Things Are Gonna Get Easier This Sunday Funday

Happy moving day! Erm, sorry, Sunday Funday. For me, it’s the same thing. Time to take Eli from one park to another and move in with my best friend. What a good day! Did I mention Eli and I have matching leather jackets and it’s finally fall? Kay. Just making sure you’re aware.

This Sunday, Lady Gaga and Honey Boo Boo are standing on the side of various politicians to support gay people. Also, an adorable lesbian engagement happened and lesbian werewolves are abound – which sounds like a great twist for Camp 3.0. Let’s dig in!

Lesbian Central Park Engagement

What’s this? Oh, just the perfect union between beautiful wilderness, lesbian romance, good use of rainbow colors, and a boat that forms the most beautiful lesbian engagement of all time. Seriously, someone please stand up, pick up a mic, drop it, and walk off the stage. I feel Brittani would be good for that.

Via JoeMyGod:

She rowed her girlfriend out from under the bridge as friends secretly gathered overhead for “Operation Rainbow Umbrella.” The girlfriend said “Yes” as Central Park visitors applauded and took photos from from the shore.

Lady Gaga Gives No Fucks About the Pope, Many About Homos

Lady Gaga dissed the pope and spoke about the inevitability of gay marriage. Amen.

Honey Boo Boo Thinks We’re All Gay

When asked about homosexuality, the innocent child replied, “ain’t nothing wrong with being a little gay. Everybody’s a little gay.” And then the world rejoiced her wisdom.

Oktoberfest is the New Gay Pride in Germany

Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, outnumber ’em and drink ’em under the table. That’s a strategy that proves popular in Germany, where gays can find themselves a part of Oktoberfest with their own special place to gather. Seriously I’m jealous. And I’m so in.

Football Star Will Fight For Gay Rights

Chris Kluwe is ready, willing, and able to talk LGBT rights – even among his teammates and in front of all of us via the Internet. He’s already written an awesomely upfront letter about why anyone feels the need to take away our rights, and this week, he took on Republican Mary Franson, a representative from Alexandria, Minnesota via Twitter:

It’s hilariously ironic that Rep. Mary Franson claims I’m undermining “traditional values.” How’s the right to vote treatin’ ya, Mary?

If any MN politician would like to logically debate the same-sex marriage issue (a la The Federalist Papers), please feel free to contact me.


Welcome to Canada, Gay Refugees!

Canada is willing to do what it takes to play a part in the creation of safe immigration alternatives for people in Iran facing persecution:

Canada welcomes about 100 Iranian gay and lesbian refugees each year and says it is willing to do more to save them from oppression in their birth country, and in Turkey where many first flee.

“I don’t have an exact figure because we don’t note the reasons why a person seeks asylum” through the United Nations, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney told AFP. “But I estimate that out of 800 Iranian refugees that come here through Turkey, a hundred or so fled over their sexual orientation.”

The total number of Iranian LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) expatriates in Canada tops 1,000, according to Saghi Ghahraman of the Iranian Queer Organization.

“They prefer Canada over other countries, when they leave Iran, and they have very good reasons for this,” she said, citing Canadian democracy, its “friendly and supportive society, and with great social services which are utterly crucial for most gay, lesbian, and transsexual Iranians who need all the support when they arrive in a new country.”

The United States is Crazy About Gay People, In A Good Way

You know that song “Around the World” by ATC? Well, let’s go around the United States where gay people are making small incremental progress in their overall search for love, happiness, and justice!

+ In California, same-sex couples will now have equal access to fertility services in the state.

+ Support for gay marriage is increasing by a shit ton in Illinois, or, more accurately, by ten points in two years:

Rep. Greg Harris, a Chicago Democrat who led efforts to allow civil unions in Illinois, called the poll results “monumental.”

“It’s just striking how fast public opinion is changing,” he said.

Harris attributed the change to more public discussion of the issue – for example, an endorsement from President Barack Obama – and people seeing more gay friends, relatives and neighbors living ordinary lives. Harris said people look around and say, “Gosh, those families want what my family has. What’s wrong with that?”

via forsapas on tumblr

+ On Thursday, Austin became the first city in Texas to officially endorse same-sex marriage.

+ Homeland Security, just as a little bit of whipped cream on top of this ice cream Sunday Funday topped with peanuts and cherries, has announced that same-sex couples will officially be recognized as families in all further immigration proceedings.

Lesbian Werewolf Movie Finally Yours

Lesbian werewolf flick Jack and Diane is now available via VOD!

Goats Playing On A See-Saw

Shut the fuck up.

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  1. I’ve so many feelings re the oktoberfest.not many of them are good.actually none of them are. but this lion’s club thing sounds not too bad.
    but hey, for 9€ those mugs should be filled to the brim.

    • there’s only one true Oktoberfest or Wiesn as the Bavarians say. all the other ones are knock offs.

      • I was talking about ‘many feelings’.not many oktoberfests. hate the knock offs even more than the real deal. at least the real thing happens quite far away. but even Hamburg goes a lil cray cray with beer and bretzeln :)

  2. Okay Okay OKay. I’m feeling obligated to comment immediately after reading about Chris Kluwe. Which means, I may comment again after reading EVERYTHING on this page. So.
    I’m a football girl. I always have been. And I don’t mean the “let me hang out in the kitchen and make food for everyone while the guys are out there watching the game” type of football girl that so many of my friends fall under.
    I am the girl who is jumping up and down on the couch, yelling at the TV, and losing copious amounts of money on a weekly basis on various football picks and pots. It’s always been this way, ever since I was little – probs as far back as when I was around 3.
    SO. I’m sure it’s not too surprising to hear that the majority of the guys that I USED to watch football with were those overly agreesive bro-types who would use slanderous comments like they were the thing to do. “You like the cowgirls? You’re such a fag.” “You’re a Giants fan? That’s gay.” And so on and so on and so forth.
    After so many years of that, I found that I started to talk the same way. Ick. Once it was pointed out to me (by my Trans* brother, my gay cousins, my bisexual sister, and my girlfriend.. Oh, and my DAUGHTER), I stopped hanging around those guys. And, horribly, I felt sad about losing them because I thought that was what all football lovers were about.
    Until I met Brandon. And Carla. And James. And all the other NEW friends that I have. Not all of them are gay. But most are. We still jump up and down on the couch. We still cuss at the screen. We still call each other dorks for liking certain teams. But that’s it.
    And now, to read about these awesome NFL players who are coming out and saying “NO THAT’S NOT OK” to all those doofus people that I USED to hang out with.
    Hooray for Brendon Ayanbadejo from teh Baltimore Ravens for speaking out. And double hooray for Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft on Twitter – he’s hilarious!) for doing the same in such a funny way!

    • Love my Ravens!
      Also, Chris Kluwe is the guest on this week’s Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me. Go have a listen!

  3. That proposal makes me believe in gay fairytales coming true. Major heart swell.

    Also, Jason Kenney is among one of the scariest characters in Canadian politics. He may be tooting Canada’s horn on LGBT refugee cases, but his pro-life stance is deeply troubling. And we thought Harper was scary. Obama for Prime Minister?

  4. I never thought I would ever have a favourite football player but, yeah, Chris Kluwe is my favourite football player of all time

    • I know right? My family’s from Minnesota but this is the first time I’ve ever been like WOO YEAH GO VIKINGS

  5. I’ll jump on the Chris Kluwe appreciation train! I love that he is consistently (hilariously) addressing the fallacies of the anti-marriage equality camp’s arguments and providing a logical response to their garbage. (That sentence got out of hand. I apologize.)
    The Jack and Diane trailer puzzles me, but I’ll bite (pun intended), and will try and catch it on demand asap.
    Yay Austin! Yay proposals! Yay adorable couple in the last picture!

  6. binational same sex couples won’t get deported now because they’re families?!?!?! is this real life!!!! so happy

    • I’m not trying to bring down the happiness because this is a great step, but it is just a step. There is still a long way to go in immigration equality, e.g. permitting green card sponsorship applications. This policy helps those already in the US facing deportation, however it doesn’t help those who can’t get to the US because of visa requirements. Of course, it is great that DHS will recognize that binational same-sex families are still families in these cases, and hopefully the rest of the rights for binational same-sex couples will come soon.

      • Yeah, the foreign spouse wont get deported but they also wont get a work permit and cannot re-enter the US if you leave. It’s like immigration limbo. But, hey, beats being deported

  7. as an iranian queer, you have no idea how stoked i am to know there is an iranian queer organization.
    a whole organization! that i didn’t know about! but now i do! so much excitement!

  8. I live in Packer country, so the fact that I’m having warm fuzzy feelings about a Vikings player is deeply confusing for me.

  9. So am I the only one who is so relieved to know that Honey BooBoo says it’s ok to be gay? I mean, wondering what she thinks has been keeping me awake at night. Whew! I will finally rest easy tonight!

    • listen, a little bit of that kid lives inside of me. i can’t explain it or justify it but i love her. and if she can get a little gay love into her redneck of the woods, then she’s here for a reason.

      and and…man, i just love little chunky sassy ass kids.

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