Winter Fashion for Staying Warm While Looking Hot

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If you live in region with seasons, you are probably all too familiar with winter, the bitter bitch of a weather system. As if decreasing daylight wasn’t bad on its own, there are inches of fluffy white flakes that are the equivalent to little middle fingers falling from the sky and winds cold enough to make you question if you even put on clothes today. These come paired with ice that you can’t see until you’ve already fallen prey to its horrendous practical joke and are now on your back wishing this day never existed. The only reason I could think to like winter weather is if you are a former cryogenics expert who suffered an industrial accident while attempting to cure your terminally ill wife, rendering you a human snow man.

Unfortunately, we can’t just unplug winter and continue on wearing our tights and capes. No, we must survive, my friends. So here are a few of my own survival tactics.

The Open Embrace of Layers

Layering your clothing can be your best friend but also your self esteem’s worst enemy. Although you may be able to keep out the cold by wearing as many of the clothing items you have, you may just end up looking like this.

photo from telegraph

photo from Telegraph UK

So maybe scale back a little and think about really showing off each layer. Start off with your typical undershirt that no one sees but should still be appreciated, add a layer that comes to your neck such as a crew neck or henley, top it off with a button-up, and complete with coat.   Not only does this keep you warm, it gives others the illusion that you are stylish and aren’t even worried that you can’t feel your face anymore. Pretty charming, eh?

photo from science fiction

photo from science fiction

The Incognito Approach

On the other end of the spectrum, is the super sneaky “you-have-no-idea-how-much-clothing-I-have-on-right-now-and-quite-frankly-i-want-to-tell-you-because-i’m-really-proud” look. Or more simply put: the incognito approach to layering. The key here is maximum body area coverage and thin layers. You might have put away your leggings and spandex pants in defeat but you’ll be needing them. Personally, I wear the UnderArmour pants I bought when I told myself we’d start working out more. Wearing thin but substantial layers beneath your typical clothing creates a barrier between you and the frigid cold, but you have to be consistent with the layering, top to bottom — no skin left uncovered. Cuddlduds is a great brand that offers soft long-sleeve crewnecks and leggings (Sonoma Life + Style Warmwear at Kohl’s is a cheaper alternative). To cover your feet and legs a little more, dig out those retired athletic socks from your sporting days. Knee-high soccer socks are a godsend in the winter and no one can tell the difference between them and dress socks! With this option, you’re still able to wear your typical style without much of a hindrance. You may look like an assassin getting ready in the morning but… no, no buts, that’s a pretty good motivator on its own.

original photo from Kohl's

original photo from Kohl’s

Burrito of Warmth

lenny in the best scarf from we heart it

lenny in the best scarf from we heart it

If you’re a little less Scarlett Johannson and a little more Zooey Deschanel, have no fear you can bundle your way through the year. You want the bundle, or the closest you can come to be being a human burrito of clothing. We’re talking scarves, big sweaters, boots, leggings and knit hats. If you can convince your cat to serve as a muffler all day, go for it. The bundle is certainly more of a laid back, “guess-when-I-showered-last” aesthetic but still a good one. What you lack in preparedness, you make up for in the amount of textiles you are able to put on your body at once. Do not underestimate the power of a strategically placed scarf. The accessories are the aluminum foil of this Chipotle burrito: keeps in the heat and adds value.

And listen, no matter what, you will still be cold. It’s just a matter of how cold you’re going to be. Try a few of these out and find what works best for you; at least you tried. You can use that as support for your griping when your face hurts to move, your fingers are as useful as the claw in an arcade game, and you can’t actually tell if you’re walking in the right direction. Others have to listen if you have good support to back up your claims. If not, well… find an off-the-shoulder, powder blue, floor-length dress to wear every day until someone locks you up someplace warm.

photo from imgur

photo from imgur

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Bing is twenty-something graduate student in the midwest whose just trying to get by and look good doing it. She currently writes for and runs her own menswear blog for women ( In her spare time she can be found guzzling venti's and reading creative fiction writings based on non-cannon relationships. Find her on instagram and twitter.

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  1. This was great! Funny thing is though, when you live in Minnesota and it’s almost February, you start to delayer yourself. We’re stubborn and when it hits 35-40° hats, gloves and jackets come off haha

  2. Oh, I embrace layers! Layers are my life! But apparently it’s not normal to wear 3 layers of hats? I was informed of this on FB a few weeks back. (It was TWO hats plus a jacket hood, okay?)

  3. “The only reason I could think to like winter weather is if you are a former cryogenics expert who suffered an industrial accident while attempting to cure your terminally ill wife, rendering you a human snow man.”

    I’ve stuck my hand in liquid nitrogen, does that count? I have a morbid fascination with cryogenics. Dry ice has provided hours of entertainment in the lab while waiting for distillations to happen.

  4. Nah man, if you’re still cold, no matter the weather, that means you’re doing something wrong. I’m from Sweden and currently live in Finland, and I’m never cold during the winter. Not because of genetics or habit but because I know how to dress. THIS IS HOW TO DO IT: always wear an insanely warm hat, if you think you might be wearing too many layers that means you’re not – in fact consider adding one more layer, and fur (synthetic works too) and wool and cashmere are the warmest materials. And the most important parts of you to keep warm are your head, chest, hands, butt and feet. Meaning that, if you’re wearing pantyhose and a skimpy long-sleeve dress but really warm boots, a fur coat, a fur hat, and like three wool sweaters, you will be good to go in a snow storm.

    • Another Straddler in Finland? Yay!!

      And I agree, you don’t have to be no matter how the weather is. LAYERS. When it gets really cold, I’m in favour of silk/wool/fleece underthings. And also jackets and shoes that are designed for extremely cold weathers (Finnish and Swedish brands usually know what they’re doing).

  5. The Open Embrace of Layers AKA “Winchester Layering”. Protects from both the cold and uncomfortable emotional moments.

  6. i have wool-lined moosehide mittens with rabbit fur cuffs, and they are a sanctuary of warmth for my permanently cold hands. plus, they are hella pretty and they smell like bacon.

    bonus tip: put your housekey in the mitts with you so your fingers don’t fall off trying to find it in your purse/pocket.

  7. Wool socks you guys. I grew up in central NY and NEVER knew about wool socks. LIFE changer!
    Also my wife, who is from the south so wtf, just informed me there is such a thing as fennel lined jeans!!?! What! Where do I find flannel lined skinny jeans tho?

    • Debbie Downer lasers engaged:

      Yo some people are allergic wool, ya know.

      (One of those people and maybe just maybe I’m bitter about it.)

  8. It’s all about natural fibres! Wool sweaters, hats, mittens and socks. They make all the difference.

    Also, mittens keep your hands way warmer than gloves and everybody looks super cute in them too.

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