VIDEO: Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office #202: Hangover 2, The Ladies Edition

Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard are very busy international celebrities, but they’re not too busy to go see a movie about four dudes called The Hangover II. The thing is that Julie hates men. So what did they think of the film? Well, you’ll have to wait and see!

A quick refresher:

Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard are a sensational acting/writing duo trying to cause a sensation with their romantic-comedy, Nicest Thing.

But since no one wants to make their movie or cast them in anything, they feel it is their duty to harshly judge everyone else’s work based on a sliding scale of rage, bitterness, lesbianisim, and lack of any real significant training.

Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready. Do you have your wigs and pita ready in a big bowl? I hope you do. Because this episode is going to really excite you, change your life, inspire you to scale new heights, and maybe lead you to re-evaluate your perspective on baby harp seals.

A quick and important note:  Due to incredibly mind-blowing frustrating technical issues, has taken three weeks of wrestling with Final Cut to get this sucker into a presentable format for your eyeholes. So any bizarre picture problems or possible subliminal messages serve to cover up an image of Julie & Brandy’s scrambled faces. And nobody wants to look at scrambled faces!

If you like it you should comment because Brandy gets really insecure if you don’t. Maybe even comment if you don’t like it, just to tell them that you love them.


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    This was very, very, very hilarious. Chuckles at the office are very unprofessional so I had to bottle them and will save my crazy laughter for later.

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      I have to duck behind my computer monitor because I have like straight on view of a guy who sits at a desk in another room, across the hall, and like three cubicles down, and I swear he sees me cracking up some times. I hope he’s not any one important.

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    so, when i read hangover 2:ladies edition, i sort of got it in my head you were doing “bridesmaids” for some reason XD

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    i wish julie and brandy did videos for riese’s real l word recaps. that would be epic. they’re probably too cool to watch the show tho. too cool for school. *sigh*

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    Fish wallet! (seriously where do I get that?)
    Julie as Zach Galifianakis. The fake beard and the bald cap made me laugh so much I almost peed.

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    hahah still haven’t seen the movie yet but this was hilarious. one of my favorites so far. loves it

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    Favorite parts: Brandy as “Phil,” Julie’s beard, the “monkey,” Brandy’s nails, Julie’s song.

    Awesome review all around. I <3 the whole rant on how the wives/girlfriends are portrayed in movies as fun-hating shrews. That's one of my pet peeves too.

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    OMG I must sound like a crazy person watching this! My favorite out of all the In Your Box Offices..

    THAT SONG! Genius.. and Brandy, your awesomeness oozed out of this clip!


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    brandy’s nails are just so excellent. i really want to know what you are drinking. first i thought sangria…but then i thought hawaiian punch with vodka?

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        yeah you are probably right… that makes the most sense. but the beverage appears so thin! and it looked like an orange or something floating in it. i dont know why i am so fixated on this. maybe because i suspect alcohol is being consumed in a new and exciting way.

        more on topic: i think brandy and julie are amazing and i wish every day was in your box office day. i want julie and brandy in my box office full time.

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    Funny how they don’t mention the hee-larious parts of the movie involving fucking a Thai shemale. After all, there’s nothing supposedly pfunnier than a guy getting fucked by a ‘man with boobies’ (as they say in the film). 🙁

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    Loved the review and it just cemented my reasoning for NOT going to see the movie. H/O-1 was my movie and I’m sticking with that! Julie’s mirror redition upon discovering the tattoo was hilarious!

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    I am not going to watch the movie because this was probably better. Also I badly want a bloody mary now.

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    yay! a new box office!

    here’s what i think of the second season:


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    Julie and Brandy are brilliant! How cute was Brandy acting all hot? oh sorry she was not acting; and Julie as Zach genius! you made me laugh out loud and my roommates are sleeping. Oh I could easily watch Julie & Brandy everyday!

    Thanks again autostraddle for exposing me to amazing stuff 😉

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    so, for the next major event in my life, the theme of my party will be ‘executive lesbian movie realness,’ and i will make my grand entrance to ‘thyme/time in a bottle’

    …and there will be lots of drinking. and wigs.

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    Awesome as always. Only fault I can find is 1 they don’t allow you to be as offensively awesome as I know your capable of and 2 there is too little of your work. Thank you Brandy for getting on Twitter. Love it. And yes I am a faggoty boy that’s been directed here by Gay Pimpin With Jonny McGovern.

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    I rarely go to movies, so I foolishly never watched any of these vids… now I know…who gives a fuck about the movie, you guys are fucking hilarious.

    Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do…

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    I am two minutes and 34 seconds in and im cracking up! Man… are you guys sure you can’t do this every week?!

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