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Revisiting the Sex-Ed Revolution: On Documenting Sex Ed in Queer Bodies

What might we be able to do if we more carefully record, preserve, and distribute our accumulated queer sex-ed, and not just pass knowledge through the intimate, sometimes deeply guarded connections formed through sexual and romantic relationships? More than 30 years later, Party Safe and Latex and Lace contain clues to becoming allies to our own queer bodies.

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‘Wait, What?’ Is the Body-Affirming, Gender-Expansive Sex Ed Comic Preteens Need

The book deftly acknowledges that each of its five main characters is different in their experience of their bodies, sexualities, genders, romantic interests, and overall development. It allows each kid to define their experience on their own terms and shows a little of their process of becoming comfortable with their unique selves, while promoting kind and thoughtful behavior toward all peers.