The Autostraddle Insider: Issue Six, December 2014

Letter From Your Editors

HOLY MOSES IT'S OUR LAST INSIDER OF 2014! Here's some holiday memories we'd like to share with you:

1st row, L to R: Carolyn and brother in 1995, Cecelia with menorah in 2001, Laura and sister in 2005, Chelsey in 1994, Mey in 2013, Hannah, sister and Santa in 1995, Alex Vega with a dinosaur in the land before time2nd row, L to R: Robin in 1995, Maddie and her grandma in 2001, Brittani and Christin in 1994, Bren and mother with Chopper, Stump and Bones in 2012, Laneia and her mother in 1987, KaeLyn in 1985, Alley and Nicole in 20103rd row, L to R: Carmen in the days of yore, Stef at Passover during a bygone era, Riese at her grandparents' with a new present in 1984, Lydia with friends and Santa in 2013,...

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