Word Search: Have You Seen My Feather Earring?

Could you use some relaxing word searching?? Well hot damn did you come to the right place! Today we’re reaching into the backseat of our collective clown car of fashion decisions and pulling out whatever we could find from ~2005-2015, and once we untangled all the American Apparel skinny scarves and everyone found their blue or black lipstick, we were ready to roll.

Please enjoy this word search dedicated to the fashion that defined us not very long ago, and please share your own ~2005-2015 fashion pictures in the comments!! Do some of us still wear that slouchy beanie? Bitch yes, ask harder questions.

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  1. Good morning! I just want to say, with great urgency, that Autostraddle has become my Emotional Support Website and I have been reading it for 2+ hours per day and have lost all interest in my commuting book and many other activities like Words With Friends and even on some mornings, guided mediation on the Calm app with Jeff, my meditation teacher (he doesn’t know me but we are best pals).
    Also, I’m probably wearing too much mustard yellow today and it was the hat that pushed it over the edge from “Hey, cool! Your pants and socks match your winter scarf and parts of your belt and the circle on your t-shirt with the meaningful message on it” to my teenaged daughter once again looking up from her coffee and giving me the hate look.
    But it’s finally fall weather here in Brooklyn and I’m wearing my yellow Election Defenders warm hat, which I earned by defending the election during which we got rid of the evil narcissist.
    I can’t find an ending here, but I’m at work so, lemme go clock in and I’ll probably be back here as soon as I sit down with my smoothie.

    • Maybe this comment relates to my question but, is there a trick for swiping on the words on mobile? It took me a good 20 tries but I did finally get blazer but anything diagonal or in the middle of the board seems hopeless. (I am on firefox if it matters)

  2. add me to the ‘struggled to find neon’ club! still stuck it out, but I think it’s because there were so many false starts, truly the amount of “N – E” appearances!! having so much fun playing these :)

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