What If The Only Allies We Know Are Some Internet Cats?

Every fundraiser, we try to have a Straight People Day to encourage, well, straight people to give because they should! This year, we wanted to focus on some of our allies, people who've supported with a little roundtable. And, well, sometimes getting work done in the Autostraddle Slack is A Mood.

Tuesday, Septmeber 14th, 11:11 AM EST

Nicole: Hello @channel I put this in #roundtables-n-calls channel but also want to put it here!! We have a very strange 👽 occurrence 🛸 on our hands today — a call to put the voices of straight people on this very site! We are planning this for Straight People Day during the upcoming fundraiser!! I am here if you have any questions!! More information in the call which is also in this doc.

Why are w...

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