The Baby-Sitter’s Club Is Coming To Netflix And We Are Very Excited

The Baby-Sitter’s Club is gay! Sorry I don’t make the rules, when a fictional tomboy named Kristy wears a baseball hat and has a great idea and that idea is to start a club so that she and her best friends can hang out all the time in Claudia’s bedroom eating snacks and caring for their community while they grow up together, that is a gay story! Especially when it is written by a queer woman, Ann M. Martin! Very gay, tale as old as time.

I’m pretty sure the poster for The Baby-Sitter’s Club movie, released in 1995, is one of my personal gay roots, and Autostraddle’s very own Senior Editor and Baby-Sitter’s Club Enthusiast Carmen Phillips has formally made the bold statement – which I agree with entirely – that the entire club is gay.

With that said, I assume you will understand our pure gay joy over Netflix producing a new series about our favorite sitters, and also our extreme dismay that the show isn’t available to watch RIGHT NOW. Yesterday Netflix released a new poster for the series along with its casting decisions, but so far, there’s no premiere date. We will wait (not very patiently) with bated breath to see if perhaps they will make one (or all?) of the sitter’s canonically gay.

All this talk of the Baby-Sitter’s Club reminded me of my absolute favorite blog from 2010 – perhaps you read it too. Laneia did! Remember What Claudia Wore? God I loved this blog. Kim, the genius behind that endeavor, now has a baby (!) and an Instagram called Baby-Sitters’ Cover Critiques. I love growing up together on the internet. What were you up to in 2010?

Anyway! Can you believe how many people ghost-wrote those books? My favorite was the super special edition – I think it had a shiny silver cover with holographic stars??? – where they went on a road trip and they each got to pick one destination, do you know the book I’m talking about? Maybe I should reread every copy of The Baby-Sitter’s Club.

In conclusion, we love The Baby-Sitter’s Club, The Baby-Sitter’s Club is gay, and it would be great if Netflix could start airing episodes today, thank you very much in advance!

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  1. BSC is really experiencing a resurgence right now — it’s also been adapted into a super popular graphic novel series by Raina Telgemeier! I just read the first one and loved it (though it is, alas, not gay).

  2. So excited! Just recently had a conversation with a friend about how Logan Bruno is a stand in for compulsory heterosexuality.

  3. I used to have this Babysitters Club book that was like a babysitting guide. There were pages you could fill out on the kids you babysat. At the time I wanted to go into childcare (as my future career) so I thought it was the best guide! LOL!

  4. Every time I tell my friends that we should do an RV road trip I think about that super special.

    Yes the BSC is super gay, I was always waiting for Dawn to be gay. For some reason I have a faint memory of shipping Dawn and Claudia.

    • oops, my bad. i was doing a LOT of research when i wrote this article (lol) and must’ve linked the wrong tab of the 400000 i had open. fixed now, thank you for pointing it out! <3

  5. OH MY GOD I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THIS SHOW WAS HAPPENING. Plz lord let them all be queer!!! Time for me to finally finish that Claudia/Stacey femslash fic I’ve been writing forever.

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