Veronica’s Team Pick: Charlie Sheen Browser Blocker

Because sometimes you need to go back to a time before you ever heard about “tiger blood.” In that case, there’s Tinted Sheen for both Firefox and Chrome, which we came across via the always sexy GOOD Magazine. Go forth and browse freely and without any more interruption from mentally ill and possibly violent men than you would normally suffer.

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    I for one have somehow managed to completely avoid all this mess except this offhand references, which are really confusing because I have absolutely no idea what anyone’s talking about.

    Who is Charlie Sheen? Did he do bad things????

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        wait, what do you mean? i was making a prediction based on the way this article “marginalizes” the “mentally ill.” what am i prejudiced against?

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          I mean I’m being a sarcastic ass, and I completely agree with you that the lezzers are sometimes nutty with their obsessive accusations that everything is oppressive/marginalizing, etc. 😀

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            oh, ok. yeah. i think they are just trying to do the right thing…i mean, i have mental illnesses of my own and i think they shouldn’t be stigmatized. but i do think sometimes people hop on the ‘everything is oppressive’ bandwagon just to show how progressive they are.

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    I installed it! It worked! There is a censor bar covering parts of this page! Yay!

    But now I need it for my phone, because people keep tweeting about him and it don’t want to have to unfollow everyone ever.

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