Team Pick: “All About Anal” Video Series

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Dani and Ali’s Team Pick:

Did you know August is Anal Sex Month? Well, now you do, and it’s not too late to celebrate! The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH) has your back. Megan Andelloux, Certified Sex Educator and founder of the CSPH, answered the three most common questions in “All About Anal,” a three part video series on anal play.

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that a team member who shall remain nameless emailed this out as a gift to us. Because she thought these videos would make our collective sex-nerd heart sing. And they did. Our hearts sang, our souls fluttered and our rectums…chortled?


Ever wonder how to get a sparkly clean asshole and rectum, ready for play? Megan shares body safe, sex- and body-positive tips in under three minutes. She also covers the super common concern of what happens if you feel like you need to poop during anal and what exactly makes a toy anal safe. In just under ten minutes of watching time you can get the basics for the bum explained in a body inclusive, super enthusiastic language.

What we like about these videos is not only the accurate, clear info about all things butt, but also their super approachable, casual tone. No muss, no fuss, just butts. They are definitely a conversation starter if the butt is something you’d like to explore with a partner and have no idea how to bring it up. And butts can super fun to play with! Take it from us.

So without any further anal ado, here are all three videos. Headphones recommended in mixed company. Bottoms up!

“I’m concerned about poop during anal play. What can I do?”

“How do I clean my ass for anal play?”

“What type of toys would you recommend for anal play?”

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  1. Really disappointed that the description on the front page did not add “side” to “The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health has your back.” Missed opportunities.

    (but seriously thank you for this, very edifying)

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