You Should Go: Tell Your Stories for Live Through Love

Corynn Egreczky wants your stories. She needs them for the film she’s making about our high school education as queer people. And I’m not talking about the education we get in Social Studies or in Math or English – I’m talking about what we learn about our own identities, the messages we are sent about being gay. Her project is about coming out, the importance of accurate representation and advice from our older community members to our younger ones needs your voice, face and words. While the film aims to bring conversations about our lives to younger generations, it also looks to raise awareness and funds for Live Through Love.

Live Through Love is a new scholarship foundation for those high schoolers who are out as LGBT. Their mission:

To bring awareness to the many struggles and battles people have with discrimination and to reward open LGBT High School Seniors who live life fearlessly, follow their dreams and exude our core motto and name, with scholarships. We’re here to make sure all humans are treated equally.

Egreczky and her production company, Rock Bridge Productions, have joined forces with Live Through Love to make this short film. She’s going to be using three talking points as a place to start:

+ Share a beautiful experience you’ve had as a gay person/queer person.

+ Share a difficult experience you’ve had as a gay person/queer person.

+ What’s your advice for someone who’s still in the closet and thinking about coming out, but is too afraid?

If you’re within striking distance of New York City, come talk about these things and more at The Duplex on April 4th, from 2-5 pm.

Filming Live Through Love at the Duplex
61 Christopher Street, New York City
April 4th, 2-5 pm
RSVP here!

If you can’t make it or you live too far away and would still like to contribute, contact Corynn through her production company’s facebook page for other ways to submit your story. And if you or anyone you know is an out high school senior, point them in the direction of the Live Through Love scholarship application, deadline April 1st.

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