Submit Yr Gender Feels To The Bandit Zine

If you’re an artist, writer, poet, or generally rad person with feelings about gender and/or your gender identity, The Bandit Zine is in need of your submissions. The Bandit Zine is a fantastic little publication out of Grand Rapids, MI with a focus on positive social justice. I’m a big fan because the issues they tackle are super important and the writing is truer than true, with goshdarn talented people providing content that makes me laugh, cry, and think deeply about the issues at hand. You can download and read past issues from their website, including their Sex Issue, Body Image and Sizeism Issue, and Emancipating Empathy Issue.


For more information on the history of the zine and the people behind it, check out this neat mini-documentary:

Submissions are due to [email protected] by March 15 so start your creative engines and get submitting!

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