10 Tegan and Sara Halloween Costumes To Make Everyone So Jealous

Oh Tegan, oh Sara. Between the two of them, they’ve created a lot of Halloween costume potential over the years, you know? There are countless ways to dress up like Tegan, or Sara, or even one of their songs. We’ve made a handy guide so you can pick your favorite era, your favorite song, or just the one that matches your current hair. Maybe you won’t look so different from how you look on an every-day basis, but on Halloween, people will ask, “What’s your costume?” And once you’ve said, “Oh, me? I’m Tegan and/or Sara, circa 2009,” they’ll definitely get it. Probably.



Do you have a striped shirt? Good work! Some long sideburns? Cool if you have ’em, still cool if you don’t!


You have TWO Alligator Halloween options:

The first: Dress up like the twins in the Alligator video, by knitting yourself a giant woolen hooded vest (Tegan) or by wrapping your head in a large blanket (Sara).

Don't forget the Uggs.

Don’t forget the Uggs.

Your OTHER option is to follow a more literal interpretation of the video, and put on your Alligator onesie and some sneakers (you’re going to have to “run around on me”). Bam.


The Mullet Years

How about a mullet? Are you rocking a mullet? I’m impressed. Grab a dark-colored t-shirt with an interesting graphic and some jeans and you are so good to go.

Add a hoodie and a green stripe on your face and then you can be this picture:

Or this picture:

Body Work


Find an old blue button-down work shirt and cut the sleeves off, then tie your hair up in a bandanda. Do you have some free weights? How about some laundry? Maybe a friend who looks like Morgan Page? Feel free to bring any of those things/people around with you.


Cut two outfits in half, sew them together, then go downtown, catch an early movie, and you can be “Divided.” Alternate option: do your top half as one twin and the bottom half as the other twin. Very subtle.



David Letterman, 2001

Do you remember the very special time that Tegan and Sara, self-proclaimed “babies,” played My Number on David Letterman in 2001?

Do you have a Tim Horton’s shirt? Does your hair go every which way, or perhaps look like Mary Louise Parker’s in Saved!?


If any of the above are true, you are more than prepared to be Tegan and Sara from their very early years.


via CHYM

via CHYM

Here’s what you need to do for the current almost-two-years-post-Heartthrob moment: Wear all black for Sara, wear all black with a splash of color for Tegan. If you’re styling your hair as Tegan, make sure you really capture the wavy bangs. Really wave them.

Hop a Plane

Wear a pilot’s jacket and some aviators, make some wings out of a cardboard box (or REALLY go all out and make this guy), and write, “You’re not mine,” all over them.

Ok, your turn.

What’s your Tegan and Sara Halloween going to look like?

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  1. Call It Off- wear a white shirt and white pants and then wrap colored telephone cords around you!

    On another note, I will always, ALWAYS miss my mullet. It was my favorite haircut ever.

    • I approve this message. The picture of Crystal, Tegan and Sara always seems to pop up pretty early in the image search results. It’s pretty great.

  2. As someone who can only recall one Tegan and Sara song (from the Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack: Volume One (which, funfact, I copied from my older brother’s iTunes)), but HAS spent an absurd amount of time googling pics of the two of them, I thankyoufondly for this guide.
    Plus my apartment is filled with black clothing, so Sara seems like a totally easypeasy/viable option for next week (albeit, minus any underlying heartthrob status).

    • Yes!!! I felt silly for not thinking of this one when I was making this list, so I am v glad you brought it up.

  3. Or Love You To Death- one eye Sara’s eye makeup, one eye Tegan’s then put on a blue bathrobe.

  4. For the divided costume, include a homemade sign that says try to figure out what my future looks like

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