This Video of Rachel Maddow Holding a Baby

Laneia’s Team Pick

Here’s Rachel Maddow holding someone’s baby in New Hampshire, where she was discussing republicans and primaries and other smart things for her teevee show. Anyway this is sort of the equivalent of Butches + Babies: Celebrity Edition. You’re welcome.


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    i now suddenly want to raise a child with rachel maddow just to have this exact scene play out every day for a good few years of my life. i don’t know what to do with this feeling except replay the video over again a few more times.

    also, i had no idea butches + babies existed. i’ll be in my bunk, overwhelmed with emotions.

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    Dear Rachel Maddow, I know they take the baby back at the end of this video, but if you ever feel like you need someone else in your arms, you know where to reach me. Sincerely, Intern Grace et al.

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    Guys, Autostraddle knows my life. I’ve developed an intense appreciation of Rachel Maddow in the last 48 hours and then THIS comes along.

    Rachel, the fact that you practically live next door to me isn’t making this crush any easier. I could conceivably run into you at brunch. Please don’t call the police on me. I don’t bite… unless you want me to.

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    My mouth is just making all these “wibble wibble” noises and I don’t know what to do with my hands all of a sudden!

    And she even noticed the baby’s shoes~ Oh god, FEELINGS!

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      The bit with the baby shoes is how I react every single time I go shoe shopping and see the little baby sized converse/vans or any time I see a baby wearing tiny baby shoes. There is just something about tiny baby shoes.

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    what if all three of us wore matching kicks (only on weekends) and lived in a delightfully creaky clapboard house with dark hardwood in Vermont and had regular Jay-Z Jam parties where we listened to Jay-Z and made jam in the library
    what then

    what then.

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    Oh my GOD. This is all I want in my life. Maybe some books and coffee every once in a while, but mostly just babies and smart, funny, attractive, awesome lesbians.
    Dear Autostraddle, let’s make a baby.

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    Watch this baby grow up and be a lesbian. It’s obviously going to be the biggest regret of her life that she slept through Rachel holding her.

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