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Wildfang’s Latest Line has Your Dapper and Tomboy Needs Covered

Wildfang suit

Photo courtesy Wildfang

Wildfang just dropped their summer collection, and if you’re in need of swanky suiting or statement tees, you’re in luck. Are you excited as I am? It doesn’t matter, because I’m going to rave about it anyway!

First up from the Lucca x Wildfang collaboration is this amazing palm print for when you want to make clear that even though you’re dressed to the nines, you’re still feeling very relaxed about the whole thing. The Kaling Blazer is perfect if you like your jacket hem to hit a little lower on the leg, or you could go full-on hot professor with the shorter, elbow-patched Jacobson.

As for pants, the Ahmed will give you that classic cigarette look; meanwhile, the Morris will transport you back to the days of crushing on that enigmatic skater cutie in your sophomore year science class. Plot twist: you’re the enigmatic skater cutie now!

Similarly, the long Gevinson Blazer and the patched-up Rodriguez are both devastatingly handsome options.

As are the skinny Isaac Pants, and the cropped Quinto Trouser.

But maybe you’re not a print person. No problem, because the bright white Teigen Blazer and its longer sibling the Newton will have you looking like a straight-up angel. I mean, did it hurt when you fell from the heavens, or what?

The slim Elba Pant is dapper perfection, while the wider-cut Cho is designed to show a little more leg.

Of course you’re going to need some shirts for your suits, like the embroidered Essence Symbols and lush Knowles Button-Ups.

Not much for suiting? The Stewart Bomber, Lamar Jogger, and Aboah Coveralls will have you screaming, “Chambray all day!” Or will at least have me screaming when I see you strutting around looking like a sexy mechanic. Damn, girl, looks like you could use some help cleaning off all that elbow grease.

And the Stewart isn’t where the bombers end — there are also the super simple Wild Feminist, leaf-laden Robinson, and gorgeously detailed Essence jackets.

Even more casual, you say? This season’s crop of Wild Feminist tees come in several black and white color combos, with 10% of proceeds going to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

And don’t sweat the weird summer hair days ahead, because you’re covered there, too.

And finally, for those cooler nights when you feel like getting cuddly, try a Wild Feminist Crew or two. Also, maybe cuddle up to a fellow wild feminist.

You can see the whole Wildfang Summer 2017 collection here.

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  1. Nora, love this!! I love Wildfang – their Kardo shirt collection is AMAZING and I own multiples for the office. Your comments were spot on and made me smile, thanks.

    • Same! I just got some Kardo shirts for work, and I can’t stop talking about how much I like them. They are the best clothing thing that’s happened to me since men’s shoes.

  2. I love that wild feminist bomber, t-shirt, everything. I want it all.

    Maybe for an upcoming fashion post, summer looks on a budget? Because I can’t be the only one unwilling or unable to drop $150 on a jacket.

    • And maybe the idea of speaking with our dollars and what that might mean or look like? Like, I decided a few years ago that I’d rather spend $150 on a jacket from a place like Wildfang (queer feminist owned, making clothes specifically for other queer feminists) and not buy anything else all summer. Sort of capsule wardrobe inspired, I guess? So I’m trying to be really intentional about buying only a few pieces that I can feel really good about. Maybe Nora could talk about that?

      • Fair point, but if I’m going to do that it’ll be with a company that has inclusive sizing.

          • I don’t know, I haven’t found one that fits that description and is still reasonably cheap. That’s why I get most of my clothes from thrift stores or Target.

      • That’s an interesting concept, but I’d like a clothes-on-a-budget post because I can’t afford to buy a 150 dollar jacket. Period. So I still think that would be neat.

        • (This was directed at Les’ first reply, btw. I really have not got the grasp of the comment section here. :P)

        • Yes thank you! Do you know how long it would take me to save up $150? And if I did manage to save that much, I certainly wouldn’t be blowing it on a jacket I could only wear for half the year.
          This reminds me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s hard to shop ethically when you have to choose between paying your student loan or your water bill.

    • Hey Emma, that’s a great idea! I definitely want to cover style in as inclusive and accessible a way as possible, so look out for frugal picks and tips in the near future, and please keep the feedback coming. Thanks!

  3. Man, so in love with some of those jackets. Where is the Wildfang for the more rotund among us? (That, and a decent pair of effing cargo pants for doing work work… Like, for real.)

  4. yes wildfang! I just ordered the come as you are tee and the lover/fighter tank and I got an email from fedex saying it will be here in TWO DAYS. this is a miracle because shit usually takes soooooo long to get to me in the middle of canada (ex. months for AS hellomerch). Wish me luck as i venture into the world of white t-shirts, it will be either gloriously successful or disastrous but either way I will learn something about myself

    • I TAKE IT ALL BACK i just got a call from fed ex that i have to pay over 50 bucks duty, ? give me back long ass shipping times with no unexpected fees “fml”

  5. All of these are adorbs, but I am still really frustrated with Wildfang for their fatbaiting (like queerbaiting when tvshows give us a hint of a queer character to claim inclusivity, but for providing clothing options for people of size). While trying to cash in on body positivity, Wildfang is only selling plus size options in t-shirts, not the rest of their cute clothes. There is finally a person of size modeling for the site, but the shirts the person is modeling only go up to XL. As a fat dapper person who is bigger than an XL, it hurts to see the company claim to have options for every body but leave so many of us out.

    • Same! I really hope that they’re…at the beginning of a journey towards more inclusive sizing.

    • “Fatbaiting” is exactly it! I was like, “oh, look, there is a cute larger person modeling! Perhaps there are cute larger person blazers!” Uh. Nope. “4 Every Body” on the pull-down menu under “New” was also particularly disappointing.

    • Yes yes yes!!!! I bought the palm print pants in XL and they were so so so so so tight. Really broke my heart.

    • Hey Brooke, I hear your frustration, and I’m going to work to show size- and budget-inclusive options for as many people as possible. Please watch out for future posts on dapper plus-size options, and if you have any brands you love that you’d like to share, let me know!

      • This is a totally selfish personal request, but if anyone with big boobs wants to try and review some of the pieces from Universal Standard, that would be GREAT. I can’t usually spend money like that but I’d really like to know if the button-ups actually button up on girls like me!

  6. Am I the only person that saw the palm print and immediately thought about Maria making clothes for the kids out of drapes in The Sound Of Music? I’m picturing myself wearing it and hanging out of a tree while lesbian watching in the woods somewhere.

  7. All I want is to dress like the plus size dapper genderqueer that I am, but the fashion industry insists on continuing to pretend I don’t exist. *womp womp*

  8. Side note, the palm print reminded me of Blanche’s bedroom wallpaper from the Golden Girls, which led into to some intriguing fantasies about Blanche exploring her secret butch top identity.

  9. What’s with all this cropped trousers bullshit? If I’m spending the money on a nice suit (that I’ll need to get tailored to within an inch of its life because I’m a XS waist and L hips in this line’s sizing), I want something timeless, not something on-trend. It’s the perfect combination of not resembling menswear in its longevity but not being cut to fit the most estrogenic among us either.

  10. Also, I think it’s cheating that Wildfang sell men’s button-ups. If you look closely, all the models leave the lowest button unbuttoned. I love my shirt, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not really made for women and it doesn’t truly fit even their skinniest models.

    • They do have men’s shirts and I bought some unknowingly and ended up returning them (way too long for my 5’5″ frame and the bottom button issue, yes). :( But the Kardo, WF Ultimate, and Peau de Loup lines are cut for women and these all fit me great (in chest and hips). The Peau de Loup line especially is generous though the hip (less so in the bust). WF stocks them but they have their own online shop here: https://www.peaudeloup.com/ The flannel at least shrinks a bit so if you are in between sizes, go up.

      • I literally just tried on some button up shirts I ordered from them and the length was crazy to me too! The Kardo was the only one of the order that was the right length and actually fit at the waist and up the middle but the arm holes were so tiny for me! My arms looked like little stuffed sausages. ?

  11. Ah, more clothes I can’t afford. Possibly never will (who has 40 dollars to spend on a T-shirt??). Looks good though.

  12. Can we have an article about wtf to do when you want to butch up your style but androgynous and mens clothes fit you terribly because of your gigantic boobs and hips and you’re also too skint to afford any kind of tailor…asking for a friend

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