“Wynonna Earp” Episode 411 Recap: In the Arms of An Angel

Nervous about what’s to come, Wynonna gives Peacemaker to Rachel and tells her to run and not give her back her magic gun if she becomes a Clanton heir zombie creature. As Rachel disappears out of the barn, Cleo completes the ritual.

Back at BBD, Doc meets Dark Angel Waverly.

Dark Angel Waverly looks at Doc darkly.

This is how I’m dressing to retrieve borrowed items from my friends from now on.

Before Doc can wonder too long about what stage of the queer evolution this is, Dark Angel Waverly introduces herself as the scion of the great guardian, protector of the fifth realm. She wants the Garden-ing book in his possession, but Doc knows better than to just do what the majestic creature in Waverly’s body wants. She says she doesn’t want trouble, she just wants to take the book and go home. And Doc says, “You are home,” because this episode was out for blood. He wants her to give Waverly back but she stands her ground. Just then, the Clanton C burns into his hand and Doc leaves Dark Angel Waverly with the promise to find a loophole. He poofs away and Dark Angel Waverly looks confused, and for the first time, almost scared.

Waverly looks off in the distance, a wee bit worried.

“I really need to train that book to come when called like in Hocus Pocus.”

By the time Doc materializes on the Clanton ranch, Cleo and Wynonna have figured out that it’s not the Earp heir that is the Clanton’s greatest enemy. Cleo’s maybe, but not the family’s. Cleo decides this is a hilarious twist and does feel a little bad for leaving Wynonna to die but also just wants to get the hell up out of the Ghost River Triangle and escape a lifetime of torture.

Cleo gets ready to get in her car and GTFO.

When you finish your test early and leave the classroom like BYYYE SUCKERSSS.

Doc shoves Wynonna into one of the famous Clanton rock traps and Wynonna quickly realizes she’s not dealing with pure Henry Holliday, this is Doc cut with something a little darker. She tries to reach Doc, not unlike Jeremy did earlier, but Doc stands his ground, asking for a proper Western duel. Wynonna tries to stall them out at number eight of the ten duel commandments but Holt has Rachel so Wynonna reluctantly picks up Peacemaker because despite the teen’s reassurances, there’s no way in hell Wynonna’s letting the girl die for her.

Wynonna slowly picks up Peacemaker.

“The most important lesson I learned…was that the winner of a gunplay usually was the one who took his time.” – Wyatt Earp

For the second time just today, someone wearing a familiar face tries to tell Wynonna the person she loves is gone, but Wynonna isn’t buying it. Death has never stopped Doc before, she doesn’t expect whatever this is to stop him either. She calls to the real Doc, the man who has spent the last few years fighting tooth and nail to protect and fight for his humanity, against all odds. She knows he’s still in there somewhere.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Jeremy are shepherding Purgatorians into a truck to head back to safety when suddenly Jeremy gets a crotch calling. He says he will get the civilians to Shorty’s, she has to get to The Stairs. He doesn’t know exactly what or why but he knows it’s because, “You’re the only one she won’t hurt.”

Nicole looks concerned.

“Sounds ominous. I’m in.”

Which is ominous and terrifying and RUN, NICOLE, RUN.

Back at Shorty’s, Billy finds Nedley, who is pleasantly surprised to find his basement buddy is human again. Billy needs Nedley’s help to turn him into the Clanton heir to stop Cloe and her scheming, and luckily Nedley stores his incantation gear right next to the banana liqueur and is ready to help.

When the time to duel comes, and they take their ten paces, Doc gets down to one and turns to shoot, only to find Wynonna didn’t turn. She trusted that the real Doc was in there enough to trust that he wouldn’t shoot her in the back, and on some level she was right.

She takes this moment to shoot off the barrier and the ricochet hits Holt and takes him down, freeing Rachel.

Wynonna holds Peacemaker up to shoot.

“So yeah, it’s a war. It’s the goddamn fight of my life and you started it.”

And I loved this moment because it reminded me of the pilot, when Wynonna was still trying to get the hang of Peacemaker and shot at Waverly in order to shoot a Revenant with ricochet. But this time it was confident and purposeful and still being done to save her family.

Unfortunately for Wynonna, the Clanton in Doc takes over then and shoots at Wynonna despite Doc’s rule. But Doc had sensed impending doom long before Cleo finished her dirty work, so back when he loaded his pistols at the BBD waystation, he had loaded his guns wrong on purpose so that if they were shot they would backfire and hit him instead.

Wynonna runs to his side, and since Nedley’s ritual worked and Billy took back over as the Clanton heir, Doc is back to his regular self, and doesn’t want to go on living like this. He wants her to end it, to end his pain, to keep him from hurting anyone else. But Wynonna points out that to do that might end his pain, but it would ensure hers never ends. Wynonna knows there’s another way, there has to be, there always is. And as if on cue, Dark Angel Waverly shows up.

Dark Angel Waverly stands tall and foreboding.

“Did someone order a miracle? Get one while I’m hot. THEY’RE. Get one while THEY’RE hot.”

Wynonna asks her if she can fix Doc, and Dark Angel Waverly weighs her options. On one hand, Doc does seem to have deep regret in his heart for his sins. On the other, he has defied the natural end to his life more than once. Wynonna uses her clout as the Champion to win Dark Angel Waverly’s favor, gets down on her knees, and begs. Wynonna says she’s lost so much, if she has to lose her baby sister too, the least Dark Angel Waverly can do is help Waverly save the man they love.

Wynonna makes a cry-face up at Waverly.


“Please,” she begs, “before you go away forever.” And this pain and defeat in Wynonna’s eyes and voice, this desperation to at least save one (1) person she loves in this battle for their souls, this breaks me. She weighs all her options and decides that having Doc alive and Waverly away from her but safe in the Garden is the best she can hope for, the best she can fight for in this moment. Dark Angel Waverly wants the book, and Wynonna is willing to give it if she’ll save Doc first.

And so Dark Angel Waverly does, in fact, save Doc, and wipes the blood from Waverly’s lil half-human nose.

A little blood trickles out of Waverly's nose.

“Look, it’s blood. It’s Summers Earp blood. It’s just like mine. It doesn’t matter where you came from, or-or how you got here. You are my sister.”

Wynonna offers the book she promised, but holds onto it just a little too long. She begs one last time for Dark Angel Waverly to not take her most important person away from her. But all the celestial can offer is a small comfort; Waverly did this so Wynonna didn’t have to fight anymore. Waverly loved Wynonna very much. And tears stream down Wynonna’s face (and mine) as the impact of that one word being in the past tense hits.

This part got to me every time. Wynonna watching her little sister leave. This is what it was all for, to keep Waverly safe. It’s why she came back to Purgatory, it’s why she kept fighting when things got hard. It was always for Waverly. Sure, she added more and more names to the list of reasons to fight as the years went on. Doc. Nicole. Jeremy. Rachel. Alice Michelle. But Waverly was always on it. Always. And if she couldn’t save her baby girl, what was it all for? If Primrose Everdeen dies, what was the point of Katniss’s sacrifice when she volunteered as tribute? The Earp curse is the Earp curse, Peacemaker is Peacemaker…but Waverly is Waverly. Wings and all.

As Dark Angel Waverly leaves, she passes the Reaper Pit, and Holt begs her to free him. And since she’s dishing out miracles on her farewell tour of Purgatory, she decides to do the Clanton clan a solid and turns them all into magpies.

Dark Angel Waverly returns to the Garden stairs and starts to climb them when Nicole shows up and calls out to her, ramming into the barrier that won’t let her pass. Dark Angel Waverly turns and tells her to go home, that this has nothing to do with Nicole.

Dark Angel Waverly stands with one leg up on the stairs holding a book like someone read my dream journals.

“You may perceive my perfect from for a moment if you wish. You’re welcome.”

But Nicole begs to differ. She doesn’t care that the guardian, the failsafe, the scion of the great blah-dee-blah, has to close the gate. She just knows they have to be together. “Where you go, I go.”

Nicole looks up with pleading eyes.

“We don’t have a lot but what we’ve got is enough. We can make this hell heaven on earth.”

Nicole asks, “What about Wynonna,” I think asking both what Wynonna would do without her baby girl and also the role she already plays as protector, but Dark Angel Waverly says that Wynonna has served enough. It’s the whole reason she’s here, it’s the reason Waverly eventually let her break through. To relieve Wynonna of her burden, to take over as the protector.

Nicole won’t accept this as an answer though; she bargains with Dark Angel Waverly. Nicole says she’s already the sheriff of Purgatory, she’d be happy to extend her jurisdiction to cover the whole Ghost River Triangle if that means she gets her fiancée back. Dark Angel Waverly is dubious. Why would Nicole sacrifice herself like this? Nicole points to the book the angel holds in her hands, tells her to read Waverly’s story. Nicole’s name will be all over those pages, she knows it.

Dark Angel Waverly holds a book.

Spoilers, sweetie.

Dark Angel Waverly makes sure this brave human knows exactly what she’s offering. If Nicole accepts this role, she could never leave the Ghost River Triangle. Nicole says that as long as her girl is in her arms, she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else anyway. So Dark Angel Waverly showers her in magic and the two women have a different kind of intimate entanglement on a different set of stairs. Nicole swears an oath to protect the GRT, and declares herself the Angel’s Shield.

Nicole looks up with a promise to protect.

“Meet me on the battlefield. Even on the darkest night,
I will be your sword & shield, your camouflage. And you will be mine”

Her duties done, the Dark Angel leaves Waverly, returning her to her original form of a compact badass in a sundress. Waverly quickly yeets her stolen book back into the Garden as the doors close, and runs to Nicole to kiss her awake and rejoice in their reunion.

Waverly and Nicole look lovingly into each other's eyes.

So glad this wasn’t goodbye.

They check out Nicole’s badass new brand on the back of her neck, and Waverly can’t believe what Nicole sacrificed for her. Nicole shrugs it off; the Ghost River Triangle is bigger than it seems. There’s the Big City, and a spa, and like three whole strip clubs at least. Sure, it sucks that after not leaving the Ghost River Triangle her whole entire life, Waverly can’t even go anywhere fun for her honeymoon, but as long as they’re together, they’re going to make it through.

Waverly beams down at Nicole.

I’d also sacrifice anything to make sure she never loses that crinkle-eyed smile.

What I love about these climactic scenes the most is twofold. One, in the end the fight was not a physical one. Yes, there was an OK Corral style shootout with an Earp, a Holliday, and a Clanton. Of course there was. And there was a bit of a hullabaloo at Black Badge. But those weren’t the peak or the pinnacle of the final battle. There was no huge shootout or brawl or Avengers level war for Purgatory. Doc Holliday risked his own life to save Wynonna, but that wasn’t the final sacrifice. Wynonna was willing to sacrifice her happiness if it meant her sister and her love were both alive, Nicole sacrificed her freedom, and Waverly sacrificed a state of peace she once got a taste of. A state free of worries and heartache and pain. In a sense, she sacrificed heaven.

In the end, it came down to three women. The heir to a curse her patriarchs laid on her shoulders without her consent, an angel who wants to help ease that burden as much as she could, a protector who loves them both. And that’s what I’ve always loved about this show. It makes sense, with so many women behind the scenes, but I’ve seen so many shows that tout a female protagonist somehow manage to sideline that same character in service of men. I’ve watched it happen time and time again. But on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna is the point. Her sister and her best friend are the point. Doc, Jeremy, Nedley, they’re important parts of this world, inextricable from it I’d argue. But they never feel like they’re taking up space Wynonna should have. They exist in service to Wynonna, and as they relate to her, not the other way around.

Okay I’ll save some of these feelings for the finale. Back to the action.

After dropping off the civilians, Jeremy goes back to the Black Badge waystation and takes a call from I guess the people above Upper Management? And tells them he’s got everything under control. He also says McJerkface didn’t make it, even though he’s standing right in front of them. But when McJerkface doubles down on his humanist stance, Jeremy does what the people of Mystic Falls should have done to Alaric Saltzman and frankly probably also Matt Donovan, and feeds McJerkface to the werewolf.

After everyone gets a little cleaned up, the fam meets up at Shorty’s. Well, minus Nedley and the teens, who are in the Big City for burgers now that there’s no more fog or border control to stop them. Wynonna is over-tending to Doc, giving him blankets, and every time they go to kiss Haught gets a little Interruptus revenge.

They assess their situation: Waverly says her Dark Angel seems to be dormant again, thanks to her Shield and her Champion. Jeremy says Black Badge is gone without a trace. And Doc seems to have been defanged during his resurrection. And Waverly says she thinks the only way she could have done that is if Doc really wanted it.

Waverly looks surprised to hear Doc is defanged.

You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped and all that.

And Doc admits he did. He wants a fresh start. Maybe now he can even grow old with Wynonna.

Nicole interrupts everyone and says that the only update she wants is this: is the WayHaught Wedding happening or what?!

Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp exchange loving looks.

“Where the weight lifts off my chest. Where my fears have come to rest
I’ve found a home in you. And you’ve found one in me too.”

And everyone agrees that a celebration is exactly what they need right now.

It’s hard to believe this is the penultimate episode, for a lot of reasons. For one, they managed to cleanly and brilliantly tie up a TON of loose ends. Sure, there are a few lingering questions, like whatever happened to Eve, were ALL the demons they let loose on the way out of Black Badge actually harmless, etc. But none of them are questions that need to be answered in a series finale. If the show gets picked up, they’ll be there for the taking, but if it doesn’t, it wouldn’t feel unsatisfying to have to keep wondering. It will help with the imagining (and the fanfic-ing) later. The what-if scenarios and where-are-they-now ponderings we’ll do for years to come.

And even if they’re not successful in the traditional way, even if the episode doesn’t end with the official cross-border government agency of the unnamed neutral Canadica territory that contains the Ghost River Triangle, the truth is we know they’ll get their happily ever after if it kills them, and even the fact that the set-up for the Season 4 finale of this demon cowgirl show is a wedding between a bisexual angel and her lesbian shield? Even if things go to shit (as you know they’re bound to do in one way or another when Earps are involved), it still feels so big in such a good way.

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  1. I didn’t like this episode. I felt like it was too concerned with giving everyone a happy ending, to the point of jamming everything and the kitchen sink into it. Doc being made the Clanton heir is something that should have been an episode unto itself. Dark Angel Waverly should have been a half season’s main arc, and instead it’s relegated to the B (or even C) storyline. What did Waverly even really do? Wander around a little bit?

    Billy was killed by Jolene, but he was brought back to give Rachel a happy ending. I love Mercedes, but unless she does something important in the finale, she didn’t need to be here. Both of these plot lines could have been cut to give the others in this episode room to BREATHE. Instead it was straight from one thing to the other. Last episode was great in its slowly building tension as Jolene chips away at Waverly and Wynonna & Nicole go crazy trying to reach her. This episode’s pacing suffers horribly in comparison.

    On other notes:
    – Did Waverly absorb Jolene? I know she killed her body, but since Waverly didn’t die did she devour her essence? Dark Angel Waverly talks about Jolene being Waverly’s other half.
    – Nicole talking about the Ghost River Triangle being more inclusive would hit a lot harder if we hadn’t seen Wynonna spending the last few episodes just murdering a bunch of demons.

    • IMO you have neglected to consider that we all, including the show runner, producers, and writers, expected a fifth season as promised by SyFy. Since the proverbial run was yanked from beneath them they (again IMO) did what they needed to do to wrap things up as best they could. I would have liked the storyline to have been more involved, but…..here we are.

  2. This episode has actually been my least favourite this season. Everything felt rushed. Both Dark Waverly and Doc as Clanton heir should have been explored for much longer.

    Also, I thought Jolene wanted to bring dark Waverly out so she could destroy the world, but in reality DW was just walking around looking for a book to then return to the Garden and protect the GRT? It makes no sense to me.

  3. I loved that the Wynonna Writers tried to wrap up as many storylines as they could to give us Earpers a better “ending” … we were promised a fifth season along with the fourth… So naturally these episodes are a bit rushed … it’s hard to crunch 2 seasons into one! I hope that another season is already “waiting in the wings”, but I’m so thankful to Emily and her Cast & Crew for bringing #WynonnaEarp into this world … a little love and inclusiveness goes a long way in a world full of hatemongers and otherness pushers!!
    Ty, Ty, Ty!!

  4. If nothing else, I think we can all agree, for Dom’s sake, that it’s a good thing that they shot this season in the summer.

    Waist high black leather shorts in winter?

    “No thank you!”


    Dark Angel Waverly is a gift to cosplayers and fan artists.


    What do you think, Earpers – will Mama Earp and Aunt Gus show up for the wedding, with little Alice Michelle in tow?

  5. Emotional punches left and right in this episode. Loose ends being tied up was fine. I think, this way – if they happen to come back for another season – they can come up with something fresh.

    Dark Waverly becoming Angel Waverly again. And Nicole becoming Purgatory’s shield. Wynonna the champion… I’m glad that they’re now this holy trinity of bad ass women, trying to save each other, their loved ones and that silly town from the apocalypse.

    Ready, not ready, for that season / series finale.

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