“Wynonna Earp” Episode 202 Recap: Fury Road Is Paved with Goo

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Willa let a whole slew of new evils into Purgatory before Wynonna killed her, Waverly touched the goo and became Dark Waverly aka Gooverly, the fam (sans Nicole Haught) took a Black Badge Blood Oath, and WayHaught started to cool down a bit because of it.

We open on Doc and Wynonna in a shower, but not the fun kind of shower, a decontamination shower. This is the kind of thing that happens when your start-up is bought out; suddenly where you used to be given powdered donuts for your troubles, you’re given contamination showers and paperwork. And listen, Lucado doesn’t exactly love this situation either, but it’s where they’re at, and it means Wynonna has to start handing over demon bodies, STAT.

Luckily for Wynonna, plenty of evil is afoot, including but not limited to whatever Jurassic Parked a man named Jesus in a porta-potty at a Purgatory construction site. The man who finds him — or rather, doesn’t find him, and instead finds a spiderweb and goo residue — goes to talk to Officer Haught about it, but there’s nothing she can do except keep an ear out right now. Waverly comes to see her girl in action, but Nicole is still feeling salty about the whole not-getting-to-sign-the-blood-oath thing so she’s not exactly in a “let’s make out in Nedley’s office” kind of mood today.

Nicole leans in close to Waverly just to turn her down

You KNOW Nicole must be upset if she can deny that face.

Waverly apologizes and tries to explain that she truly doesn’t feel like it’s a privilege to be part of Black Badge Corporate but Nicole isn’t ready to make nice. She hands Waverly the Jesus file because it was suspicious and walks away. Waverly follows suit, but not before stealing the bell off the little service counter. And I’m just going to go ahead and tell you right now that this doesn’t come up again in this episode, but nothing in this show is an accident, so surely it’ll be important later.

In the Black Badge Lite office, Doc is playing with his cell phone, Wynonna is doodling, and Waverly is trying to figure out how to be the teacher’s pet while Lucado is lecturing them on one boring thing or another. Oh and Jeremy’s here! So far he’s pretty useless because he figured out how to trace the demons but they’re too elusive to actually track. But still, I’m glad he’s here.

Lucado insults everyone in turn, including telling Waverly she’s only good for fetching coffee, which both her AND Wynonna take offense to.

Waverly and Wynonna look affronted

“How many dead languages do YOU speak?”

Lucado also doesn’t really understand Doc’s value add. Basically she’s pretty sure all she needs is Wynonna to churn out some demon slayage all by herself, badabing badaboom.

But the thing is, it’s not that simple. And it doesn’t matter if Lucado doesn’t get why Doc and Waverly are there, Wynonna does. Though, Doc is acting a little shifty today and disappears to deal with something confoundingly separate from Black Badge. Instead, it’s Waverly who swoops in with the save, handing her big sister the file Nicole gave her, and leading Wynonna to a construction site headed up by an old friend, Mercedes Gardner.

Mercedes is the first person we’ve met from Ye Olde Purgatory who doesn’t hate Wynonna’s guts; they share jokes about how they each slept with half the town and much to Wynonna’s surprise, they even hug, bonding over being the two least popular gals in Purgatory.

Through her conversation with Wynonna, we learn that Mercedes is buying real estate in Purgatory while it’s at an all-time low post Bobo-pocalypse, and that she was friends with Willa when they were younger. The thing is, though, she doesn’t know Willa didn’t die when they were kids, so she wonders aloud what Willa would be like now. A thing unfortunately Wynonna knows all too well.

Wynonna excuses herself from the conversation to chase after a construction worker, who ends up being a Revenant called Earl. While she’s chatting with him about who is affected by this curse more, the Earp girls or the Revenants, Wynonna gets hit by an icy blast and a wave of a familiar perfume; the memory of shooting Willa floods her brain, and she sees a shadowy woman dressed in black lace. While she blinks away the traumatic memory, Earl gets away, and the woman is also nowhere to be seen.

Wynonna takes off after Earl, but instead finds a webby pod that she presumes contains what’s left of Jesus.

Back at the police station, Wynonna starts to dissect the pod, but as soon as she pierces the pod and touches the goo, Wynonna’s breath goes icy cold again, she smells the same old perfume, and we see the same lady-shadow lurking. But when Wynonna whips around to see it for herself, she instead finds herself face to face with Waverly.

Waverly blocks Wynonna's almost-stab while holding a tray of coffee

Who DOES sometimes get coffee but ON HER OWN TERMS.

Unlike Wynonna, Waverly is just DELIGHTED to be scalpel-deep in a mysterious pod. The sisters talk about Dolls and missing him until Wynonna becomes uncomfortable with the amount of feelings on the table and turns her snark back on. She slaps Waverly’s butt and asks if her newfound Dolls-is-probably-fine optimism had anything to do with her — AND I QUOTE — “banging a hot redhead.”

Waverly gives her sister a half-smile tinged with enough sadness that Wynonna knows they’re still in North Pole territory. Waverly admits she doesn’t fully understand; she lied to Black Badge about Nicole to protect her. “I would die if anything happened to her.” Which frankly I think she proved last season when she had Wynonna give up Peacemaker to save Nicole. But before any more discussion can be had, the pod Waverly is dissecting starts to split and a GIANT SPIDER POPS OUT.

In an amazing feat of adorability, Wynonna and Waverly manage to look super cute while they scramble around trying to and eventually shooting the giant spider that is revealed to be full of goo. Wynonna decides she’d prefer a shower in her own home to another turnip-scented contamination shower. Also she is inspired by their ability to handle this monstrosity on their own, so she calls an emergency meeting of the midnight society. She then says what I believe is now being adopted as the Earper motto: “This might be a shit show but it’s our shit show.”

Waverly smirks as Wynonna puts up her middle finger as content for a note to leave Lucado

And what a shitshow it is, too.

Oh and actually I wanted to make the Are You Afraid of the Dark joke but Wynonna actually calls it an emergency symposium and I thought that was pretty great, too.

Wynonna asks Waverly to call Doc, since he hasn’t returned her voicemails (she’s correctly assuming he doesn’t know how it works) and thinks he’s more likely to answer his phone if Waverly calls.

But Doc spends this episode in a somewhat shady endeavor with a woman named Rosita, who originally is reluctant to get into whatever illegal dealings he’s knee deep in, but eventually concedes with the promise of protection.

Rosita looks rather unimpressed by Doc's exit

I don’t know what her deal is, but her side-eye game is strong, so I think she’ll fit right in.

At the homestead, Wynonna comes downstairs after a shower of her own making and is alarmed to find Jeremy sitting in her kitchen with the GooSpider in a jar VERY CLOSE TO HER SNACKS.

Wynonna with her hair up in a towel wields an umbrella as a weapon

This is who the fate of Purgatory depends on, y’all.

But Waverly invited him so Wynonna concedes to him being there and grants his very enthusiastic request to await Doc Holliday’s arrival at the end of the drive.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Waverly is reading excerpts from a young Willa’s diary to Nicole. Because the thing is, even if they’re in somewhat rocky territory right now, Nicole and Waverly are still each other’s person; so if Waverly needs someone for something Wynonna can’t help with, she’s’ going to call Nicole. And if Waverly needs her, no matter how hurt her feelings are, Nicole is going to come.

Waverly and Nicole sit on the bed reading Willa's diary and it's VERY CUTE

“Who’s Tom Riddle?”

In Willa’s diary, she writes that her parents brought home a baby and she is QUITE displeased. Willa’s diary claims Mama Earp told Papa Earp they had to “do what is right” but Willa had already decided she is not about to welcome this precious baby angel into the family.

Waverly tells Nicole that Bobo also mentioned something about her not being a real Earp, but Nicole is immediately just FURIOUS that Bobo got into her girl’s head like this. She reassures Waverly that she’s the “Earpiest” because you know what, Earp is about badassery not about blood, and it’s just what Waverly needed to hear, so she kisses her.

Nicole and Waverly smash faces (but gently) (it's just a saying)

“I heard one leg of the gayest race is having the most on-screen kisses, we’ve gotta start doubling down.”

Nicole pulls away and a dejected Waverly assumes it’s because Nicole and her are still in a fight, but actually it’s because Nicole’s Officer Haught skills kicked in and she detected Wynonna clomping up the stairs. Nicole excuses herself, and Waverly feels a little dejected, realizing probably they’re still in a bit of a fight.

Wynonna feels a little awkward about interrupting, but then sees Willa perfume bottle and tells Waverly about how she thinks the ghost of Willa dressed up in period garb and started haunting her. Waverly says maybe Willa can’t move on (or they can’t) because the bedroom is still a shrine to their twice-dead sister.

So Waverly’s suggestion? KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Waverly holds up a lighter and a creepy doll, ready to party

And start with the Raggedy Ann doll that tried out for the lead in Chuckie

Jeremy is downstairs flirting with Doc when the girls run downstairs with stuffed animals and whiskey and start dancing around a funeral pyre of sorts. Feeling warm and boozy. Wynonna is drunk enough to want to Real Talk with Doc, and because apparently Melanie Scrofano is on a mission to break my heart six times a week, they start by talking about missing Dolls (“I didn’t know when we rescued Dolls we wouldn’t get to keep him”) and then tries to kiss him and when he turns her down she yells at him, asking how he can turn his feelings on and off, how he can keep disappearing to do God knows what with Bobo knows who. She calls him a bunch of names, he reminds her that he’s still her friend, and he storms out, leaving a sad-faced Wynonna behind.

Wynonna looks VERY SAD and it's VERY UPSETTING

Scrofano always makes me think of that song With One Look. “One tear from my eye makes the whole world cry.”

When Wynonna gets back to the fire with Waverly, Jeremy runs out and says he found out that the spider came from an egg and was just a baby and very likely wasn’t born an only child. Creepy crawlies usually come grosser by the dozen.

Meanwhile at the constructions site, Mercedes, fresh off her own chilly encounter with the lacy woman in black, now finds herself cornered by spidey’s whole fam damily. She’s a smart cookie, though, so the first thing she does is call Wynonna.

Wynonna and Waverly save Mercedes, Waverly taking her to clean up and Wynonna going after Stupid Earl, who is a Revenant Right’s Activist and whines about how cursed he is to the girl who has killed two of her family members because of these asshats. Wynonna is explaining how there might be a way for them both to get out of this thing alive and uncursed when Earl’s eyes go demony and he starts talking about a thing he wants to protect in the nooks and crannies of the old school the site is on and even though it’s creepy af, Wynonna decides to follow him.

They get to an old chapel and Earl is a beat away from licking the door when he lunges to attack; Wynonna easily knocks him out and Waverly appears to help out.

Waverly and her crowbar are ready for action

How’d you find this place, Waves? Your darker half drawn to the Hellmouth, too? Hmmm?

Okay let’s check in on Doc, shall we? Did I mention Nedley sold him Shorty’s? Because he did. Nedley wants to keep the bar running so he can keep an eye on folks, and says as long as Doc can pay the taxes and upkeep, it’s his. Not exactly having built a nest egg in the well he was trapped in for decades, Doc has to be a little creative in how he gets the money. So he steals proof that Lucado ordered a hit on Dolls and uses it as blackmail to get her to pay for the bar. She’s a little surprised that’s the favor he leveraged; Doc says Dolls has already killed the assassins she sent after him and the Earp girls don’t need his protection, so Shorty’s it is. (It’s also possible he said he didn’t ask about the Earp girls because he’s trying to make it seem like he doesn’t care about them so Lucado doesn’t hurt them to get to him? It’s unclear, honestly.)

Anyway, this is his value add.

At the construction site, Waverly asks if they should call for backup, but there’s no one left to back them up. It’s just Wynonna and Waverly, dynamic duo. So they open the door to the chapel and go to town on the glowy gooey eggs inside. When they’re done, they slow-mo walk down the hallway, head-to-toe covered in goo, swinging their weapons, a song about swagger playing in the background.

Wynonna and her sledgehammer and Waverly and her crow bar are covered in goo and swagging down the hall

If every single episode had a slow-mo walk til the end of time I’d never get sick of it.

Mercedes is still a bit shook but isn’t going anywhere anytime soon because she already sold her house so she’ll be hanging out with the Earps for a bit. She tells them about how she’s in town fixing the things her siblings broke, and she says, “It always comes down to the big sister,” but Wynonna disagrees.

Waverly is happy Wynonna appreciates her

“You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind.”

After the three ladies leave, the woman in black appears again, this time with a friend. One of them pulls back her veil to reveal an old-timey hairdo and one of those little portrait brooches at the collar oh and also SHE HAS NO FACE. She’s a dementor, basically, and she’s SCREAMING. It’s very unsettling. I was going to include a photo but I don’t want to look at it again so here’s look at Dani Kind instead.

Mercedes looks extremely overwhelmed but in a cute way

This is a pretty classic “I just found out demons are real and a person I know is a demon slayer, I need a drink” face.

Back at the police department, after her contamination shower, Wynonna is giving Lucado the lowdown, but she’s mostly ignoring her. Wynonna wonders aloud why she didn’t have any follow-up questions, but don’t worry, Jeremy has one. He asks Wynonna if smashing the eggs made her wet, simply oblivious to the innuendo, and Waverly slides right into frame to see what her sister will make of this one. It’s the most perfect moment. Between her just appearing in the doorway and the look on her face — both right before, “Oh man this is gonna be good,” and right after, hella amused — was just A+ background acting.

Waverly is trying not to laugh behind Jeremy

She just HAD to see Wynonna’s reaction. HAD TO.

Once they get the dirty jokes out of the way, Jeremy explains that the kind of eggs they smashed are usually submerged in water, and suddenly all the clues fall into place for Wynonna; it wasn’t just a coincidence that there were three different oogie boogies in and around the chapel. So they make a run for it but they’re too late; Stupid Earl has opened the Hellmouth.

Wynonna and Waverly look...not surprised but surely not pleased upon finding the hellmouth and dead stupid earl

That doesn’t usually lead to hugs and puppies.

Wynonna is pissed enough to make some Mad Max references; so much of her life is in shambles right now, but at least she’s still the goddamn Earp heir.

Back at the Homestead, Nicole comes to see Waverly, who wants to know if Nicole is still mad. Nicole says girlfriends fight, though they both adorably agree it’s the worst. And Nicole isn’t here to fight, she’s here to give Waverly some applications for official documents that might help her figure out her origin story. Nicole knows this means a lot to Waverly, and says that — fight or no fight — she’ll always be there for Waverly, as long as she wants her. Then all of a sudden the music gets sexy, and so does Waverly.

Waverly kisses Nicole and everything is so bright it's almost blurry like they're glowing


It’s not A-frame kissing with parkas on, it’s not blurry kisses near some candles in the woods. Nope. It’s a bright room and a clear lens, an unbuttoned shirt and a belt undone. At this point Nicole stops Waverly — with effort, like dragging your feet in the sand to stop a swing — and asks if she’s sure.

Waverly's shirt is open and she's saying yes yes yes with her words and her eyes

I don’t have a clever caption for this. My brain shorts out when I look at screenshots for this scene.

Waverly says yes right away. She smiles and giggles a little nervously. “The best sex is makeup sex, right?” (Making Nicole go full Paige McCullers head dip.) And listen I know this is silly but hearing adults say the word sex when they’re talking about the sex they’re about to sex is very refreshing! And of course, consent is sexy. So they exchange, “I like yous” and Nicole lifts Waverly’s chin right up.

Nicole lifts Waverly's chin up ever so gently and goes in for the kiss

You know how when Steven Universe is excited he gets quite literally starry eyed? That’s me.

And they kiss and they kiss and then the tol redhead picks up her smol girlfriend and places her gently down on the bed in a beautiful sweeping motion that looked like something out of a ballet.

Nicole lifts Waverly up to carry her to the bed and it's BEAUTIFUL

“May I have this dance?”

And then either I had a braingasm or the scene fades to white, it’s anyone’s guess.

In order to not interrupt her sister AGAIN, Wynonna goes to Shorty’s and shares a drink with Doc. She asks if they’re okay, and for a second it seem like they might be, but then Doc starts yelling at her about never letting her guard down around Lucado and then makes an excuse about having to do inventory and sends her away.

The reason he was being so shifty is that Rosita was here to check out the basement setup. She says they need better bourbon, a generator, and better ventilation, and uses words like “reverse engineer” and “synthesize” so whatever they’re up to, it’s not your run-of-the-mill mobile meth lab.

Wynonna takes herself home and finds Waverly in the kitchen, reading Willa’s diary again. Wynonna had saved one of WIlla’s teddy bears from the fire, but Waverly is feeling less nostalgic. She doesn’t miss whoever came back in Willa’s body.

Waverly looks fairly unsympathetic if i'm being honest

But *I* like whatever pajama bra situation is happening under that kimono.

But Wynonna says no matter what happened, Willa will always be their sister, because “Once an Earp, always an Earp,” not knowing about the identity crisis Waverly is having. Wynonna invites Waverly to sit on the porch with her but Waverly still has Nicole in her bed. Then Wynonna, while telling her sister to get back to business, does this thing with the teddy bear that implies she’s not quite sure how two women have sex with each other.

Wynonna holds a teddy bear at an awkward spread eagle type position

Actually in still form it’s not as far off.

Waverly tells her sister to take a break, and sends her off to the porch. Waverly opens the freezer to get a snack (an eskimo pie, probably), but she sees the picture of her, Wynonna and Willa from when they were little and her eyes go black. Dark Waverly decides she doesn’t want an eskimo pie, but instead decides to snack on THE FUCKING SPIDER.

Black-eyed Waverly looks at the spider like it's her favorite flavor of ice cream not A GOO DEMON

I don’t like to snack shame but COME ON.

I let out a pained, “Nooo” every time I watched the ep. Waverly, we’ve been over this “don’t touch the goo” thing a million times, “don’t EAT the goo” should have been implied!!!

Okay tell me all your theories. Who are the women in black? What came out of the Hellmouth? Is Dark Waverly actually just Demon Willa trying to take over Waverly’s body? Talk to me.

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  1. I know there’s a lot more to discuss and takeaway from this episode, but here’s my three cents:

    1) Jeremy is a great addition and I’m happy he has a crush on Doc. Then again, who doesn’t have a crush on Doc?

    2) It’s sort of…unfortunate that this is how uncommon on-screen representation is, but I was also really jazzed that WayHaught actually used the word “sex.” I feel like a lot of shows (excluding non-cable programs like Sense8, OITNB) dance around it, so it was nice for them to be like “yep, we are totally two women who are about to have sex right now.” Plus, as mentioned, consent is sexy. Always nice to get that in there.

    3) I will personally bribe Emily Andras to include a slo-mo Earp Sisters shot into every episode. We need more of those.

  2. – Despite the fact that I hate morose, all over the place Wynonna, I’m here for character consistency. She killed Willa and lost Dolls, so she’s having something of a breakdown.
    – Waverly FINALLY got her girl. I was getting so frustrated with how they kept getting interrupted.
    – Willa’s old friend seems like she might become Wynonna’s friend….or be the big bad.
    – Yeah, I’m thinking that Jeremy is gay.
    – Hmmmmm, what is Doc up to?
    – “I don’t know if I should be frightened or jealous.” Emily, did you really just do a bukkake joke?
    – I wonder if Gooverly is actually about the goo, or whether it awakened something in her. Willa did say that there was something wrong with her.
    – The veiled lady reminds Wynonna of Willa because they wear the same perfume, but Willa wore the perfume because it was their mother’s. Are the veiled ladies actually connected to Wynonna’s mom?

    • “– I wonder if Gooverly is actually about the goo, or whether it awakened something in her. Willa did say that there was something wrong with her.”

      given the other similarities to Buffy, it would’ve surprise me if Waverly is the “key”

  3. I hadn’t thought about the possibility of possessed Waverly to really be Willa. It would make an interesting dynamic for Wayhaught when the possession starts getting out of control. If it is Willa trying to take over I think she’s going for the power of whatever is in the Hellmouth to become the Big Bad we all know she is.

    I second the motion to have the slo mo sister scene in every episode.

  4. I have no theories, but bless you, I just finished Supergirl and I haven’t figured out how to finesse Syfi into giving me these yet so I needed to read this today

  5. After seeing Waverly bite into the spider corpse, and eat the lipstick in next week’s preview, maybe she was just feeling low in iron and took the desk bell as a snack?

  6. Hi awesome recap as always…. I have some theories about what’s going on with Doc, so I’m padding this comment a bit. Some spoilers ahead! (Theory spoilers, I have no insider info)

    I think he’s trying to reverse engineer Dolls blue thing… it would explain the urgency. I just hope Dolls comes back soon cause I miss his adorable face!

    I’m excited our girls got their time… it was so perfect. I’m also glad the show is showing conflict between ppl without it automatically meaning breaking up forever and making things super dramatic.

  7. Willa was less than kind when she found out about Nicole and Waverly, so I doubt that she has possessed Waverly since she wouldn’t have wanted to have sexy times with another woman.

    I do like the idea that Nicole might have special powers and maybe ‘feed the cat’ is code for something else.

    Waverly definitely was affected by the goo, so I’m betting that some sort of possession is happening and doubt that we know by whom yet.

  8. When Waverly undid her belt, I’m amazed Nicole didn’t finish right then cause I nearly passed out just watching. LOL This season has been so great already and it’s so fun to just be excited and happy for a show every week rather than afraid it will mess up somehow.

    I also think Doc is trying to make more medicine for Dolls. I really want to know more of Nicole’s backstory!

    • I’m a year late to this party, because season 2 still hasn’t dropped on Australian Netflix, so I …obtained it.

      I thought my ovaries literally fell onto the floor – if they hadn’t done so with Waverly undoing Nicole’s belt, they definitely did when Nicole picked Wave up and took those two steps to place her on the bed. It’s one of the most erotic moments I’ve seen in girl-on-girl action on TV/film.

  9. Sorry this is long but hopefully worth it and you might agree with some points I make.

    On this episode of Buffy Potter I mean Wynonna Earp things got a little more cray cray. My 2 favorite things are Buffy and Harry Potter and I mentioned last week that although the comparison to Buffy is nice I really want Wynonna to be its own show and then this week, not only does it seem like a majority of this season will be centered around a seal in the basement of a school (hello Buffy season 7) but they’re throwing in Dementors into the mix, let’s just hope they all have chocolate at the ready and know what their Patronus is.

    Now about the goo, is anyone else like “wait, what there’s more goo?” I mean we have Waverly who touched the tentacle monster goo (more on that later), then Doc and Wynonna went to suss out the trailer park and got gooed by some left over Revenants hence the opening decontamination showers and then the spider goo throughout this episode. Instead of Shed Your Skin this episode should’ve been called Squirt the Goo.

    I really like Wynonna having a friend in Mercedes but I am a little confused. Mercedes said that her and Willa used to steal beers from the Gas Barn or something but when Willa “died” wasn’t she only like 14? Which isn’t to say that 14 year olds can’t be stealing beers it just doesn’t fit with what we know of young Willa, a daddy’s girl, sweet, naive maybe, Wynonna was the rebel not Willa.

    Valerie, it never crossed my mind that Waverly might be possessed by her Willa.

    Now about Waverly and WayHaught.
    Um, okay the stealing of the bell, it took me about 5 rewatches to think did Waverly (Gooverly) take the bell to eat? Cause think about it she ate the spider, as we’ve seen in the promo for next week, she eats lipstick, so it kind of reminded me of the scene in Elf when Buddy is at the doctor and he quickly starts grabbing and swallowing the cotton balls.

    But then if that is the case then I am a bit uneasy about my other theory. I really hope that we get a CLEAR explanation on this and Bridget or Valerie or Kevin or Bonnie (if you’re reading this) maybe one of you can ask Emily directly but is Waverly Waverly until Gooverly makes Waverly dormant and takes over? Because consent for sex means nothing if Gooverly is calling the shots.

    Which makes the whole bell thing suspicious, I want to believe that it was Waverly being all flirty with Nicole trying to get her to forgive but then stealing the bell is such a not Waverly thing to do so I am torn and worried.

    Now onto some WayHaught action, but 1st can someone explain the room situation to me? Is that Waverly’s room Nicole and Waverly were in reading the diary or Willa’s room? I thought Waverly had her own room? But then when Nicole came back with the papers Waverly had her room(?) cleared out too. Or again was that Willa’s room that Waverly cleared out and was making her own or after the bonfire to Willa’s things did she decide to clear out her own room to get rd of the bad stuff from the past and start with a clean slate and make the room for adult Waverly? Again, Bridget, Valerie, Kevin, Bonnie can you guys get this info directly from the source.

    ok NOW for the WayHaught scene(s) I already mentioned the station scene above, now I want to talk a little about the diary scene. It was interesting that Waverly read Willa’s feelings and interpreted them as Willa not thinking she was an Earp and her only evidence for confirmation was Bobo. But Willa’s confidant as a kid was Bobo so Willa could’ve just vented to him that Waverly wasn’t an Earp and in turn that’s the information he had to tell Waverly in the treehouse, true or not.

    On top of that Nicole is the most supportive girlfriend ever in the history of the world and oh by the way, the sky is also blue. As Valerie pointed out, just because they were fighting didn’t mean that Nicole wouldn’t be there for Waverly.

    And can we talk about that kiss, when Nicole broke the kiss Waverly was quick to say “I guess we’re still fighting” and just as quick Nicole replied “Nope” and you could see that Nicole wasn’t frustrated because of the fight but because of the interruption (probably again for the millionth time by Wynonna). And all 3 actresses were on point in that scene. The timing of the banter was sharp and it flowed really nicely from the “guess we’re still fighting” to the “Nope” to the “shit” to the “Hi Wynonna” to the “nice kicks” (which we didn’t see btw) to the final “okay” from Nicole on her way out. Probably my favorite scene of the episode.

    Until the final WayHaught scene, so Nicole did research on Waverly’s behalf getting her hands on every document Waverly could use to find her Earp lineage and no matter what she’ll be by Waverly’s side. This right here is important because we all remember how broken Waverly looked in the tree house when Bobo broke the news to her, and before that when she peaked in on Willa and Wynonna binding in the barn, she’s always felt a little like an outsider but now she knows that she’s not alone out there, she’ll have Nicole, whether Wynonna shuns her or accepts her, she’ll have Nicole.

    And about the sex scene, the lead up was so nice and so romantic and then…well the window was nice. Look I’m not looking for anything gratuitous but a little more kissing on the bed wouldn’t have hurt. I guess to me the pan to the window and fade to white was a deliberate way of saying this was censored instead of staying on the couple as they kissed and fading into the next scene that way. I’m surprised the show did it this way because they are on at 10pm on a Friday on SyFy, I mean primetime Greys showed more with Callie and Arizona rolling around in bed as well as Willow and Kennedy in the last (or 2nd to last) episode of Buffy where they got equal screentime to the Xander and Anya.

    I have 2 points of reason for this 1 is that Wynonna Earp is still fighting tooth and nail to be on the air so they are more inclined to abide by certain ruled (but it’s SyFy where men can have sex with female androids so why not WayHaught) OR 2 that this 1st time will stick in many fans minds but some of those same fans may be looking at Waverly a little crooked not sure if it is really Waverly or Gooverly and if it turns out to be Gooverly then the WayHaught 1st time will be tainted in everyone’s minds so they didn’t show a lot to save it for when Waverly is herself again and they can have a “new” first time.

    • Since we’re only two episodes into the season I think we need to see a lot more before we understand what’s going on with Waveryly/Gooverly. This is when we fans get to start speculating about what’s really going on and what it all means. At this point I suspect Emily would answer any of our questions about this by telling us to “stay tuned…”. :)

      As we saw many times with Buffy you have to be careful not to make too many assumptions about where the story is going. Good storytellers always have some detours and surprises planned.

      • Oh hey Kevin, thanks for replying, pleasantly surprised that you saw that through all my ramblings. I’m hoping once the extent of Gooverly is revealed we can get that confirmation from Emily like she clarified the “I like you” to Bridget from this episode.

    • As to the room situation they were definitely reading the diary in Willa’s room because Waverly pointed it out while talking with Wynonna and then I think it was Willa’s room again and she was just redecorating it after the bonfire

  10. Emma says: Doc is making medicine for Dolls in Shorty’s basement. Perhaps the ladies in black have something to do with Mama Earp. Maybe all the talk of Willa is a thread to distract from the actual Bad. The Swagger Walk was great. Does the Hell that the revheads get sent to mean that angels or the Devil will come into play? Oh! Juan Carlo is an angel.

    Reese #armporn says: I second Doc making medicine for Dolls. Stupid Earl was hilarious but I think he’s gone so we can’t have a throwback to him later. Did the Kraken get released from the Hellmouth? The Kraken comes from the sea and if the sea spiders are from water… I mean, right? The fight choreo is on point. They leveled up this season. The honesty of all the characters continues to impress me. There is so much care taken with all of their stories. I’m excited to see what is on the way.


      Juan Carlo being an angel would make a heck of a lot of sense….INTERESTING.

      “Did the Kraken get released from the Hellmouth” is my favorite question I’ve ever been asked but I think that the spiders being from water was to say that they were away from their natural habitat; I think it was meant to show us how strong the pull to that big evil manhole cover was.

  11. I don’t think Dark Waverly is Willa. In fact, I’m not convinced that Willa is still around at all. It seems likely that, with all the new baddies in the Ghost River Triangle, as well as some of the revenants from season 1 having supernatural powers, there would be a baddie that can imitate loved ones or embody the guilt/regret one feels or something. Also, the perfume that Wynonna keeps smelling wasn’t just Willa’s favorite, it was their mom’s. We still don’t really know what happened to their mom except that she left, so could she be connected somehow to the women in black?

    I also keep going back to Juan Carlo’s line at the end of season one that “the Triangle is not only a prison. It’s also a sanctuary.” What if Waverly is something that the Ghost River Triangle was meant to protect? Do we know if she’s ever left the Triangle? I think that the goo activated something that was already a part of her, which is why she feels stronger, something the Triangle may have been trying to prevent.

    Also, what’s up with Wynonna’s necklace? It’s really important to her, says “Athena” on it in Greek, in S1E1 Wynonna says that she just got back from Athens, and that hasn’t been brought up since. Can’t tell if it was an abandoned plot line, or if it’s gonna come back to get us this season.

    • Got to agree, I think it’s something new not Willa. It’s tentacle goo after all, not Willa’s blood – she was the Earp heir still, just the Earp heir that was in love with Bobo, rather than wanting to kill all the revenants.

      I also think, after what Earl the revenant said, Waverly isn’t possessed so much as when what we’d call her darker emotions (anger, greed, jealousy and so on) are let out, the darkness within her gets stronger. She’ll cycle through it (unless they work out a way to stop it) until it takes over and drives her mad.

      I’m hoping this right, because it means when she consents to loving sex with Nicole, we normally count love as a positive emotion and that would let me say it’s Waverly consenting properly, not Gooverly messing things up on that front. And, fundamentally I trust Emily Andras not to mess that up too – she’s going to give us relationship drama and angst between them, sure, but she’s not going to mess up the consent in such an important tv lesbian relationship.

    • I thought the same about Waverly at the end of season 1 that she has never left. But Dolls was taken to Black Badge head quarters which is outside of the triangle. (Bobo starting to burn in the back of the truck when they left before Wynonna shot him) She was with them for the rescue so I take this to mean that she has been outside the triangle.

  12. First: the main demony plot of this episode felt way more like literally just an episode of Buffy than usual. Is that just a side effect of now including demons other than revenants? Like, this show was always Buffy-like in that it’s about a strong female Chosen One kicking ass and quipping, but that’s more being part of Buffy’s legacy than, like, being the same show. But with the seal and then gooey spider demons in eggs . . . I couldn’t stop thinking of the season 2 episode “Bad Eggs” and the creepy spider things that the Mayor eats in season 3.

    And second: That sex scene was everything I could have wished for. I’m incredibly thankful to this show for having that scene at all. Actually, I so assumed we wouldn’t get this scene showing WayHaught’s first time that I assumed they already were having sex. It’s the scene that we missed getting to see in Supergirl. It’s modeling enthusiastic consent and straightforward communication–terrific–but even more than that for me, it’s showing that although being queer is totally fine and Waverly isn’t torn up about her newfound sexuality or anything, it’s still a big deal for her, a new thing in her life that she’s exploring, and I’m so glad the show acknowledged the magnitude of that. And then everything about Nicole in that scene was perfect: stopping to check in with Waverly because she knows it’s a big deal and then the tilting her head up and picking her up, really making it about Waverly. It was just so beautiful.

    Also, am I the only one that thought Wynonna making so many comments about Waverly and Nicole’s sex life was super weird and awkward? And I think it was intended to be. It seemed to me like Wynonna overcompensating, trying to show Waverly she’s totally cool with her being queer, but just focusing on sex and being generally weird about it, maybe sort of suggesting that while she doesn’t have any problem with her sister being queer, she doesn’t really know what to do or how to relate and is feeling awkward about it, like Buffy’s response to Willow initially coming out. At the very end I wanted/was expecting Waverly to get up and hug Wynonna or something and be like, “I get it, you’re okay with me and Nicole. Thank you.” But then instead she ate a demon spider.

    • I think you’re right about Wynonna bringing it up so much to be supportive, but I think it’s more than just because Waverly is dating a woman. Wynonna was gone for a long time, I think she’s still figuring out how to have an adult relationship with her baby sister.

      • Ah, yes, you’re right. I guess it’s part of her not really knowing how to have emotions in general too.

    • Also from now on whenever I’m talking about something that didn’t end the way I thought it would I’m going to use the phrase, “But then instead she ate a demon spider.”

  13. We do see the bell again at the 29 min mark we see it in the barn when Wynonna goes to talk to Doc. Still don’t what it’s for or why Waves put it out there, but we do get another hint that the bell is important.

  14. On my re-watch, I did see the bell again. At the 29 min mark we see it in the barn when Wynonna goes to talk to Doc. Still don’t what it’s for or why Waves put it out there, but we do get another hint that the bell is important.

  15. Guys, I’m an atheist but if somehow heaven do exist than Emily Andras is an angel sent to save the lesbian race

  16. Thanks for the great re-cap and the Hamilton reference.

    I am really loving season 2. So far the following stood out:

    – – – Awesome new creepy, crawlies. So much fun!

    – – – Wayhaught and wayhaught and wayhaught

    – – – A shower inside the BBD offices

    – – – Doc’s discovery of new technologies and his continuing mystery

    I feel like the season is primed to be so much broader in scope than S01. I can’t wait to see what’s next. And then read your re-caps religiously.

  17. I found it interesting that Waverly reverted to “I like you” a few days (weeks?) after declaring her love for Nicole just before Willa tried to kill every lesbian on the planet with one bullet to Officer Haught’s heart.

  18. I just laughed my ass off in the best way at these recaps and captions. I just discovered this show, it is amazing, and your reviews on WayHaught viewing experience are so relatable. THANK YOU

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