New Music: Listen To Garbage’s ‘Not Your Kind Of People’

Crystal’s Team Pick:

Wouldn’t it be funny if Spin posted an exclusive stream of Garbage‘s forthcoming album, Not Your Kind Of People, on their website but then only let readers who live in the USA listen to it? No you’re right, that wouldn’t be funny. That would be kind of upsetting.

I think I’ve mentioned once or maybe a dozen times that I’m super keen to hear this new album, and so I was thinking that maybe some of you US-based Garbage fans could go listen to it and then report back so that I can live vicariously through your lovely American ears. I think I would like that.

Stream Garbage’s Not Your Kind Of People here.

Do you like it? Was it worth the 7-year wait? TELL ME EVERYTHING. Also, Spin‘s interview with Shirley Manson is a great read.

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    Unrelated to Garbage, but still music news – the lead singer of punk band Against Me! came out as a transwoman today and everyone’s being cool about it, which is pretty awesome.

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    a friend heard this record a few months back and told me it was “better than it needs to be,” which = my feelings. i LOVE the synth sounds and guitar riffs they’re using. so excited to see them live in a couple of weeks!

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