The L Word Episode 512 Recap: Loyal and True

Someone just let Angelica honk the horn. already because shit is going DOWN in the season finale. Phyllis, Jodi, and Adele want it their way and Shane’s fucking [it all up] again but at least Helena and her money are here to save The Planet. Because where would be be without The Planet?


The L Word Episode 511 Recap: Lunar Cycle

Things that suck: when you and your girlfriend accidentally wear the same outfit, when everyone has PMS, trying to break up with a girlfriend who refuses to be broken up with, getting blackmailed, meeting a cute girl when you already have a perfectly nice girlfriend, etc. It’s all right here, girls.


The L Word Episode 510 Recap: Lifecycle

Of all foods: french fries. Of all underthings: boybriefs. . Of all girls: Shane. Of all cheekbones: Tasha’s. Of all L Word writers: Angela Robinson. Of all cities: New York City. Of all songs: “Just Like Heaven,” by the Cure. It’s just … such a perfect song, and the last song I ever expected to hear during an L Word sex scene!


The L Word Episode 505 Recap: Lookin’ At You Kid

The last 20 minutes were some of the best I’ve seen on this show. It was fun and quality and featured all those verbs they sing about in that opening song we all cream over. Um, fighting, winning, fucking, whatevs. Up until that? Blah blah podcasts blah love cindy blah. You get the picture.

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“The L Word” Season Five Autostraddle RECAP Trailer/Teaser & “Luck be a Lady” Parody

You know how some people, like musician/actress Leisha Hailey and photographer/actress Jennifer Beals, have many talents? I’m one of those people. In addition to my superior writing skills, I’m handy with a vodka bottle, handy w/my own two hands and handy being handsy. Furthermore, I’ve got a knack for guetsbianisim, lesbianism and celesbianism. But most […]


The L Word Season Five PROMO Recap.

We all know that foreplay’s what this show does best. Like a twatilicious lover, The L Word relishes in getting us all riled up and subsequently leaving us alone and naked on the couch with a lukewarm Dos Equis and tears in our eyes. “High and dry” I believe it’s called.