The Price I Pay For(ever) My Culture

Being a first-gen, Indigenous, queer, Samoan girl in diaspora almost cost me my Samoan culture. But one day, I’m going to be the queer Samoan elder who looks my grandchildren in their faces, and says: I was afraid the entire time that I was fighting for the world you deserve, but I did it anyway.

9 Poems to Read in These Trying Times

One place that I have found comfort before and continue to find it now is in poetry, the words of others who have experienced and seen unspeakable things and come out on the other side. I hope you can find some comfort in them, too.

Shira Erlichman’s “Odes to Lithium” Explores Bipolar Disorder and Taking Care

“Many creatives still have reservations and fears around medication as they believe that it will dampen the creative flow, turn off the magic, or make them less able to connect with the emotion they are trying to convey. This misconception is dismantled in Erlichman’s poetry, she’s sharp and precise while illustrating the often untethered emotion that comes with mania or psychosis.”

Eight Black LGBTQ Poets to Give Your Flowers To Right Now

I believe that these eight wonderful poets are the face of reviving the genre. I always want to push poems on people, so I’m also presenting you with some of their recent or upcoming works. Head to your favorite, local, indie bookstore and pick up a few of their collections before Black History Month is over!

Lovers, Everywhere: Sex Workers Speak in “Hustling Verse”

Amber Dawn and Justin Ducharme just dropped the first poetry anthology written by self-identified sex workers. Fifty-six self-identified sex workers from across North America, Europe, and Asia are featured. All of them are a different facet to the story that policymakers and social workers and Hollywood never told quite right.

The Perfect Queer Poem: For a Stone Sensibility

Bishop wrote seventeen drafts of this poem, so that’s one hundred and thirty six iterations of master and disaster. The losses pile up in a life, and each time you survive them, you have proven to yourself you can withstand more.