“Wynonna Earp” Episode 212 Recap: Where the Wild Things Aren’t

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna got pregnant but the baby’s parentage is in question, and actually Waverly’s too now that you mention it. There was an evil organization of robed dudes called The Order who want to take the Earp heir for “safekeeping” (I’m so sure). The Iron Witch wished Wynonna away but the queers saved the day. Bobo broke the third seal so evil is nigh (and so is the birth of Wynonna’s baby).


We pick up where we left off, with Bobo and the Widows traipsing through the field to release the demon they woke. But they’re interrupted by the small yet mighty Waverly, who launches quips and points her shotgun at the evil trio.

Waverly is still disheveled but looking fierce with her shotgun

If you think I’m not adding “shit” before random nouns as insults from now on you don’t know me at all.

Waverly tries to bait Bobo into admitting he’s her father but he doesn’t bite, just…licks. Her gun. Like the creepo he is. He then grabs her gun from her and a shot is fired but it’s okay because it’s Wynonna here to save her baby girl. But the Demon Clootie is awake now and shielding the trio from Peacemaker’s bullets. Bobo throws a hunk of metal at them with his mind powers and the trio gets away.

Waverly crawls over to Wynonna to check on her and the baby and when it’s clear they’re okay, she slumps down next to her sister and apologizes for everything and wonders if maybe blowing her and her girlfriend and her science buddy up to get her back sort of starts to make up for it?

Wynonna and Waverly lie in a field

THE EARP SISTERS ARE VERY—I think you know how this song goes by now.

Wynonna is still mad but she loves her baby sister and now is not the time for “you should have listened to me” squabbles so she pulls Waverly in close. Waverly asks how Bobo could even be back and Wynonna confesses that she kinda sorta died for a minute but she got better and she’s still the goddamn Earp heir. Waverly calls her their only hope.

Wynonna holds Waverly close to her, still on the ground

This Field of Feelings reminds me of A-Camp

Now it’s time to check on some of the folks that got dead in the alternate reality to see how they’re faring now, since— based on the exploded hair and them being in the barn still — it seems when reality set back in, everyone was still physically where they left off, like sometimes sleepwalkers act out what they’re doing in their dreams.

And that’s why Dolls wakes up in a body bag. He immediately gets back to work, though, grabbing the plate in the briefcase and heading right for the Homestead, where most of the gang has a lovely little reunion.

Waverly, Wynonna and Nicole look stunned

tfw you find out your boss killed your baby’s dad in an alternate reality #relatable

They debrief a little and Waverly feels really bad about this whole situation, but Wynonna says they don’t have time for guilt or secrets, not anymore. Just for defeating the Widows, Bobo, and the Demon Clootie. And pee breaks.

Inside, Wynonna shows everybody why she thinks the fancy plate might be the key to defeating Clootie by holding Peacemaker up to it. The symbols on Peacemaker glow bright and then similar symbols start glowing on the plate. They’re connected, and Wynonna knows it’s important. So Wynonna doles out tasks: Jeremy is to figure out where Clootie’s tomb is, Dolls has to find Doc and make sure he’s not dead and also make sure he stays not dead, Nicole is doing a mysterious task for Wynonna that even Waverly doesn’t know about, and Waverly isn’t leaving Wynonna’s side until this baby is born.

Waverly looks purposefully at Wynonna

My friend Christina called this look “Caverly” and now it’s all I can think when I see it and I laugh every time.

Bobo leads the Widows to a mine shaft, where he knows Clootie’s coffin to be. Widow Beth is fucking DELIGHTED about this whole situation, but Widow Mercedes is kind of over it. She watches her sister-wife and her single-minded mission to get her husband back so she can serve him and maybe it’s the brains rotting full out of her skull but Widow Mercedes isn’t feeling the joy.

Beth uncovers the tomb and the first thing her dear husband asks for after his epic nap is a snack — which is totally understandable and I’d totally be on board with it but the snack he wants is Wynonna’s baby so I’m gonna have to go with no on that one. Beth tells Clootie what she’s been squealing for weeks, that she’s ready to serve him. But Widow Mercedes says she wants a separation then separates Clootie’s arm from his body.

And get this: Widow Mercedes was inspired by Wynonna fucking Earp. The woman she’s been trying to best this whole season, she has been impressed with her skills, her wit, and probably her hair; she says Wynonna is ten times the gunslinger Wyatt was and she’s realizing now that the world has changed since they got locked up in that box. She doesn’t have to be the third wife to a tyrant demon sheriff if she doesn’t want to be! And she doesn’t! So she traps Widow Beth and Bobo in the mine with Clootie and takes his ring for herself, and instead of The Widow she’s now single and ready to mingle. And by mingle I mean make enemies of her own. And damn does single look good on her.

Widow Mercedes transformed into a magical looking angel faced beauty with long white hair

“I have embraced misandry, and it has cleared my skin and given me great cleavage.”

If I was writing a thesis on Wynonna Earp — and you know what, maybe someday I will — here is where I would go into the detail of the metaphor of rotting away in a toxic relationship and then finally being free and feeling bright and shiny and new. But this isn’t even one of the Feelings Tangents I want to go on so I’ll have to save that for another day.

Across town, the Iron Witch gets a visit from the Earp sisters, and she is feeling a little sheepish after getting busted with the whole wishing-Wynonna-away thing. She was wrong about them being the reason her sister was dead; she was just hurting is all. Wynonna is mostly over it, she just needs Greta to help them by way of apology. The sisters interrogate Greta about the plate, but all she knows is that Edwin thought it was a shield. Wynonna needs it to be more than that, though.

Wynonna and Waverly have Serious Faces as they interrogate Greta

Look at these adorable weirdos playing tough.

When Dolls finally finds Doc, he’s standing on the edge of his well, looking in. He looks a little confused and a lot sad; he’s normal, mortal, and he can feel it in his lungs. He looks lost until Dolls says that Bobo is back and Wynonna needs them, which reminds Doc of what’s really important and he hops off his well ledge and goes to help his girl.

At the Iron Witch’s cabin, while she’s off doing her thing, Waverly apologizes to Wynonna again. Wynonna admits that it scared the shit out of her, that Waverly — who was supposed to be the smart one, the good one — screwed up so royally. But she also gets where Waverly was coming from. Waverly didn’t do this TO Wynonna. She did it FOR Nicole.

Wynonna reassures Waverly

In the name of “love” or whatever.

Seeing her opening, Waverly also chooses now to tell Wynonna that Nicole is married to a “gorgeous lady doctor” but Wynonna doesn’t see the issue; she knows they call her Oblivious Wynonna behind her back but she’s not blind. She’s walked in on enough make-out sessions and seen Haught become a human heart-eyes emoji enough times to know: Nicole loves Waverly.

And now that that’s cleared up there’s one more thing Waverly would like to discuss, since they have this moment alone and not in immediate danger. The DNA results came back and Waverly is not her sister, she’s not an Earp at all. Wynonna has one thing to say about that: “Like hell you’re not.”

Wynonna looks stern in her assurance.

You’re the Earpiest Earp.

You can tell Wynonna (or me) that Waverly is not blood related, that they don’t have two — or hell maybe even on — parent in common, you could tell her that Waverly was formed from clouds and sunshine and rainbows and dropped down from the sky and it wouldn’t matter. She’s Waverly, and she’s her sister.

The Iron Witch comes back in then and Wynonna was right, the plate was made of the same metal that made Peacemaker. So she forged it into a bullet for Wynonna. Bullet. Singular. But Wynonna isn’t worried; she just needs one shot, and she needs it for the Demon Clootie. She also needs to pee. Again.

And I love this so much because a) you never see superheroes or action heroes be like “I need to do this one basic human function before we go into what could be an hours-long battle” but also because it’s a reality of being pregnant. And it’s also hilarious.

As they’re leaving the Iron Witch’s cabin, Wynonna leans over, in more pain, and Waverly realizes it might be almost time to meet her nibling.

Waverly looks nervous because Wynonna looks like she's in pain

I only learned the word “nibling” a few weeks ago and it’s my new favorite word.

Back at Black Badge, Nicole and Jeremy are trying to figure out where the demon’s tomb could be. And I love this scene because look at them! Just two supporting characters, hanging out, together, being helpful and adorable and smart. Just one last scene of the season to remind us that you can put together literally any two of these characters and something new and exciting will happen.

ALSO the dialogue is fucking PERFECTION and encapsulates what is so perfect about this show, on screen and off. Nicole asks Jeremy why he stayed in Purgatory after Black Badge unceremoniously up and vanished, and he says that he stayed because he doesn’t fit in, but no one ever tried to make him. He’s allowed to be his nerdy, goofy, smiley, bubbly, Doc-obsessed self and no one tries to change him. Nicole gets it; she doesn’t talk to her parents anymore, presumably because she’s gay, and moved to this small cowboy-hat-wearing town to work for that dad-est of all sheriffs and yet no one cared that she was in love with Waverly Earp. In fact, most people actively supported it. So she gets it, and she calls him part of the family, and before I can die of found family happiness, Misandrist Mercedes appears.

Not-so-Widow Mercedes arrives ready for a fight

“I no longer need a man nor to be defined by my connection to one.”

Officer Haught springs into action, and when Misandrist Mercedes says she’s looking for a weapon, Haught has an idea of what she should do with hers.

Jeremy and Nicole point their weapons at Not Mercedes


But Misandrist Mercedes doesn’t want HER weapon; but she will take these two as bait, because why not.

Waverly is driving the in-labor-or-damn-close-to-it Wynonna back to the homestead (after calling Doc to tell him that Code Rainbow has turned into Code Pot of Gold because these nerds are the best nerds) but they’re interrupted by Misandrist Mercedes, who has a slew of frozen/paralyzed bodies behind her, including Jeremy and Nicole’s.

The sisters get out of the Jeep and face her, eyes steely, not impressed by the new ‘do.

Wynonna and Waverly look ready to fight the widow

Waverly’s pants shouldn’t work but they do.

Widow Beth — I guess she’s just Wife Beth now that Clootie is awake — appears then, smudged and disheveled from the mine explosion, but still in the game. She grabs Waverly as Misandrist Mercedes tells Wynonna she wants a weapon and the weapon is Wynonna.

Misandrist Mercedes tells Wynonna to kill Beth so they can work together to defeat Bulshar, which is Demon Clootie’s true name. (Side note, I don’t really understand why the unWidowed Widows call each other Mercedes and Beth…surely they had different names before they stole the Gardiner faces? Maybe they just got used to it while they were faking it. Maybe their real names are like…Girthle and Erdmuthe.)

Anywho, Doc shows up then, just in time, and says that he’s the fastest gunslinger in the west and can surely help. He says that one way to end this would be to kill Wynonna, then no one can use her as a weapon against anyone. Wynonna is afraid he’s still confused, holding onto remnant memories from Doppelgangland, but then he tells Wynonna that when he was dead he saw Wyatt and that he was proud of her, and that they can both go see him, together. Wynonna suddenly seems on board with this plan.

Wynonna points Peacemaker at the camera.

This whole sequence was visually stunning.

Waverly, meanwhile, HATES this plan. She is squirming and begging them both to stop whatever the hell they think they’re doing. But Doc says they can kill two birds with one stone, and Wynonna tells him to aim high to save the baby, and they didn’t even need to take ten paces…they just shoot.

Wynonna and Doc shoot and Waverly panics but the bullets hit each other just right and Wynonna’s special bullet splits and hits Not Mercedes and Not Beth right in their beautiful foreheads and I guess Mercedes isn’t getting her face back after all.

The spider witches turn into bugs and scurry away, leaving only Bulshar’s ring behind as everyone goes in for hugs of relief.

After Waverly hugs the no-longer-paralyzed Nicole and Jeremy finishes starfish cling hugging Doc, Waverly marches up and slaps Doc right in his mustachioed face and points an angry finger at her sister and tells them to NEVER GIVE US A HEART ATTACK LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN please and thank you.

The fun’s not over though because sure two of the big bads are down, but there are still at least two out there and we’re only halfway through the episode. Because this is Wynonna Earp, where we go big or don’t go at all.

The original birth plan was for Wynonna to be on the homestead so the Revenants wouldn’t be able to interrupt, but they’re out of time now so they opt for Shorty’s instead. Before they go in, Waverly and Nicole share a cute little moment where Nicole says she has to go do the thing for Wynonna, and tells Waverly to be there for her sister and to support her choices. They kiss goodbye, and it’s very sweet.

Waverly and Nicole kiss

Kisses always look kinda funny in freeze frame.

And there are more scenes to support this later, but I want to take this time to point out how special moments like this are. Because Waverly and Nicole are girlfriends, and they act like it. Not every conversation they have is about their relationship, not every kiss they share is this big dramatic and romantic occasion. Sometimes they’re just kissing goodbye for now because one is going off on a secret mission and the other is about to help her sister give birth. The music doesn’t need to swell every time they touch, because sometimes they’re just holding each other in the background of a scene when two of the big bads turned into a pile of bugs after almost murdering everyone. That’s not to say the big moments aren’t important — they’re very important, and always so beautifully and lovingly done. But the little moments mean so much to me. It’s what proves to me that this show didn’t make Waverly and Nicole queer to tick the little box next to “LGBTQ+” just to say they did it. They don’t just want to have queer representation on their show, they genuinely want to represent us. And every part of us — the falling in love and the kissing and the sexytimes and the “I love you”s, but also the fights and the fears and the secrets and the comforting, even when they’re not the center of the scene. (Also proven by the fact that Jeremy and Rosita are also queer, and who knows who else tbh.)

There are only a handful of TV shows that I have felt like this about, that instead of feeling like I’m getting a last-minute pity invite just because I heard about the party, I feel like I was invited in the first place, and welcomed as part of the family.

Nicole holds Waverly's face

This show is Nicole and I am Waverly and it’s holding my face gently and making me feel loved.

It’s a subtle difference, but it’s an important one.

So Waverly goes inside Shorty’s, and Rosita comes upstairs. They’re going to help Wynonna have the baby while Doc and Jeremy go to the tomb to see what’s what. Wynonna apologizes to Rosita, and Rosita seems to forgive her, saying she has her back.

Rosita reassures Wynonna

The could have been the first ever Revenant/Heir friendship

She runs off to make a tincture for Wynonna when she starts shouting for whiskey, leaving the Earp sisters to have another bonding moment, where Waverly tells Wynonna she knows Wynonna has decided to give up the baby. That’s where Nicole has been, helping orchestrate getting the baby out of Purgatory. Waverly is most upset that Wynonna didn’t tell her; but Wynonna wanted to wait as long as possible because she knew it would make Waverly sad. And besides, they don’t even know if Waverly can leave the Ghost River Triangle. Waverly is surprised when Wynonna says this; she had mentioned she wasn’t an Earp, she hadn’t mentioned suspecting she was part Revenant.

Waverly holds Wynonna's head as they talk IT'S VERY CUTE

“Look at these arms, I could have helped you carry this burden.”

Wynonna asks if it’s Bobo, but Waverly honestly doesn’t know. And she doesn’t know what it would mean for her if he was. But Wynonna doesn’t think it means anything; and besides, if she is half Revenant, and the baby is too, they’ll have that in common.

Speaking of Revenants, Rosita comes back just then and smashes Waverly’s head onto the pool table, knocking her out.




Rosita is fed up and scared and doesn’t care that Wynonna is sorry that she reacted poorly to finding out Rosita was a Revenant. Rosita says the baby could be her key to being truly protected, since she can’t trust Doc to keep her safe anymore. So she promises the baby will survive, but she can’t promise Wynonna will.

Wynonna is mad about it but what can she do? She’s actively giving birth on a pool table. So she just snarks at Rosita, and warns her that when this is over, she will never stop hunting her. Wynonna does have one request, and it’s that Rosita let Waverly go. But Waverly is awake now and she’s not going anywhere…and she has Peacemaker.

Waverly looks so upset as she points Peacemaker

“This never happened on The L Word.”

Waverly is shaking and Rosita is shaking and she thinks Waverly won’t do it, but she will. Unfortunately the first time she pulls the trigger, nothing happens. Rosita is scared, not committed to this whole being bad thing, just trying to save her own ass, but she tries to reason why this won’t work; Waverly isn’t 27, she’s not the heir, she can’t do this. But Wynonna tells her otherwise: She is Waverly Earp, DNA be damned. And she’s the best of us. And she’s part of Wynonna.

Wynonna looks upset but sure

Blood doesn’t make a family. Love makes a family.

Rosita makes one last attempt to save herself, confessing to Waverly that she really liked her. Maybe in another life they could have been great friends. But Wynonna shouts at Peacemaker to work dammit and so Peacemaker glows blue for Waverly and she pulls the trigger again. Rosita is only nicked on the side of her face — Waverly’s aim is likely better with a shotgun/when she’s not shooting at her friend — but Rosita knows she’s beat, so she runs off.

Rosita and her Revenant eyes looks so upset

This queer lady survived though don’t you worry.

And I have so many questions. I know Peacemaker has a mind of its own — adorably, after Waverly is done scaring Rosita off and saying she liked the gun, Peacemaker sizzled her a little so she had to drop it and she told it to make up its mind. It was done having guests. But what do the colors mean? When the gun glowed blue to shoot Willa, I thought it had to do with who Willa was. But now that it glowed blue again for Waverly shooting at Rosita, I’m wondering if it has more to do with how the person holding Peacemaker was feeling. Neither Earp girl wanted to shoot their target at the time of the blue glow, and they both cared about the person on the other end of it. But they were also protecting someone at the time; Wynonna only shot Willa to protect her from the tentacle monster and also the whole town, and Waverly was only shooting at Rosita to protect Wynonna and the baby. Is Peacemaker just putting on its finale best?!

Waverly looks shocked

I’m as shocked as you, Waverly!

Thank Gooverly we have a third season, there’s a lot I still need to know.

Okay I guess we can check in on the boys while Wynonna has her baby (we are blessed with not having to watch an actual labor/delivery scene; Orphan Black was graphic enough to last me a while, thanks).

Dolls was heading off to get Wynonna’s doctor but ran into Ewan and the Order, who killed aforementioned doctor and wants to raise the baby themselves. Ewan is being a real tufted titmouse so Dolls eventually just dragons them all, presumably to death.

Doc and Jeremy find Bobo at the mine shaft, and he says he promised Waverly as Bulshar’s new wife since his last three are now dust. Doc and Jeremy super hate this plan, so they fight, and Bobo threatens Jeremy and his body full of metal from an accident when he was little, but his gun is plastic and knocks him over, giving Doc enough time to get the upper hand and end up impaling Bobo on some spikes.

Okay Wynonna is done giving birth so we can go back to her and her little nugget.

Wynonna plays with the baby's tiny hands

Makes sense that a baby with Doc and Wynonna’s DNA would be literal perfection.

The Revenants are coming and Waverly goes to take the baby but Wynonna starts to cry. She doesn’t want to give the baby up. She planned for who would take the baby where, she planned on how to protect the baby from this cursed life she leads, she never planned to love the baby.

But she does.

Wynonna leans in close to her bb

I refused to take a screenshot of Wynonna crying because Scrofano’s cry face HURTS MY SOUL.

And maybe she would have kept the baby, in another life, but it’s another choice the curse took away from her.

She tells the baby they’re the coolest thing she’s ever done and that they are going to have a better life than Wynonna had. She starts to give the baby to Waverly and the baby cries and Wynonna cries and Waverly cries and I cry and everyone’s crying.

Wynonna sends Waverly off, telling her to make sure Doc gets to say goodbye to the baby, and as Waverly leaves to bring the baby to the getaway car Nicole is waiting in, she stops and tells her sister that she was wrong; Wynonna is the best of us.

Waverly looks back at her sister to tell her she's the best

And together, these two are the best of the best.

Melanie Scrofano this season has been a force to be reckoned with. Her comedic timing has always been on point, and she was more active nine months pregnant than I’ve ever been (she gave birth less than a week after shooting her last scene), but the emotional labor (no pun intended) she put into this season is truly astounding. Every angry glare, every loving smile, every broken-down tear shed was acted from her toes to the ends of her perfect hair. Her face can, and does, convey more emotions in one wordless shot than some actors do over their entire career. She’s phenomenal and I know this is a queer website so I talk mostly about my queer feelings about the queer relationships but I just want you to know that I am constantly astounded by Melanie Scrofano and the way she plays Wynonna with such depth and skill.

And Wynonna herself is truly the best of us. She’s a mess sometimes but she owns it. She’ll ask for help when she needs it, she relies on her team. She tries to do what’s right but admits when she fails. She’s funny and she’s tough and she’s stronger even than she knows, but she’s vulnerable and scared and she’ll cry in her sister’s lap when she feels lost. She finds value in what she does and the choices she makes and the feelings she has, not in how other people see her. She is feminism, personified. She’s inspiring, to me and apparently even to evil witches.

I know the show is coming back for another season, I don’t know why I feel like I need to give so many soliloquies, I just love this show a lot, okay?!

Nicole drives Waverly and the baby to the town line, and Nicole is ready to take them back into the Ghost River Triangle if either of them start to burn.

Nicole presses her forehead against Waverly's

As close to a normal date as anything they’ve done so far, tbh.

Waverly and the baby walk out, Waverly’s head held high and her steps purposeful and not hesitant at all. Probably Nicole should have gone with her, but also maybe Waverly needed to do this alone. Either way, she takes a few steps and looks down at her nibling and both of them are just fine. Doc is the baby’s father, and Bobo isn’t hers. Though the DNA test did prove she wasn’t an Earp, so one question answered but ten more left unknown.

Waverly doesn’t know what this makes her, but Nicole has a one-word answer for her: Extraordinary.

Waverly and Nicole kiss o

Kissing in the sunshine! What a world!

Which is also how I would describe the two of them together and separately and this show and everyone involved in it. Truly extraordinary.

And then just to prove my point, on the way back to the car, Waverly asks Nicole, with love and jest in her voice, how her divorce is coming along. Nicole laughs and says she’s on it. IT’S FUCKING PERFECT.

Eh hem. Okay so the Revenants make it into Shorty’s but the baby is already safe so she just shoots them all, Dolls appearing by her side like old times.

Wynonna has a bloody nose and a determined look and Peacemaker up and ready

Wynonna Earp: Looks better immediately after labor than most people on their best day

Jeremy and Doc are still with shish-ke-Bobo when Jeremy tells Doc that WayHaught has his kid and he needs to go to them right now. He gives Doc coordinates and Doc is like, “Wait I didn’t see you get a text or a phone call? Also did you say you were way hot? Do you need my hat for shade?” but Jeremy implies that after his aforementioned accident perhaps he got a little more than just some metal rods, and maybe Black Badge recruited him for his brain in a different way than we originally thought.

Waverly and Nicole are waiting in the field when a helicopter they hope is friendly lands nearby.

Nicole has her arm around Waverly to protect her and the baby

That sound you hear is a thousand WayHaught-with-a-baby fanfics being furiously typed up.

And it is friendly, it’s Perry, who is using his obscene wealth to thank Wynonna for saving his life and help her baby get to safety; along with the helicopter, he brought some private security and a wet nurse and his kind smile and I dunno I have a weird soft spot for him. Any chance he’s bi and wants to date Jeremy? Surely Team Wynonna could use a resident rich guy now that Black Badge is gone?

Doc runs up just in time to say goodbye, and Waverly assures him the baby will be safe, because guess who’s going to raise her: GUS GIBSON. And Gus raised our Waverly so this baby is going to be just fine.

Perry takes the baby into the helicopter and Waverly cries while Nicole holds her.

Nicole holds Waverly while she cries

I miss our nibling already. :(

Doc walks away, alone. He takes Bobo from his skewer and puts him in his well, poetic justice to say the least. We learn two things before he seals up the well with a blank of wood: Bobo never said he was Waverly’s father, but he does insist she’s kin. And Doc lied about being in heaven like some kind of backwards Buffy; he was in hell and he remembers every second of it.

Doc finds Wynonna and she is making just the saddest face.

Wynonna looks SO FUCKING SAD

If you needed information from me you’d just have to show me sad Melanie Scrofano faces for like fiv— minutes and I’d cave to make it stop. IT HURTS.

They’re parents now, but they no longer have a child. They’re heartbroken, but Wynonna knows she did the right thing. She says she’s going to break this fucking curse — literally, she said “fucking” out loud on my TV — and change the world for her little girl.

Doc asks if she named the baby, and she has; Alice Michelle, after their mothers. And now, why would she do that, you ask? Alice, sure. But Michelle? Michelle abandoned them. Or…did she?

Wynonna says, “Mama Earp is still waiting.” And my eyes went so wide while a woman in voiceover tells a young Wynonna there are men as mean as rattlesnakes and demons as sweet as clover honey.

Jeremy and Waverly are laughing outside Shorty’s and Dolls brings them coffee. Nicole is in her squad car; she has signed her divorce papers (Shae leaving a post-it saying she’ll always love her…) and she’s now looking at a case file about the Cult of Bulshar. The photos look like something out of Jonestown and it surely can’t be good.

Nicole considers the ring and exchanges a look with Dolls

I don’t want to alarm anyone but her eyes also went bonkers when Misandrist Mercedes mentioned the ring when she was frozen in the street.

She looks up and makes eye contact with Dolls, who nods at her like they have a secret and it’s probably dangerous so I am STRESSED. I’m hoping it just means they’re going to work together, that Dolls gave her that file as a way to say, “What used to be Black Badge vs Purgatory Sheriff’s Department is now just Team Stop Bulshar,” but it’s yet another thing they’ll have to find out. Especially since Nicole also has Bulshar’s ring now.

Nicole gets out of her car and kisses her smiling girlfriend one more time before the season is through, just for good measure.

Nicole kisses Waverly AGAIN

I title this piece: The Angel and the Officer

Then the voiceover speaks of, “him.” Worse than the bad men or the demons, someone Mama Earp knows is real, and knows will rise. And someday Wynonna will believe. And sure enough, Wynonna believes. So she motorcycles out to a little corner of nature and finds a woman and tells her Bulshar is back and she needs to know what to do next. Then she calls her Mama.


Wynonna is in profile as she looks at her MAMA

I’d recognize that adorable Scrofanose anywhere.

Has Wynonna just known where Mama Earp was all this time?! Have they been talking?! Why hasn’t she told Waverly?! How many other secrets does she have?! Is it time for Season Three yet?!

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait til 2018 for Season Three, but words can’t express how happy I am that we have another season of this wild, wacky, emotional journey to go on together. One of my favorite things about this show is that it keeps surprising me. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve watched so much TV, that I can usually spot the clues before the reveal, whether it’s because they weren’t very subtle or because there was so little going on it was hard not to notice them. But Wynonna Earp always has me in the moment, learning things along with its characters, making me doubt all my theories, even when some prove to be true eventually. There’s always so much going on that sometimes I forget to wonder about things — like what the odds were supernatural supercorperation Black Badge would have a normal human scientist working for them — even though in retrospect it all makes sense. It’s stunning storytelling, written and portrayed by truly spectacular humans, and it came right when we needed it most; a much-needed source of warmth and light right as the world unleashed a new wave of darkness and cold.

Writing these recaps and reading your comments has been as much a part of the joy of this Wynonna Earp experience as watching it — so thank you for being here right alongside me, always ready to flail and theorize and cry and laugh together.

See you in Season Three!

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Just a TV-loving, Twitter-addicted nerd who loves reading, watching, and writing about stories. One part Kara Danvers, two parts Waverly Earp, a dash of Cosima and an extra helping of my own brand of weirdo.

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  1. WHAT. A. SHOW!!! MY FRIENDS! WHAT A RECAP! Wynonna cried, Waverly cried, I cried. I laughed when Doc was like “when was your last contraction? You’re dilating” and Wynonna said “you read the books” and sweet Henry responded with a smile “the Wikipedia” then looked at Jeremy. ROSITA, WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?! You better start season 3 with a world of apologies. I still like you. I also got weird feelings about the Cult of Bulshar and Haught, but have zero clues what it could mean. Oh, was the Mama Earp voiceover about Bulshar? Was that the reason Wynonna went back to Purgatory in the first place? Also, Waverly is kin? What?! And half-human half-robot Jeremy? Can we expect season 3 to premiere around April 2018?

    • Wyonnona came back to Purgatory because her uncle(?) was killed. I am not sure it is her uncle, but it was Gus’ husband.

      • I’m still confused by the uncle thing, because Waverly wasn’t at the burial and I feel like she should have been?

  2. i have a lot of feelings that i’m sure i will process by watching the whole season several more times but for now let’s just say i cried more times than wynonna peed this episode

  3. At the start of the season I liked this show a lot but had some problems with it. Now at the end it’s one of my favorite shows EVER! That’s what I call an amazing second season!

    The scene at the end with Dolls and Nicole unsettled me a lot and judging from the fandom on Tumblr, I’m not alone. It felt downright ominous to me. As far as we’ve seen, Nicole has hardly ever had anything to do with Dolls and now we’re seeing they may be more familiar than we knew. It felt almost like the show was revealing they harbor some evil intent? I really don’t believe that’s true so I need to know what the deal is. Remember too, Dolls is the one who pushed Waverly to save Nicole even at the expense of betraying her sister. Could she have some extra importance to him beyond just being part of the team?

    • It’s not just that he pushed Waverly to save Nicole, it’s that he pushed her to give up the seal to save Nicole. If the two of them are part of the cult of Bulshar, then….

    • Well Dolls said that if they break the curse then Nicole will be there to help fight it. I don’t think they are part of this cult but I think Dolls wants to help Wynonna break the curse and why not be proactive about it by going after the Demon Clootie rather than wait until the Demon comes for them.

      I wonder if the file Nicole was looking at was the file the head of BBD gave Dolls back in episode 7 I think. And in her research she learned about the ring but didn’t know the 1st place to look for it so when Widow Mercedes said she had his ring Nicole’s eyes went wide and then it just kind of fell in the street for Nicole’s taking.
      Maybe the ring is like a horcrux along with a few other items related to the Demon Clootie and they will need to find and destroy these to destroy him.

  4. – Widow Mercedes has evil cleavage.
    – Glad that Rosita lived, but will we see her again? I’m also glad that she called out the way that Wynonna treated her.
    – The gun was glowing blue for Rosita. Does that mean that she would have went to Heaven if Waverly had killed her.
    – If Widow Mercedes is dead, does that mean that Mercedes got her face back?
    – I wish that Widow Beth had survived. I kind of liked her. I envisioned her being the bad girl in a love triangle with Waverly and Nicole. The Spike to Nicole’s Angel.
    – Are Dolls and Nicole part of the Cult of Bulshar?

    • – Damn Widow Mercedes totally has evil cleavage, though it can be also the cleavage of emancipation.
      – Peacemaker glowing blue because someone isn’t destined for hell is a good one, although I can’t really imagine Willa in heaven.

    • It would be cool if they took off Mercedes’ bandages and she had her face back. Fingers crossed.


    Sorry Valerie but I have to disagree with how you labeled Rosita “queer” after that 1 brief mistake kiss with Waverly. Some people will take you dubbing her queer and run with it so that when she is eventually killed they will turn their back against the show because another queer character was killed (even though it is lore). Just look at how some people were annoyed last week because AU Waverly hastily called herself gay instead of bi.

    Anyway, as for this episode and the season I have so many random thoughts and questions that are a just a jumbled mess but I’ll try to break it down by character so here goes.

    What if Doc would up in hell because AU Doc was a bad guy so AU Doc wound up in hell. If Doc dies in this normal reality as much of a good guy he is now, he might end up in heaven.
    I love how the blue came back into play with the baby being a girl.
    Did anyone find it weird that Doc walked everywhere? Dolls went to pick him up and then when they had to rush back to the homestead he sent Dolls in the car and he decided to walk. He and Jeremy walked to the mine and then from the mine he found his way to the rendezvous point that was presumably far out of the triangle boundaries and he got there as if it took him no time at all.

    Nicole gets cured of the widow poison (and being exploded) and less than 24 hours she gets poison frozen again by the widow. Season 3 can Nicole please stay safe for at least 6 episodes in a row and then 6 more episodes after that?
    As for her eyes widening when she was lying in the street, the camera panned to her a few times, what WAS that all about? How long has she had that file? Does any of this have to do with the Purgatory Case Files case?
    YAY that she got the divorce from Shae but I gotta say i wouldn’t have been mad if Shae showed up again, now that the other doctor was killed by the order. But it made me think, remember how everyone was curious about the turquoise ring Nicole wore all last season, it was MIA this season so I wonder if THAT was her wedding ring with Shae (even though she wore it on her right hand.) I mean they did seem to get married on a whim and that’s not a really traditional ring so maybe it was like the only thing available in a gift shop or something. I’m sure that story is over now but it just made me think.
    It also got me wondering why they got married and I wonder if it was because of the “next of kin” thing. Nicole doesn’t talk to her family and she was going into this dangerous job what if she married Shae so that in case anything happened to her she knew that someone she trusted (and is a doctor) would make those important sometimes medical decisions for her.
    Emily said we’d probably get more Nicole in season 3 so I am hoping we learn more about her.

    I love how protective Waverly and Nicole have become with each other but not to the point of stopping them from being bad-asses if that makes sense. Even though Nicole was just hurt Waverly didn’t stop her from going off on the secret Wynonna mission and when they met up to take the baby away Nicole didn’t freak at Waverly’s bloody lip because Waverly took care of herself and was fine (although it happened off screen).
    As Valerie mentioned the WayHaught love is so amazing it doesn’t have to be all makeouts all the time, just these everyday normal hi and goodbye kisses, the hugs, the protectiveness are just perfect.
    As for season 3 I would love to see them be a little more domesticated, it was either all work or makeout which is fine but let them have a date night or cuddled in bed or not to be a creep but a sex scene where the camera pans away as they get on the bed (what was up with that?!)

    Damn our Waverly was amazing this season, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? I thought it was amazing when confronting BoBo in the beginning she didn’t back down, the same when they met the Iron Witch or when they faced down Not-Goddess Mercedes or Rosita knocked her out.

    Oh Rosita, why girl why? we were rooting for you. You were going to be like the Stacy Carosi of the group. If she had just wanted to escape is one thing but then she took out Waverly and was ready to feed the baby to the Revenents, not cool. I do feel bad for her though because when Waverly was finally able to pull the trigger Rosita really was shook. Tamara played that brilliantly.

    Wynonna. Can we take a minute which is more time than she took after giving birth to get back to work. I mean I’ve heard of quick but come on. If that was me I would be in bed with a bell for like a week.
    I was on the fence at the reveal until I learned it was Mel in real life and then week after week my expectations were blown out of the water. How they incorporated the pregnancy into the show, was she going to give birth, all of these things and they delivered (no pun intended) on every one without making this a different show.
    It was great to see how in the beginning of the season Wynonna was like “we is the team” meaning just her and Waverly but no now they do have a whole team of Doc and Dolls and Haught ad Jeremy, it’s not only them 2 anymore.

    I appreciate that Perry was available and had the means to pick up the baby and deliver her to Gus but I was hoping that Gus would be with him to pick up the baby herself. I mean I guess Wynonna can go see the baby and no Revs can follow her out of the triangle but if that’s not the case then I would’ve liked to see Gus at least 1 more time especially since she has been MIA all season.

    The mama reveal at the end, it totally made sense but my questions are if she left because she was in danger why didn’t she take the daughters with her? I have a feeling that Willa was daddy’s girl and Wynonna was a Mama’s girl. Maybe Mama Earp didn’t like Ward making friends with the Revenents he was supposed to be killing and that’s why she took off.

    Mama Earp casting predictions. Emily wants Lucy Lawless but I’m kind of on the fence about that. Lynda Carter would be amazing but she’s 66 and I think Mama Earp needs to be about 50. I know we’re all thinking that this will be a perfect role to bring in Anna Silk for but she’s only about 42 but if they have to do any flashbacks the younger look might work and if they can make Shamier a dragon they can make Anna look a few years older. I also think Lauren Holly (at 53) might be a good choice (with a wig or hair dye) she last played Gail Peck’s mom on Rookie Blue.

    Whew okay I think that’s it. I know it’s more exciting to end on a cliffhanger but it bugs me when shows that are not guaranteed another season do it. Season 1 ended very open and it was bothering me the whole wait time for season 2. Season 2 although ended on some what of a cliffhanger also tied up a lot of loose ends that if it did end and they didn’t get the season 3 I would have been happy with it. Thankfully though they got a season 3 and I am liking where they might go.

      – I’ve heard that unless Emily specifically states someone’s sexuality, they’re baseline queer.
      – I found Rosita’s behavior to be expected. Wynonna backed her into a corner, and Rosita took the only out that she could see.
      – I would like Lena Headey for Wynonna’s mom.

    • If you go back to season 1, Doc was a bad guy. Not only in present time but in the past. After I watched the season 2 finally I went back and binged watch season 1 because I was confused by some things. Made me realize that Doc is in the middle of this redemption arc.

  6. Your recaps are everything this show is, funny and emotional and smart and beautiful and all that in a good measure. Simply the best.
    I don’t even want to discuss this rollercoaster of emotions so I’ll just focus on theories.
    I like your assumption that blue glowing Peacemaker can be connected with feelings of the person who uses it, although initially I thought it was about the sisterly bond.
    I wonder if Nicole and Dolls apparently working together has something to do with the fact that they are the only ones who didn’t sign this Black Badge blood pact. Also I’m pretty sure that BB is going to come back in one way or another and it probably won’t be a good news.
    Was Mama Earp a part of this Cult of Bulshar? I don’t know, but she seems strangely well informed. Also there was never a clarification if she’s indeed Waverly’s mother as well as Wynonna’s. We can assume they have different fathers because of ‘not being an Earp’ part, but we don’t know for sure they are related at all, although it seems like that.
    I didn’t suspect Jeremy’s psychic at all, it can be an interesting storyline. What kind of car accident makes you know the fans fav ship name?! :D
    Damn there is a lot to think about during the hiatus.

  7. That was such a good finale that I was still feeling it the next morning. I loved everything about it. Although I am nervous about the look between Dolls and Nicole. I really hope it was just a silent acknowledgement that they’re on the same team (hopefully not the bad team?)

    My theory on blue peacemaker is a pretty simple one: Glowing blue is peacemaker choosing to work for a non-Earp heir. Wynonna wasn’t the heir when she shot Willa and Waverly isn’t even an Earp.

    I still can’t believe how much I loved the second season. After the goo was resolved, each episode got better and better. With most shows I like, season 2 isn’t always the strongest. But that was definitely not the case for Wynonna Earp. I am so looking forward to season 3!

  8. These recaps are such an important part of the Wynonna Earp universe, and I’m so glad it’s written by such a devoted Earper. Thank you, Valerie Anne! See you at Clexa Con?

  9. I can’t really make coherent sentences but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A SEASON OF SUPERB RECAPPING. I am looking forward to freaking out about season three with all y’all. ?

  10. It bothers me that just because Waves and Baby Earp can cross the line, everyone assumes this means they aren’t half revenant. There’s never been any half-revs before, so who knows if the rules are different for them? Maybe half-breeds can cross the line.

    Obviously, Bobo later confirmed that Waverly was not his kid, but still, the logic doesn’t hold up to me.

    • Half-breed, that’s all I ever heard
      Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word
      Half-breed, she’s no good they warned
      Both sides were against me since the day I was boooooorn

  11. The acting on this show is so good sometimes it hurts my feelings. Like, how dare they?! ;)

    And thanks for all your work on the recaps. I looked forward to them every week!

  12. – I already watched it 3 times and I cry every damn time. Melanie Scrofano makes me cry!!
    – This was one of the best episodes ever!!
    – “Dainty and delicate in blue”… they wrapped the baby girl in blue and I’d like to think that is because they don’t conform in society’s bullshit that pink is just a girl’s color! And then they name her Alice. And my mind went straight to Alice in Wonderland.
    – The Wikipedia! Henry and Jeremy! Such cute dorks!
    – Jeremy!! “get out of here you gorgeous idiot!” saaah cute! He said “WayHaught”!! He gave Doc’s hat back!
    – I can’t, for the life of me, think that Nicole or Dolls are bad. I like how mature WayHaught’s relationship now. And I actually kinda like for Wynonna to go on a date with Dolls.
    – Thank you Valerie Anne for all your awesome work! Safe to say you are my FAVOURITE recapper!!

    • “Dainty and delicate in blue”… they wrapped the baby girl in blue and I’d like to think that is because they don’t conform in society’s bullshit that pink is just a girl’s color!

      I think it’s a reference to the fact that pink used to be a masculine color and blue a feminine, so that’s how Doc associates the colors. They did the same thing with his reaction to the Stone Witch’s car in the first season: He referred to the pink color as “strong and masculine.”

  13. I have many feelings regarding this show and all of them are positive!

    1) “That’s not to say the big moments aren’t important — they’re very important, and always so beautifully and lovingly done. But the little moments mean so much to me. It’s what proves to me that this show didn’t make Waverly and Nicole queer to tick the little box next to “LGBTQ+” just to say they did it. They don’t just want to have queer representation on their show, they genuinely want to represent us. And every part of us”

    This is everythig!

    2) The writing is never lazy, all the characters are three dimensional, they are good and bad, positive and negative, there is no black and white, just a spectrum of emotions that a human (or a creature) can experience.

    3) This is one of the show which has more representation, LGBTQ+ characters, POC, badass women

    4) I love the fact that Wynonna is not perfect, she is shady, she is human, she is allowed to be weak and to be fragile and that takes nothing from her being the hero and the badass of the situation (even while giving birth).
    She is allowed to say that she was lost when Wav gave up the ring, but still she is there fighting and winning. We are so used to see the rightous hero on our screens, the (usually) man without fear and doubt, but what is a hero? I think someone that do the right thing even if they are scared, hurt or in doubt!

  14. Got to admit I squealed a little bit when I heard Gus’s name. I want her to show up next season, shot gun blazing and the heir strapped to her chest in a baby carrier.

  15. Late to the Wynonna party but I binged both seasons and it was perfect being able to read the recap after each episode. Can’t wait til season 3.

  16. Thanks for recaps, Valerie! I enjoyed reading them a lot.

    I rewatched season 2 and Nicole’s reaction to anything related to Bulshar was really interesting. A queer person coming willingly to a small town was already quite suspicious to me, so my guess is she is hiding from the cult and then a small town might look as an interesting option. Or we know that Purgatory was meant to keep certain nasty things away hence her moving there.

    But I guess it will turn out completely different as one thing the show has not been is predictable. :)

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