The A+ Bee, Issue Four: Please Won’t You Bee My Neighbor?

Hello and welcome to a very special A+ Bee! Guess what, I accidentally worked all day with the collar popped on my denim jacket, so this edition of the Bee is INFUSED WITH COOLNESS, probably. Maybe. It's possible. Either way! Chelsey and I feel pret-tay good about this issue, and we suspect you will too.

Also, just a heads up, we intentionally skipped last week's issue so that we could better align our release dates with the two most important holidays of the year (Halloween and the holiday hinted at in the brand-new Mystery-Solvers column). Be sure to check out the Call For section for ways to get involved, but remember: We're interested in just about anything you want to submit, so don't be afraid of flexing your creative muscles.

You can also download the PDF and make a collage out of it! Hang it up your wall! Write a poem on it! Use it to help you break the Mystery-Solvers code (practical)! The sky is the limit, the world is your oyster, etc. etc.

Chelsey and G...

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Intern Grace

Grace Ellis has been writing and making hack-job graphics for Autostraddle since 2011 and is a co-creator and co-writer of the comic book series Lumberjanes. She is mostly an intern in name only. (Mostly.) She lives in Columbus, Ohio because why anything. Also, she wants to write the Black Widow movie and feels like if she just keeps telling people, eventually she will be allowed to do it. She has a Twitter and a Tumblr, both of which are pretty above average.

Grace has written 1 article for us.