10 Neko Atsume Toys You Can Buy in Real Life for Your Real Cat Right Now

By now the news may already have reached you, in whatever corner of the world you call home, that you may purchase a variety of adorable and perfect replicas of Neko Atsume toys from petio.com, including but not limited to the Cat Cafe and a range of tunnel options. If you are delighted by this, but find that the yearning deep inside your truest self for Neko Atsume toys that you can have in your very own home is still not satisfied, we are here to help.

Watermelon Ball


Temari Ball


Head Space




Art Deco Cat Tree


Twisty Play Rail





Yellow Feather Teaser


Heated Mat


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  1. You guys I think I played this game wrong or maybe I am a terrible person because I played this game for a week and I never saw a cat.

    • did you put out food for them? and/or also close the app and then come back and check? they won’t come while you’re looking at them, much like Santa Claus or, idk, the Borrowers

      • I did I put sushi out! But yeah someone probably came when I wasn’t looking. I thought they would come eat in front of me like a tamagotchi :-D

        • Also try putting out the “thrifty bitz” in the little pink bowl. Tubbs the cat will come and eat all other foods leaving less opportunities to see other cats!

  2. god beth march bobbi loves that feather teaser thing so much (socks bobbi is the one playing with the watermelon ball obvs).

    i bought my cat a real life twisty rail but after i taught her how to play with it she seemed to take more pleasure out of watching me frantically try to engage her with it than actually using it herself. i think she’d appreciate a heating mat though.

    • rt twisty rail.

      now i just trip over it every morning and occassionally turn it upside doen because it gets filled with dust

    • It broke my heart when we got rid of Gunny’s twisty rail (which we called a race track b/c it was a bit more elaborate and in a full figure 8 shape). It had gotten so gross and disgusting, but he loved it when he was a kitten and every once in awhile we’d hear him in the office, even though he was all grown up, batting the ball around. SOB!

    • No but my cat LOVES the twisty rail! All I ever see and hear is flashing red lights and crashing, plastic noises. (I will die alone with 19 cats.)

  3. Question: how do I get my cats to wear those fun lil hats and wigs? Not sure if I mean in the game, or irl.

    • No it isn’t! I think with new updates they add new kitties and new stuff to buy. I have all the cats and all the items so right now I’m just saving up to buy the different backgrounds!

  4. Oh my word for a second I thought you’d found an actual, complete kotatsu for just $60 and I was going to scream!!! and immediately spend my tax return, but it’s just the futon. :(

  5. A long time ago bought a Twisty Rail. It looks like so much fun, I couldn’t resist. I should have know better. The interest lasted maybe 5 minutes. I tried to fill it with food but that only resulted in a completely taken apart version.
    After a couple of weeks it was gifted to someone with a young kitten. I think it served its purpose way better there.

  6. Nobody thinks that your cat as a higher probability of just choosing to play with the boxes instead of the toys?

    Kinda like this…? Mine will go that way for sure.

      • He’s just laughing at me: “You’re an idiot, you spent a bunch of money on this crap when all you needed to do was to get me a box from the grocery store”.

        Evil, asshole cat.

        …sorry, sorry, not true… my cat is giving me the evil eye.

    • I second Heather, THAT FACE.

      cat amusement scale:
      shoe laces > socks > toilet paper rolls > boxes > actual toys

  7. I have been wanting to build a kotatsu for years now but have never got around to it because I do not trust my comprehension of fire safety. I have every cat but TWO (TWO) on that game. I feel both determined on collecting the final two and afraid of having no more kitties to collect.

  8. I had play rail in real life for my kitty and it was pretty clunky. The ball would get stuck in parts where there was no room for my kitty’s paw and he would crumple his nose, meow “screw this!” and walk off.

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