s. Dang.

  3. just as a side note, saying that all women/lesbians are without seed (which, of course, is used as a euphemism for semen) is trans misogynist language/behavior. some women have vaginas, some do not. i know most of you know this, but it still matters even when we’re using euphemism.

  4. Ok, in response to the conversation up-thread, this is my attempt at a(n) (explicitly) trans woman-inclusive caption:

    “Honey, don’t just walk off with the watermelon… you know I want a taste of banana while we’re at it.”

  5. This explains a lot about lesbian sex as shown on various TV shows – clearly the writers Google-image ‘lesbian sex’ and get a load of pictures of mostly-/fully-clothed ladies who are lying next to each other in a static fashion. Mystery solved!

  6. Regarding the twincest, the obvious answer is that straight people see gayness as an exercise in homogeneity, since people wrongly believe every member of one gender are all the same. Thus, “same-sex” = “same people” = “implied twincest”.

    Plus some dude photographers are really into twincest and male-gaze lesbianism. These two facts are probably related.

  7. Ok I was googling both Yankee candles and bodysuits directly before reading this post. What does that mean? lol Also might I add that googling bodysuits was fun! yeah! and caption for the watermelon ladies “Hey hun yeah let’s make some good old fashioned candles out of these watermelons!”

  8. These pictures look like a sleepover gone wrong, in a “skins” way, with Emily & Katy instead of Emily & Naomi being their sexy selves with each other… with sexier nighties

    as for the caption, I’d say: I kind of understand the fact that you’re eating the watermelon naked to not mess your clothes,but why do I have to sit naked on this hot itching like a b**** sand keeping the watermelon for you while you don’t even care to share?

  9. I don’t understand why *all* of these random photoshoots feature the same woman. She is the most prolific unheard of soft porn actress I’ve ever seen. She looks a bit different in photo #7, though. Her blonde highlights change her face shape so much!

  10. This is the exact reason why it takes me a few weeks to come up with a cover for my books. It’s so frustrating! Either the pictures are miscategorized (the giraffes lol) or they are just really horrible pictures.

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