This Sunday Funday is Dedicated to All the Queer and Trans Kiddos in the World

Happy Sunday Funday! We’ve got a long, hard week ahead of us, so let’s take this moment to bask in the glow of some good gay news. Can you pass the banana nut muffins? Thanks, bae.

Sonia Sotomayor Just Officiated Her First Gay Wedding

LGBT activists Ingrid Duran and Catherine Pino of Washington, DC got married recently and invited a bunch of really important people to the big event. Among the most important was Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who officiated their nuptials — thus marking her first-ever gig at a gay wedding.

via Catherina Pino

via Catherina Pino

Also, every woman to ever be a SCOTUS Justice in herstory has now officiated at least one same-sex wedding, because girls rule and boys drool.

It’s Official: All Girls Can Be Girl Guides

The Girl Guides of Canada have officially updated their guidelines to foster safe and fun spaces for cis and trans girls alike.

Girl Guides

Meet Planned Parenthood’s Tiniest Defender

Staceyann Chin’s badass daughter Zuri stands with Planned Parenthood, and it’s really cute.

A Duck Walks Into a Bar…

Duck Wearing Bow-Tie Walks Into Pub, Drinks Pint, Fights Dog, Loses. Yep.

Star the duck who has seemingly been injured in a pub brawl. See SWNS story SWDUCK; A Devon duck who received worldwide fame for his drinking exploits has suffered serious injuries after a near-death encounter with a dog. Star Hayman and his handler Barrie Hayman are well known across the county. On Sunday Star had a run in with a dog and came away from the altercation with his bottom beak split down the middle. The owners of the dog, Meggie, posted on Facebook Star had "pushed his luck too far."

This Puerto Rican School is Relaxing Its Dress Code for LGBT Kids

Children enrolled in public schools across Puerto Rico can now opt to wear pants or skirts, regardless of their gender identity. At this moment I really wish I could find one of the many photographs of me enrolled in school in Puerto Rico wearing a plaid skirt and a collared shirt because I just think it’d be a really good visual for this story that would connect you to my past, but I can’t do that, so. Just trust: It was fabulous.

Barbie Wants You to Be Whatever You Wanna Be

Look, I know the word “Barbie” can evoke a wide range of responses from women, queer people, feminists, and really anything that’s live and able / willing to discuss gender politics. But growing up, my Barbie collection served as a solid reminder that I could do anything and become anyone I wanted: growing up to be elected president, kicking men out of the house and speeding away in a shiny new VW Beetle, and baring my sexy abs at the grocery store as I juggled my priorities as a doctor / teacher / lawyer included.  (All of these dreams, obviously, have or will soon come true.)

What I’m trying to say is that that I really like this Barbie ad and I hope you will, too. Let’s watch it!

The White House Still Hates Anti-LGBT Therapy Because, Um, Duh

The White House is upping the ante in its fight to end anti-gay “conversion” therapy. The Substance Abuse and Mental Helath Services Administration has released a report backing up claims that the practice is dangerous and harmful. That means hard numbers! And data! And fancy words! And thus, an even more solid case to force everyone to perceive the practice as junk science and total garbage. Whee!

This is the Story of a Corgi and a Tiny Pumpkin

Eli chases around gourds like lil balls and then chews them up. Not so with this Corgi, who appears to have some of the most adorable trust issues in all the land.

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  1. I really wish I knew what was going through that Corgi pup’s mind.


    • I’m glad the first comment I saw was about that Corgi and his pumpkin foe. So cute.
      My pomeranian had a lot of questions about my neighbor’s ceramic dog statue that was in her front lawn. She’d keep me between her and it, kind of peeking around, then slowly start circling. Sometimes mad, sometimes trying to get it to play, and always puzzled. One time she accidentally knocked it over and FREAKED OUT and you could barely convince her to approach the lawn for a month.

  2. I liked the ad! But it’s still sad Barbie is supposed to be a girls-only toy (and the ad makes that clear).

  3. I have had a lot of body issues over the years, but I honestly don’t think any of them stemmed from my collection of secondhand Barbies. Just like my teddy bears were teddy-bear shaped, and did not correspond with the real shape of any real bear out there, my Barbies were Barbie shaped, and I never thought they were supposed to be representing actual flesh-and-blood women. I mean, she could turn all the way around at the waist! She was just a doll, like all my other dolls of all sizes and shapes.

    • Same. I have a long history of eating disorders, but they’re a result of other psychological disorders (anxiety, OCD), not barbie or the media. I’ve never really had strong feelings toward barbie one way or another. The commercial was cute though.

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