“2 Broke Girls” and Another Lady-on-Lady Kiss, Courtesy of Liz Feldman

Hi there. This week’s episode, “2 Broke Girls and Hoarder Culture” was written by real life lesbian, Liz Feldman. You should have entered this viewing experience excited and hopeful. People generally agree that this episode was one of, if not the best of the season. I don’t have feelings, thoughts, or opinions because I am a robot so just trust the AV club which echos my sentiments on this show and CBS in general. Max kissed another black. I can say that because I am one. Privilege!

"And then I kissed his beautiful girlfriend who is black and British. The two cool things I can never be."

The “young people please relate to this show” joke

Caroline: Here we are. Craigslist. Ok. How does this job sound?
Max: Disgusting and depraved.
Caroline: You didn’t even hear it yet.
Max: Did I not hear craigslist?

The dark joke

Max: Jackpot. This place is a frickin’ cat factory.
Caroline: And they’re alive. How refreshing.

The edgy joke

Max: It’s such a bummer when people can’t handle their heroine.

The non-PC joke

Caroline: What is Johnny doing here at 3AM? I thought it was a rapist or something.
Max: Rapists don’t knock and wave.

This relationship is moving too fast in terms of the show's timeline and also I do not care.

The joke that leads to a lot of questions

Johnny: What, you don’t have a penis?
Max: Oh, I have one. In a drawer in my bedroom.

Does everyone volunteer this information? Why do people keep them in drawers? Will we see this alleged penis? Is it normal to call it a penis? Does it have a nickname? What color is it?

What did y’all think? Hopeful for the future? Or could you not tell the difference between this episode and all the others?

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  1. I WANT to like this show so bad. I thought this episode was okay, just like all the other ones, a lesbian kiss isn’t going to get me on board. I’m still crossing my fingers it’ll get better.

  2. here is my storyline:

    Max (whoever has a name like that is bound to be gay) and Blondie (Caroline) will fall madly in love. They will move out of brooklyn so that Mr. Horse can have a better future. They adopt all those orphan kitty cats they found at the Hoarder’s place and vagina jokes will no longer be funny. or her penis joke…or the fact that she has a penis. whichever you find funnier or odd.


    Season 2 in the making – duh.

  3. The Good:

    The One Liners:“He is a hoarder, hoarding another hoarder!”- pure comedy genius.
    The Actors: Kat Dennings is hilarious in every show she is in, this one is no different.
    The Sets: It is all in the details ie cupcake pans, napkin art, horse…
    The House Pet: Some people have a dog, some have a cat, 2 Broke Girls have a horse… A Horse!
    The Themes: How some just do not try because they are afraid of failure, How it is okay to not succeed every time (it is a learning experience), That some relationships (especially those with some one they really like) are hard to start or continue and can have many awkward moments.
    The Chemistry: The actors work very well together, complementing each other perfectly.
    The Underlining Plot: Very concrete and simple: two friends raising money for a Cupcake shop. (so many twist can be easily created)

    The Bad

    The Shoes: No waitress I know would ever wear stilettos or high heeled boots (though they are cute).
    The Costumes: This is mainly for the waitress out fits, again not very practical when working for hours a day in constant motion, pants would be better.
    The Laugh Track: Is it real or fake? Really not necessary and demeaning: this show is can handle its own without fake laughter.

    The Bottom Line

    It is refreshing to watch a show that has good jokes, good actors, and good themes but keeps the fake “this-would-never-happen-in-the-real-world-plots” to a minimum. All around a good guilty pleasure show to watch after a long day of life.

  4. I don’t care, I LOVE this show. Best on television, most enjoyable half hour ever. Can’t wait for more.

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