Superqueero Roundup Recap: Canonically Queer

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Legends of Tomorrow 204: Aberration Palooza

I don’t know if they hired more women to run this show or if they just figured out what was working and what wasn’t because this season of Legends of Tomorrow is getting smarter and fiercer and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s unsurprising that the two best show in CW’s DC line-up are the ones where women are in the lead.

This week we’re going back to Mississippi in 1863, the height of the Civil War, because the Legends got a distress call from a time pirate and they have to make sure he doesn’t muck anything up.

Sara tells Ray that he should stay on the ship and be their eyes in the sky, but everyone knows he’s sort of second string now that he doesn’t have his suit and that Sara’s just trying to spare his feelings.

Stein pulls Jax aside and suggests maybe he stay behind, too, and he knows that it’s because he’s black and they’re about to head into the Civil War. But Jax lets him know that there’s literally no time or place they could go where racism wouldn’t exist at all, so he’ll be fine.

So everyone dresses up and heads on out. (Amaya is confused as to how she’s meant to fight in a dress, but Sara lets her know it’s all too possible.)


This is the face I make while getting ready for weddings aka the only time I wear a dress.

When they land and find the time pirate’s ship, they hear someone calling out for help. Everyone flinches but the Original Legends are ready to stay on task. Amaya is new to the team though, so she can’t resist the cry for help. The team decides (wisely) that they’re better off helping her and getting this over with than fighting her so they stop some Confederate soldiers who are chasing a man through the field.

They find out that this man, Henry Scott, has been sent to steal plans from the Confederate Army, but before they can send him on his way, the Confederate soldiers they killed get back up and are…well, zombies.

Sara and Vixen kick ass (despite the dresses, Vixen is surely glad to learn) and the team takes down the walking dead.


Negan who?

Unfortunately, Scott got too badly injured in the battle to survive it, but passes on his mission before he dies.

Ray gathers that some of the nonsense the time pirate said in his distress signal was about a bioweapon (apparently TX90 isn’t a fancy calculator from the future) and he’s probably spreading it to the soldiers. One of said soldiers spread it to Mick.

Captain Sara checks the future news and sees that if they don’t follow through with Scott’s mission, the war goes the wrong way and the world as we know it will cease to exist, so they have to try to finish what Scott set out to do.

Jax knows it has to be him; the reason they sent freedmen to carry out tasks like this was because they could move virtually unnoticed. Sara is worried about this plan.


“You’re one of the only ones with more than half a brain on this ship I’d rather not get you killed.”

But she knows he’s right so she lets him go, and asks him to take Amaya with him.

Meanwhile, Nate and Sara are going to go talk to Ulysses S. Grant about this whole zombie apocalypse situation. On the way, Nate cautiously tries to ask Sara if maybe he could take the lead on this one, and she does this amazing thing with her face and voice and is like, “Because you’re a man?” but really it’s because he’s a Grant fanboy and wants to look Cool and Tough.

On their way to the plantation to steal the plans, Jax and Amaya stumble across a slave woman being whipped and even though everyone’s hearts are breaking and blood is boiling, Jax knows they can’t do anything to save her. He says that it could affect too much in the future, and worse, it could blow their cover and then they wouldn’t be able to steal the plans, and then the Confederate Army will win.

When they finally find General Grant, you can see Sara physically trying to restrain herself from taking charge as Nate introduces him as Colonel Sanders and fumbles through his explanation of the situation. Finally Sara can’t take it anymore and is like brb and comes back with a zombie head that’s still grumbling and growling and says THIS is what is heading toward you right now.


I censored the zombie because Heather’s my editor and I didn’t want to give her nightmares.

And then Sara starts talking strategy. With Ulysses S. Grant. Gah, I love this show.

Jax makes it to the plantation house and no one really pays attention as he heads into an office to look for the plans. But on the way to check another room, he bumps into a woman. He does what should be considered polite, putting a gentle hand on hers to steady her and apologizing to her face. But the head of the household saw it and points out that this is not the way slaves are meant to behave. Jax remains impressively calm, head held high, but this motherfucker of course is pissed because he’s a racist asshole and drags Jax down to the basement to be chained up with other slaves.

Somewhere in the tussle of getting him down there, Jax’s comm was knocked out, but back on the Waverider, Stein is hit with the most intense blast of sadness and fear and anger that he has ever received from their psychic connection.

But even though Jax needs their help and Sara needs their help, Stein and Ray are dealing with Mick the Zombie right now so every duo is on their own.


Where’s Nyssa when you need her?

Down in the basement, the other slaves know instantly that Jax isn’t a slace, because his name is Jefferson Jackson and his hands haven’t seen a day of manual labor. He tries to explain why he’s there and that he needs their help, but what can they do? He asks them how they stand it, how they don’t lose their minds, how they don’t just lie down and give up. And one woman looks him square in the eye and says it’s because that’s what they want. They want to break them, they want to own them, but they won’t let them win. So they sing a beautiful, mournful song and they stay as strong as they’re able.

Amaya, unable to reach Jax, gets tired of waiting and strolls into the party. A beautiful woman, she doesn’t go unnoticed, and her accent goes full southern belle but her attitude is full snark and he scolds her for sassing her “better” which earns him a look not unlike how a hungry lion would look at a gazelle who strutted too close to the pride.


You can practically hear the hungry purr-growl.

Amaya lets this shitticket lead her down to the basement but as soon as she has eyes on Jax, she kicks his ass, takes his keys, and frees Jax. Jax meanwhile has changed his mind. He wants to free these slaves. He promises them that it gets better and the writers put a very important line in there: “Nowhere near perfect. Not even close. But better than this.”

They’re a little wary of the danger that comes with running, but then one woman recognizes Vixen’s amulet; she has ancestors from the same village. So she trusts these newcomers to protect them, and the rest of the prisoners take her lead.


Warrior Princess

The zombies have reached the plantation, so Jax and Amaya split up — Amaya is going to take their new friends to safety and Jax is going to finish Scott’s job and find the plans. One of the men from the basement knows where the plans are, so he goes with Jax and pulls them from behind a picture; someplace Jax never would have looked on his own.

The head of the household sees them and is freaking out about the zombies and Jax, with an impossible kindness, says that if he gives them weapons they can help each other, but the man would rather get eaten alive by zombies than do that so get eaten alive by zombies he does.

Back at the soldier camp, Nate is trying to talk strategy with Grant but he’s a dope. Sara is throwing knives behind them to clear her head because she’s the best. Finally she has an idea to solve for the fact that they don’t have enough ammo to beat the Confederates and the zombies, so she pulls Nate aside to talk to him about it.

Grant tells Sara that she better put her plan in motion STAT because it’s already quite clear to him that she’s the one really in charge. Their plan is to use Nate’s Steel-iness to blow up the zombies so she tells him run fast, run hard, don’t die.


Clear eyes, full hearts, zombie slayer.

Grant isn’t sure if Nate is brave or dumb (I argue he can be both) and he watches with Sara as Nate runs into the herd of zombies with a flare, turns into Steel, shoves the flare into a box and makes it go boom.

Meanwhile on the timeship, Mick turns back from being a zombie just in time to not eat Stein’s face. He was worried he went into some kind of gay blackout (rainbow out?) and was trying to kiss Stein and Stein would have much preferred that to what was actually happening but it’s all good now.

At the plantation, Jax drops an oil lamp on the zombies and gets them good. On the way out, he stops and they watch the plantation burn for a bit before heading back to join their team.


“So we will walk through the fire and let it burn.”

Back on the battlefield, Sara is literally commanding Grant’s troops while they try to see if Nate survived the blast. It’s so beautiful. Then Nate comes crawling out from under the heap of bodies and Sara is so relieved and happy that she didn’t lose one of her teammates on her like third day as Captain.


Turn down the wattage, Sara, you can’t have another teammate falling in love with you (unless Nyssa joins the team).

Jax delivers the maps to Grant and officially becomes the hero of the Civil War — though since he’s a good kid he says his name is Henry Scott to honor the man who was supposed to do this job. It’s obviously super important that Jax and Henry Scott are the real heros of this episode; the world doesn’t need more White Savior stories. (Speaking of which Civil War heroes, have you ever watched Octavia Spencer as Harriet Tubman on Drunk History? Once again, a Comedy Central sketch show where people are literally snozzled gets it more right than Hollywood.)

Grant welcomes the former slaves into his camp, saying there’s food and water for all of them, taking off his hat to greet them.

Grant pulls Sara aside to give her some advice, leader to leader. She won’t ever get used to putting men in harm’s way, but Grant tells her that as long as she believes in her cause she can’t regret her decisions. As long as her intentions are true, she doesn’t have to bear the burden of guilt. Oh, Ulysses S. Grant, that kind of naivete is what’s going to lead you to having one of the most corrupt White House administrations in history! He’s right about the fact that sometimes you gotta put people in harm’s way, though, especially if your whole thing is traveling through time to save the world. And it’s nice to have these moments where Sara’s place as leader is cemented!


“Oh you mean I don’t HAVE to mope about my choices like Oliver does?”

Once back on the ship, Mick gives Ray Snart’s ice gun, which is a little cold (no pun intended) in my opinion but at least Ray won’t feel so useless anymore.

Stein goes to check on Jax, and asks if he’s okay. Because he just witnessed first hand the very worst of humanity, and even though Stein can literally feel what he’s feeling, he knows he can’t possibly understand what he’s feeling. Jax says that yes, it was the most terrible thing he’s ever seen or experienced in his life, but that he found something he didn’t expect to: Hope. These people were literally beaten and chained but they somehow held onto their dignity and their faith.

Jax is inspired by their ability to find a drop of hope in an ocean of darkness, and Stein is inspired by Jax’s ability to take that away from this horrible experience.

Y’all, Legends of Tomorrow got REAL this week. I’ve always admired that they don’t back down from comments about race and sexuality — like when they went to the ’50s and Sara and Jax had to tell Stein to check his old straight white man privilege, especially when talking to a Black man and a bisexual woman. But this? This got so real. And hopeful, but not in the sugar-coated way. They acknowledged the racism is still a huge problem, but let Jax find a way to not be just wholly traumatized and broken by being in Mississippi in the Civil War. And it was interesting that they managed to balance such heavy-hitting topics with a zombie army.

I’m curious as to whether this was a special episode, or if they plan on taking on culturally significant topics like this more often. Or if this was just a way to get to know and love Jax a little more.

Heather’s Note: 

I couldn’t help but wonder if the zombie Confederate army was thinly veiled symbolism to represent the 2016 election. Our heroes took down Confederate soldiers. The end! The good guys win! But the fight against racism in America has never been that easy or clean-cut and what we’ve witnessed in the rise of Donald Trump isn’t just a delusional rejection of the realities of systemic racism in our country by a presidential candidate/political party, but a complete resurrection of unabashed, fully-formed, naked racism. An endorsement by the literal Ku Klux Klan.

And if this episode really is an allegory, it’s even more important that Jax was the real hero of the story. Because we already know based on polling that the people swaying the 2016 election in Hillary’s favor are people of color, including Mothers of the Movement, President and Michelle Obama, and Black voters whose ability to cast their ballot has been severely limited by Republican legislatures and who are facing the threat of violence at the polls on election day. A zombie Confederate army.

I have a feeling we’ll be back to some fluffier stuff next week, since we’re heading to the ’80s, the era of glam rock, jumpsuits, and really questionable hair choices.

Arrow 505: Needs More Women

Okay so maybe this was obvious to everyone else but I finally realized that the problem with this season of Arrow is not just one thing. It’s a combination of things. 1) There’s not nearly enough Felicity, that’s plain to see. 2) Needs more women. But I say that about everything always because it’s always true. But the one that hit me this week was a little more specific: It needs more women being badass vigilante fighters. Laurel has been fridged, Thea has been benched, Nyssa is nowhere to be found. Artemis is great but she’s just a kid. So far she’s just doing everything Oliver says. Which is fine, and she holds her own, but I want more.

One bit of potentially good news on this front is that they cast Lexa Doig to play Talia al Ghul, and hopefully they’re not dumb enough to have Talia come to town without Nyssa close on her heels.

Okay on to the episode.

Rene is still kidnapped by Church and Felicity is angry at her computer for not giving her the answers like it always does. Team Arrow: B Squad comes in, and Diggle is back, too. They’re all heading out again to look for their lost Dog but Oliver seems uncharacteristically calm and hopeful, so everyone is suspicious.


Oliver goes off to do mayor stuff and Ragman and Baby Bird find some blood and know they’re on Rene’s trail. Felicity uses this information to find where Church has Rene now, and Oliver swoops in to save him.

Church got away and didn’t put up much of a fight, and Rene says it’s probably because he gave up the identity of the Green Arrow. So the Team spreads out to try to stop that information from getting into even more of the wrong hands.

Oliver can’t help though because he has to do some mayor stuff with Thea, including but not limited to talking to a stubborn dude about zoning while Susan Williams sits nearby just to make him sweat.


I’m sweating too but for different reasons.

Literally they couldn’t even think of a fake reason for her to be there. Oliver was like, “Why is a reporter in a private political meeting?” and Thea was all, “Hell if I know, but it’s Carly Pope, just go with it.”

The duo kind of steamrolls Oliver, much to Thea’s disappointment. I’m starting to think she should be mayor.

Since heaven forbid Felicity ever just be single again and not pining for anyone, Felicity enjoys a little afternoon delight with her boyfriend. He got a promotion and is part of the Anti-Crime Unit now, and when he asks if it’ll be weird for her that he’ll be working for Oliver, she lies lies lies and says it’ll be just fine.


“I’m as fine as Alex Danvers when she met Maggie’s date!”

Prometheus drops in on Church and tells him to leave the Green Arrow alone and I swear to Bob if Prometheus is Malcolm Merlyn I’m going to throw a fit.

Anyway, Oliver arranged another interview with Susan Williams, despite Thea’s protests (SHE IS VERY EVIL AND I DON’T LIKE HER AT ALL OR THINK SHE’S PRETTY OR ANYTHING SHUT UP) and Susan is surprised too, but Oliver just wants to know what he has to do to win her over.


Yes, please, do tell.

Oliver asks for a month of patience to prove that he can be good at this job and Susan not only agrees but gives him her number. This is unsettling until we find out that she’s blackmailing a dude for insider info on the mayor and finds a picture of Flashback Oliver and laughs and laughs and laughs and hopefully plans to rid us of those godforsaken flashbacks once and for all.

Mayor Queen goes back to the stubborn politician and plays his card in such a way that he strongarms him into changing his mind and Thea is proud of her big brother.

On the way out of the building, they get attacked, and Oliver gets very shot.

I know you were worried about the straight white lead male character getting shot square in the chest multiple times, but he’s fine. It wasn’t even Oliver, it was someone called The Human Target. He rips off a Pretty Little Liars-style unrealistically realistic mask and throws it at Felicity, who immediately goofs around with it.


“Hi I’m Sin Rostro my love story with Luisa is the greatest of all time!”

Then Oliver does that thing where he takes a man’s word and decides to let Felicity move on with her new boyfriend (that said boyfriend told Not!Oliver about) because this dude told him to instead of just because she’s an independent human being worthy of his respect.

He goes to see Felicity to tell her that he’s sad she didn’t tell him she had a new boyfriend.


Oh like the kid you have that you were so forthcoming about?

And then gives her the permission to date she didn’t ask for.

Eventually Team Arrow fights Church again and arrest him, Oliver wins the zoning thing he was working on, and all seems to be tied up in a neat little bow.

But then the transpo vehicle taking Church to prison is attacked by Prometheus. Church tells Prometheus that the Green Arrow is Oliver Queen, expecting it to gain him some bonus points, but instead he is killed for his troubles.

The end. Tomorrow it’s back to what really matters: Sara Lance. This year the CW DC TV universe is like a sandwich where the insides are fine and sometimes you’ll eat it, sometimes you’ll just pick at it but the bread! Oh man the BREAD! It’s fresh and bisexual and delicious and even when you know the middle bits might be disappointing, you look forward to that sandwich every week, for the bread.

The Flash 305: Let THAT Go, Shittickets

Yet again not much to report on The Flash, but who knows how any of this will play into the Legends of SuperFlArrow mega crossover so let’s do a brief overview shall we?

The monster of the week is a giant alien creature that appears and reappears at random, stomping around a ten block radius, not doing much more than setting off car alarms and wreaking general havoc. The team works together with Julien, Barry’s metahuman-hating lab partner, to try to figure out where this creature came from and how to stop it. Barry also tries to figure out why Julien is so damn grumpy all the time, and it turns out that he moved here to America to escape his past as a child wizard who was always second-best to the Boy Who Lived, only to find out he was onced again passed over for being chosen when everyone around him got powers. And they’re all using it for evil, and he has first hand experience as to why that’s just dumb. But in the end, the monster was a hologram created by a regular-human child and The Flash stops Julien from killing the kid dead, so Julien decides maybe he’s capable of being wrong and gives both metahumans and Barry a second chance.


Iris doesn’t do much this episode besides ping back and forth between Barry and her father, giving one food and the other dating advice. But she’s still got some snark so hopefully that’ll come back out soon.


I wonder if she knows Nyssa al Ghul from the My Character is Being Criminally Underused support group.

At Star Labs, the team tries to figure out what the new Harrison Wells — sorry, HR — is all about, and after being suspicious about how he’s not actually helpful and finding a shady recording in his bag, they find out that he’s not a scientist at all, but a novelist and an “idea man”. But they decide maybe they could use some ideas eventually so they let his goofy self stick around for a few more weeks.

The real story in this episode, for me, was Caitlin’s, because it still feels like a bit of a coming out metaphor. So Caitlin realized she has powers a few months ago, but she’s been keeping them from everyone. Finally they’re becoming so obvious she’s having a hard time denying them, so she goes to an expert for help: Dr. Carla Tanhauser. Who also happens to be Caitlin’s mother.


“This place seems warm and inviting.”

Dr. Tanhauser is rude and stand-offish when Caitlin asks for her help — she’s a very busy woman and she hasn’t got all day — but then Caitlin slams her hands down on her mother’s desk and Elsas the shit out of it. This gets her mother’s attention and she agrees to run some test.

The tests prove her powers are very strong, and that she’s not only freezing things, but absorbing their energy.


Soak it up like male tears to grow stronger!

Mama Tanhauser is somehow the cold one in this relationship, though, and accuses Caitlin of disappearing for three years and only returning because she needs help.


But Caitlin says that their relationship was never the same after her father died, and when she says Caitlin can’t know what it’s like to lose your husband, Caitlin says that actually yes she knows exactly what it’s like. Her mother doesn’t react to this news practically at all, it’s very strange.

Caitlin is done being poked and prodded, so she starts to leave, but her mother’s lab assistant won’t let her leave. He has been living in Dr. Tanhauser’s shadow for years and examining Caitlin’s powers could be his ticket to be his own scientist.

So she goes Killer Frost on his ass.


Let THAT go, shitticket.

Her mother comes in before she can actually become a killer, thaws her daughter out and sends her on her way.

Later, Mama sends Caitlin a message that tells her maybe not to come out to anyone just yet — ah no, sorry; my metaphor got away from me. She tells Caitlin not to use her powers, because they could be too difficult to reverse; they’re getting stronger the more she uses them.


The cold never bothered me anyway.

But even as the message plays, Caitlin gets worked up and she ices the whole computer. My advice would be more like learn how to embrace your powers and use them for good, find some metahuman friends, go to the metahuman pride parade, write TV recaps for a metahuman website. It’s going to be okay, my little Snow angel.

Supergirl 204: Canonically Queer

Hello. I am Valerie Anne, a very professional television recapper at Autostraddle dot com, and I shall remain calm while recounting the events of this week’s episode of Supergirl.


Eh hem. Okay, I’m sure we can find a happy medium here. I just can’t believe this is happening. When I fell in love with Supergirl, I wasn’t even that mad there wasn’t a queer woman on it right off the bat. It was being co-created by a queer woman, and the show was feminist and fierce without it. I figured I could wait until season three or four, if that’s what it took to get the show off the ground.

Then in swaggered Maggie Sawyer. And y’all. I think this is gonna be good.

I mean almost right off the bat (after Mon-El being told he’s under house arrest at the DEO), Alex gets a phone call, and it’s Maggie inviting her to check out a dead body together. It’s very romantic.

The reason Maggie thought of Alex first is because a) she’s always on her mind probably b) the body they found was an alien who appears to have been killed by another alien. Supergirl drops in, too, and Maggie looks at her like she’s a shiny, blue-and-red third wheel. And Kara can barely keep up as Maggie and Alex theorize about what happened, finishing each other’s thoughts at a breakneck speed. Kara suddenly regrets getting between them and realize the Sawyer and Danvers duo has it covered.


“How are you more in tune with my sister than I am?”


“Huh, I guess they’re best friends now!”

Kara takes the story (about the aliens, not about the chemistry between Alex and Maggie) and pitches it to Snapper, but she is grossly underprepared and he lets her know. But he doesn’t write her off completely; he tells her to go get more information and come back.

Meanwhile, J’onn goes to visit M’gann, who goes by Megan on this world. She tells him that she was put in an internment camp by white martians until one helped her off the planet 300 years ago. And frankly, that’s as much as she wants to discuss it. He asks her to mind meld with him but she’d prefer a fella buy a girl a drink first so she asks him to leave her be.

At the DEO, Winn got the name of a suspect for the alien murder, and asks Alex if she wants him to organize a team for her to take with her, but she only needs one person on her team. (Spoiler alert: it’s Maggie Sawyer.)



The alien doesn’t look nearly as happy to see them as I would be, and starts to fight them, and I hope they’re both wearing bulletproof everything because every time they smile at each other their lives are 2x more at risk than they were before.

They end up kicking his ass and are about to arrest him when some dudes with a van come and take him away, against his will.

Back at the DEO again, the Danvers Sisters use their sweet doe eyes to ask J’onn if he’s okay.


“And remember, the shattered remains of your fragile male ego will only make us stronger.”

At the threat of pouting, he confesses that he thinks he came on too strong with Megan. He misses the bond Martians could have with each other, a connection he thought he’d never get to experience again, and the fact that it’s so close but so far is really throwing him for a loop. But the Danvers girls know how to win over a lady, so they give him some advice and send him on his way.

Kara goes to talk to her hologramama, who tells her to believe in herself, and Mon-El interrupts. They chat, and I don’t know if it’s just from the high of other stuff going on in the episode or because I’m into anyone who makes Kara smile (and who is not Winn) but I didn’t hate this scene. It didn’t feel romantic or sexual but they had a cute tete-a-tete and maybe he can stay for a bit if he wants.

BUT sorry bro we have more important things to talk about.

Maggie calls Alex and invites her out, telling her to wear something nice. Alex obviously doesn’t ask any questions, and shows up in a back alley dressed to the nines. And my friends, we have seen this fierce human being go up against the biggest, baddest aliens without batting an eye, but when Maggie Sawyer tells her she cleans up nice, Alex Danvers stammers. She tries to return the compliment but she trips over her words and can barely look directly at the perfect woman in front of her.


It’s like being too close to a bright star.

Maggie holds her signature smile and says she’s not all business as though she hasn’t been fully dimpled every time she’s near Alex.

Then Alex literally says, “But this is, right?” Those are her actual words. As in: “This is definitely for sure not a date, right, but just a 100 percent business situation between two co-workers whose jobs sometimes involve standing really close in fancy clothes and staring into each other’s eyes?” Which is the exact thing you say when you want it to be a date. And the mixed signals continue as Maggie confirms it’s business, gives her a masquerade mask, and takes Alex by the hand.


“Take my hand, I’ll take the lead, and every turn will be safe with me.”

And you know, I almost said, “Takes Alex by the hand and leads her right out of the closet,” which would be a joke in most other recaps, but I think my dreams of Alex being canonically queer for longer than we’ve known her might come true. She doesn’t seem alarmed about her feelings, and she wasn’t embarrassed to be vibing with Maggie in front of Kara, or calling her giddily in front of Winn. We’ll see, I guess.


She’s so proud to have the prettiest gal in the room on her arm.

Once inside, Maggie grabs them both a glass of champagne and they settle in to see what’s happening.

Enter Roulette, who is here to introduce the first two fighters in her underground alien fight club.


Have you met my friend Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindy?

And I mean DAMN, Dichen Lachman maybe really does run an underground alien fight club? Because I’ve seen her play calm, cool, and collected, but this is next level. She slinks around in a slinky dress with a slinky snake tattoo and introduces the next fighters, one of which is the undefeated champion, M’gann aka Miss Martian.

Suddenly Maggie realizes they’re in a little over their head, and wishes they had called for backup, but don’t worry, Alex had Kara standing by in case this wasn’t a date after all. Roulette is thrilled when Supergirl drops in, and has someone all ready to fight her. He’s called Draga and, well, yikes.

Luckily, before she gets turned into dragon food, Alex and Maggie have broken up the party and opened the cage, sending Draga and everyone else running.

In what might have been the second-gayest subplot of the episode, Mon-El ends up tricking Winn into taking him out drinking, but it ends in too many shenanigans and broken bones to be considered a date. And besides, second place in the gayest race this episode went, once again, to Kara and Lena. But we’ll get to that.

First we have to talk about J’onn finding out that Megan was in the fight club and FLYING INTO HER APARTMENT UNINVITED. Very rude. She promises him she’s never killed anyone, and the humans aren’t using her, she’s fighting for herself. She says she’s trying to make a new life for herself and forget the past. And she’d appreciate it if he’d leave her alone.


“I’m very invested in this Sanvers storyline and you’re wasting time.”

She tells J’onn that Roulette’s real name is Veronica Sinclair and that he is welcome to take that information and GTFO.

Supergirl pays Ms. Sinclair a visit, but Roulette isn’t afraid. She’s caressing a glass of champagne like it’s Cruella DeVille’s cigarette holder and does something scarier than trying to fight Kara: She tries to stamp out her hope. She tells her that nothing Supergirl can do will ever stop humans from hating aliens, from seeing them as less than, as animals they’d rather see fight in a cage. That’s something she’d bet on, and she only takes safe bets.


I feel like a bad Hufflepuff when I’m this attracted to evil characters.

Kara paces around the DEO, desperate not to lose this game of Roulette. Part of the issue is, it seems like these aliens are fighting voluntarily, or at least joining up voluntarily, so she has to find a way to show them that they’re worth more than that.

J’onn is being less than helpful (and less than kind) and Kara gets it out of him that he went to yell at Megan again and she scolds him for it, but then she realized that she was doing the same thing to Mon-El and goes to apologize. She is patient and kind with him, and he promises to behave. He also gives Kara a tip for fighting Draga and Kara is starting to see him as an individual, not just a Daxonian.

J’onn goes back to Megan and apologizes for trying to tell her how to live. She doesn’t look very happy to see him, even with his kind words, and we learn why when he gets zapped and kidnapped by Roulette and her goons.

When Alex realizes Megan and J’onn are both missing, she sends Kara back to the warehouse, but the fight club is long gone. But don’t worry, Kara knows exactly who to go to for help. She storms directly into Lena Luthor’s office, despite protests from Lena’s assistant, and this is what Lena Luthor, sister of Lex Luthor, CEO and founder of an entire corporation, about Kara Danvers, newbie reporter: “Kara is to be shown in immediately.” All the time. An open invitation. Always. Kara literally goes, “I am?”


“I shall not be out-gayed by Maggie Sawyer!”

And it’s not over! Kara asks if Lena knew Roulette, and she says that she went to boarding school with the Sinclair girl but didn’t much care for her, so she gives Kara the location of the event. Kara is very appreciative and says she owes Lena big time, and Lena looks like she has every intention of having Kara make good on that promise.

I wrote in my notes that at this meeting of the fight club, everyone is wearing “weird fly sunglasses” and what I MEANT was that everyone kind of looked like flies but also they looked about as cool as someone who would use the term “fly” to describe something so it’s a win-win.

Roulette says that the Green Martians have to fight to the death, and though reluctant at first, Megan will do what it takes to survive, so she starts punching on J’onn. He eventually talks her down and she decides she’s not going to kill him, but Roulette had a backup plan, and that back-up plan is Draga.

Maggie and Alex show up and start to clear the room, and Supergirl drops into the cage to fight Draga. This time, she has a secret weapon, and goes right for his weak spot, taking him down easily(ish).

Maggie and Alex are ready to arrest Roulette, but she has an army of aliens standing around her. Kara gets between her humans and these aliens and reminds them that people like Roulette are the aliens, that they should be fighting against the people who call them dangerous, not proving those people right by fighting each other.

Everyone is moved and they let Maggie arrest Roulette. As she’s being dragged out, Kara Danvers looks Roulette right in her snake-eyes and says, “It’s not a good idea to bet against me.”


Don’t mistake kindness for weakness.

Outside, Alex sees Maggie uncuffing Roulette and Maggie says that Ms. Sinclair has friends in high places and they have to let her go. They assure her they’re not done with her yet and resentfully watch her leave a free woman.

Alex reassures Maggie that she’s still a great cop — she says it almost like Tony the Tiger she’s so eager to pay Maggie the finest compliment she can think of: “You’re a GRRRREEEAT COP!” — and offers to try to turn the day around by buying Maggie a drink. And you know that feeling? That feeling where you really want to say something but you’ve been too scared to say it but finally you’re just doing it and you’re trying to play it cool but really you’re a little dizzy and you can actually feel your heart thumping a little too hard and a little too fast but you also feel a bit like you’re floating? You can SEE that feeling on Alex’s face as she asks Maggie out.


She looks like nothing can touch her!

And for a second you think she’ll say yes!



But then Maggie says maybe some other time, and a woman sidles right up to Detective Maggie Sawyer and kisses her on the mouth.

So, a few things here. 1) I was wrong last week, she really did have a date. 2) Two women kissed on the mouth all casually on a family-friendly CW show about an iconic superhero. And no one flinched. Well, except for: 3) ALEX.


I felt the punch in my own heart, I felt it!

You know that feeling when you feel a bit like you’re floating but then all of a sudden reality comes crashing down around you and damn it you didn’t mean to get your hopes so high but now here they are in tiny pieces on the ground next to the shattered remains of your heart? Alex’s face does all that in a moment. And I’m gutted.


Let me love you, Alex Danvers.

But encouraged! I’m so here for the slow burn and I do hope that this is just a new dating situation and Maggie’s gal pal will be on her merry way soon enough. In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy what I feel confident we can call a Queer AF Alex Danvers. You don’t set up shot of a person standing between two other people’s faces trying to play it cool while they kiss if you don’t mean it.

Okay, let’s wrap it up! Kara gets approved for her story about the aliens, then goes to offer Mon-El the support she was meant to give her cousin before the whole time-hole thing.


“Whaaat? No, they’re just gal pals!”

J’onn goes to talk to Megan again, this time knocking on the door and also letting her know that he wants her in his life, bond or no bond.

As soon as he leaves, Miss Martian shifts again, but this time she isn’t the Green Martian she’s shifted into before, but a big ol’ White Martian.

Which…didn’t surprise anyone on my Twitter feed, but I didn’t even know what the heck she WAS when she transformed! I don’t know how you had the mental capacity to Nancy Drew that fact in the same episode as Alex and Maggie’s flirtation ramped up, and I am very impressed.

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  1. Can we talk about Alex’s FACE when Maggie grabs her hand though? Just looking at the hand like ‘wait what? why…what is this feeling?!’ and the fact that we got it TWICE? Once in the alley when Maggie first grabs it, and once just after they walk into the event? ALEXXXXX!

  2. I am loving this so much. Chyler is really killing it, I feel all of her emotions. I want it now but it’s nice to see her slowly realize the feelings she has for Maggie.

  3. – Did Mon-El and the prince have something going on?
    – Winn and Mon-El, great bromance.
    – Surprised that Winn was able to outdrink Mon-El.
    – Maggie grabs Alex’s hand, and they intertwine fingers.

    – “I AM 5’9″!”
    – I wish that they weren’t trying to push the inevitability of Kara and Mon-El. Introduce him, see if they have chemistry, THEN put forward romance storylines.
    – Kara and Lena for instance. There’s no putting forward of a romance storyline there, so everything is going off of chemistry between actors.
    – Drunk Roulette was great.
    – Alex tries to pick up Maggie. Maggie has date. Alex gives other girl deathstare.
    – I’m actually glad that Roulette got away.
    – Disappointed that I was spoiled on M’Gann White Martian. (I don’t watch “Young Justice”.) But I don’t blame anyone.

    • i wondered that about mon-el, too! i couldn’t quite decide what it felt like their relationship was supposed to be. i vote that he gets to be gay, too. he can woo winn.

      • I don’t think he’d have too much trouble wooing Winn either. This is like Winn’s third super gay crush.

  4. Alex’s face! So many emotions last night. I keep having to remind myself that this is only the beginning of Maggie & Alex and Maggie’s date doesn’t mean the end. I think this slow burn will be totally worth it.

  5. what I can only assume was an all girl supervillian boarding school that Lena and Roulette attended sounds interesting. Who else attended?

  6. Can we also talk about the fact that after Draga kicked Kara’s ass, Alex goes charging into that ring with a handgun and high heels, completely unafraid because that’s her sister and she’s gotta take care of her.

    Shit like that is why Alex has been my favorite character since day one. The fact that she’s obviously queer for the ladies is just icing on the very badass cake.

  7. I don’t know how to handle this. I need all of you to hold me and tell me that this is indeed true. Everything is just so great and perfect and better than anything I could have ever imagined that I feel like it’s too good to be true.

    I’ve never had a cannon ship, I’ve never ever worried about my ships being cannon because I always assumed they wouldn’t be. And here comes Supergirl, a show I started watching because it was about superheroes and with a female lead, and happy and light. I didn’t really ask anything else from it. And suddenly they are giving me everything I had stopped dreaming about. An amazing Queer female character, an slow burn romance with all the tropes used usually on straight couples, I just can’t.

    Also, that last scene broke my heart as much as you could see Alex’s breaking. But at the same time I was so happy, like OMG, is this what happens when a queer relationship is set up naturally and organically?

    I don’t know how my gay heart is going to survive every Monday night from now on.

      • I feel the same. Last night I thought I might be dreaming. We need a hand-holding and pinch-me-to-make-sure-I’m-awake club!

        • Seriously! I need to celebrate the highs (Maggie held Alex’s hand!) and the cry about the lows (Maggie already having a date, boooo) with someone other than my cat and the virtual void of twitter.

    • I want in on this group feels session!
      I am so scared they are giving us this bait and will just take it away.
      I loved supergirl before the potential of canon queer alex,

      I am SO INVESTED in this. (a little scared of how invested I am).

      • Join the group hug! Also: same, same and same. I’m so scared too, and I loved it so much before my heart can’t handle how much I love it with the added gay, and also got so invested so fast on this possibility that I’m scared…but hopeful! Supergirl is all abut hope, so I’m just going to imagine Kara giving me one of her speeches about love and trusting each other and having hope.

      • Yes, please join in the group hug! I re-watched the episode last night (something I rarely do) and it still gave me feels. I mean, like, butterflies in my stomach/giddy excitement feels. The only other ship I was this invested in was Root & Shaw. And so I’m a little scared, too, given how that ended. I’m trying to have hope, but not get my hopes up. I think that’s going to get harder every week, though!

        • OMg Root and Shaw though. I got behind by a few episodes and was catching up and just never really admitted to myself what happened to Root. I checked the list of dead characters on here just to check and then ignored it and just pretended I hadn’t caught up yet. Like seriously, why? POI, you didn’t have to do that. Why did you have to add to the horrible shit show of 2016? That’s so unlike you. I trusted you.

  8. I can’t believe they are actually going to make my fan dreams a reality. I remember hearing that Maggie Sawyer was added to the show, and we all joked “finally, a girlfriend for Alex!” But I don’t know how many of us thought they would ACTUALLY DO IT. I don’t even know how I’m supposed to react, since this has really never happened to me before on a show that I’ve watched from the beginning, instead of jumping in when I heard there was a gay character. Do I throw a party? Sob into my pillow? What is the appropriate reaction to this?

    Also, the caption about Dawn Denbo and Her Lover Cindy had me rolling. Nice throwback to the L Word.

  9. I didn’t read this recap, or any of the comments and it is killing me. Waiting to long-distance-friendship watch while g-chatting with my bestie this evening and the butterflies are already building for my dear Alex. I have so much nervous energy for this. eeeeeekk.

      • FINALLY WATCHED! I want ALL this show ALL the time. (really I just want Alex and Maggie flirting, and Kara and Lena Flirting.. the rest I could take or leave).

        actual transcribed conversation from when Alex called Maggie to go investigate (just the act of Alex making the call):

        Me: OMG OMG, that smile
        Friend: That was *A* face
        Me: an outloud face
        Friend: she made that face *VERY* outloud.
        Me: She has it bad
        so so bad.
        Friend: SO BAD.

  10. When that woman kissed Maggie I just couldn’t look, that’s how embarassed I felt for Alex!

    But the only thing that I can think right now is “please don’t kill them! Please let this be something good!”

    I am really afraid that they change their minds and end up killing one of them. That’s how traumatized one can be after so many dissapointments in television.

  11. I don’t want to ruin the mood but I need to talk about this and I find know where else to post it: Lana Winters will appear on AHS Roanoke. I am devastated in advance because even if it weren’t the year of the dead lesbian, it wouldn’t bode well at all. I’ve been worried about this happening for so long but had hoped they could keep doing the reasonable thing i.e. leaving her story exactly where it was. They can take any other character or every other single character, I don’t care, but not Lana. I could do with some comfort.

    • I wish I could offer you comfort, but I don’t trust Ryan Murphy to spell his own name right, let alone to handle a queer character with respect. So all I can offer is empathy, because I share your fears and anguish!

  12. The precise phrasing they gave was that a character would be “exploring their sexuality and coming out,” although they may have elaborated since then. So if I understand you, that you think Alex might have already been queer and we’re just finding out about it, it seems unlikely (but I guess Kara and Lena might have it covered if Alex doesn’t qualify fully).

    • Was the phrasing that the character would be exploring their sexuality or that WE’D be exploring their sexuality?? haha

      I mean honestly it’s Supergirl aka Feelings Hour so I can’t imagine they’ll sweep the coming out story under the rug. Even if it’s just Kara knew but no one else at the DEO did. And honestly I’m sure it’ll be beautiful and emotional either way!

  13. Yeah when Megan gave that story about being rescued by a white Martian, that’s when I got suspicious. First of all, unlikely. Second, she’s not a great liar.

    • okay not to be a fake nerd but when she said that i was like “was she gay with the white martian? were they in love? are all aliens gay on this show?” but then the end of the episode i was caught by the twist. i guess the raging subtext of the rest of the episode had me distracted

      • It’s okay to not know them that well, it’s the TV verse.
        Besides can’t remember the last time DC comics heavily featured White Martians in anything. Only like a solo of the Martian Manhunter in May of this year…I think, but not any giant invasion-y potientally extinction level threat caused by them in yeaaaaaarss.

        White Martians are fricking nightmare fuel Grade A takers of all of the things who cause ecological disasters because they taaaaake.
        No romantic arc is going to involve White Martians ever, they’re like textbook Evil Counterpart Race trope.

        Anytime you feel like you’re missing a detail or something and want to know more or need clarification on something from the comics.
        Try Comic Vine, it’s way better than rando or official wikis.

        • tbh i never read the manhunter comics so i didnt really know what a white martian is. i was always busy with kate kane (and now bombshells which is amazing)

          • As far as I’m aware, in the comics Miss Martian IS a superhero for the most part, defying her white martian nature. My understanding is, when she talks about a white martian ‘breaking ranks’, she’s actually talking about herself. When J’onn talks about M’gann fighting because she thinks its what she deserves, I suspect he is right; not because of being the only other green martian who was able to survive, but because she is ashamed of the atrocities that her race was responsible for and that she was complicit in. It would fit into the whole theme going on in this season of Supergirl of not judging people (or aliens) by where they’ve come from or what others of their race have done.

          • Exactly.
            White Martians haven’t been widely featured in DC comic for a long time.

            Unless Kate Kane or someone’s fave recently was wrapped up in a multi issues heroes of the DC universe defend earth from a big maneuver by the White Martians.

            Why would the averagish reader know them?

    • The last episode had my hopes so high for J’onn to have a Martian buddy and the ending of this episode *shattered them*. Between that and Maggie’s girlfriend this episode just tore me up.

  14. Kara’s face, when she realized she was Alex and Maggie’s third wheel, was like that face a dog makes when their human brings home a new significant other for the first time. Poor Puppy Danvers never had to share her sister before.

  15. I’m still not sure if Lena’s character is meant to be a replacement for Maxwell Lord or Cat Grant. I know we are meant to think she is the bad guy because she is a Luther and some of her actions seem suspicious (again I could be interpreting them as suspicious because I’m expecting her to be bad) but she is a successful business woman much like Cat and has so far only offered Kara advice. It’s not unlike the CW to want young sexy actors in their shows so it’s not a stretch for them to decide to replace Calista with someone younger.

    Then again it could be my love of Katie Mcgrath clouding my judgement. I’d watch her beat a puppy with a stick for half an hour and call it quality television if it was my only chance to see her.

    • She’s a replacement for Maxwell Lord in the “ambiguous ally” category (though let’s be real, Maxwell Lord was a mass murderer, and the show seemed to forgive him for this because he was flirting with Alex), while Maggie Sawyer is his replacement in the “love interest for Alex” category. In other words, either way a win!

      Cat isn’t entirely gone–Callista Flockhart wouldn’t relocate to Vancouver, so the show negotiated to make her recurring instead of a main cast member. But she’ll definitely be back at the end of the season.

      I’m sure that Lena’s friendship with Kara, which is a bit sudden and full of suspicious moments like her ominous claiming of a favor from Kara in this episode, is a set up for an evil Luthor plan. Katie M is channeling her inner Morgana and I expect the smirks to come out any day. Plus the episode hinted that Lena was the one who got Roulette out of police custody, by making a point that Lena went to boarding school with here. (There’s also a fan theory that Lena is secretly an alien, because the show keeps emphasizing that she’s adopted.)

      • I thought she was meant as a Maxwell Lord replacement but Kara has been to her a number of times for help and advice in the way she did Kat in season 1 gave me hope…but yeah, there were some scenes that were suspicious as hell.

        I also picked up on the hint that Lena was the one who got Roulette out of custody, but then my mind started imagining a future episode with Dichen Lachman in the same scene as Katie Mcgrath and, yeah, you know how it is.

  16. Let’s get the “other” stuff out of the way first. Did anyone miss James this episode, I didn’t. I actually think Snapper is a much better addition/semi-replacement for Cat Grant than James is.
    And I know the focus is on Alex and Maggie but they are totally playing Mon-El and Kara as like Romeo and Juliet, coming from enemy planets and all and I have to say, I don’t mind it.

    And correct me if I am wrong but in season 1 wasn’t the DEO there to keep alien criminal activity under the radar but this season they jumped right in to say everyone knows that aliens live among us. Like would Maggie arrest an alien? No they can’t be contained in regular jail. So then why was it such a shock when Winn and Mon-El went to the bar and they were like “strange activity” happened at a bar last night.

    So now the good stuff. Here’s the thing about Alex and Maggie, if done right the slow burn is where it’s at. Alex is somewhere between 27-32 years old and we can assume Maggie is the same. They’re not these young, fresh out of college, experimenting, woo girls, they are grown women with brains, and an understanding of the world, they’ve lived and know that when something this powerful comes their way they would be foolish to ignore the pull. Also because they are experienced it won’t be about playing games or regret they know what they want.

    • 27-32 IS STILL VERY YOUNG D: D:

      hehe jk I get what you mean and I agree. I think we’ll be able to focus on the feelings not the ~implications~ or whatever and I’m very exciiiited

      • You’re right, 27-32 is young but older and wiser than the 22/23 year olds that TV usually portrays in this kind of situation where they flounder on their feelings or what they want, blah blah blah same old bullshit.

  17. I love it!
    Like some other people said, it is so odd to see a ship becoming (hopefully) canon, as opposed to start watching a show because you heard there was lesbian activity.
    I have loved Supergirl from the beginning and Alex was my favourite (with Kara) and I dreamt she would find a girlfriend. She has amazing chemistry with Maggie, who is an awesome character herself. I am loving the slow burn but waiting a week is excruciating!

  18. The look on Alex’s face when Maggie grabbed her hand is absolutely priceless! I mean the whole moment bordered on comical – the way her eyes glazed over and face blanked out to her even going so far as to look down at their entwined hands. I laughed so hard! It was so obvious that her brain short circuited when Maggie grabbed her hand. Then of course I sobered the hell up and was all sad and disappointed when they revealed Maggie had a gf. Again, Alex’s face conveyed so much – the utter disappointment and a bit of confusion as to why she was disappointed was so on point! Kudos to the actress. I’m loving their scenes together though. When Maggie called Alex to the crime scene and Supergirl was literally in between them and tooootally being ignored, that was hilarious! Kara was just like, “what’s going on here? Helloooo! Still here!” Lol. I do hope they develop the Maggie and Alex story line properly and that the slow burn will go somewhere. Their UST is killing ME and we’ve barely started getting to know these two!

  19. This recap is priceless, I love the Queer AF Alex. And the slow burn. I so hope that the writers take this story in the right direction, and by that I mean not killing any lesbians. Ugh, what a wonderful world this would be.

  20. I think this thread is a prime example (evidence?) of how badly we need mainstream queer lady representation on TV. Our collective eggs (hearts) are in just one tiny basket, and we are praying (hoping) that the basket has enough integrity to not break, lest all our hearts shatter.

  21. OMG how I have missed these recaps! I was so SOOOOO excited to see VA up and going again – which likely happened far before I found it, but nevertheless. In them mean time, I’ll join anyone interested on the slow burn train. The build up is always the best part.

  22. Am I the only one having a hard time watching floriana Lima knowing she goes out with Ben Affleck’s brother? Ever since he was sued for sexual harassment he skeeves me out.

  23. Here’s an image from next week’s “Supergirl”. It MIGHT be spoilery, so I’ll put it in the reply.

  24. you censoring the zombie head is the sweetest thing i’ve seen online this entire month, really love your recaps by the way, thank you for writing them.

  25. I just wanted to say I love these recaps. And I also just slog through Arrow and Flash for Supergirl and LOT, cause I want to be able to understand the crossover ?

    • Thank youu! :D Arrow and Flash USED to be great, I swear! Unless I didn’t know what great was until Supergirl came around…

      • No, I used to like Arrow and Flash too, but I eventually lost interest. I had even stopped watching Arrow (Didn’t want to see Laurel’s death), but I picked them up again cause I love Supergirl and LOT so much! On another note, I really look forward to your recap/review thingies, and I’m so glad you continued after AfterEllen. :-)

  26. Just wanted to express my appreciation for you recapping not just the supergay Supergirl, but also the other CW superhero shows. I don’t watch them, but I like to know generally what’s going on from a queer(ish) perspective, so these recaps are perfect for me.

    Also, seconding an earlier poster that hiding the scary zombie head to spare Heather is so incredibly sweet, and the substitute cute zombie made me grin :).

  27. “she says it almost like Tony the Tiger she’s so eager to pay Maggie the finest compliment she can think of: “You’re a GRRRREEEAT COP!”” Bwahahahahaha I laughed so hard at this quote that I gave myself an asthma attack and know I would never be able to watch that scene without seeing Alex at moment like Tony the Tiger. XD
    I don’t know what it is about Detective Danvers/Sanvers that drew me immediately to them, but, I love them so much, though I’m still wary of the CW, quick question though, what’s the name of ship is it Detective Danvers or is it Sanvers?
    And I really hope Supergirl doesn’t become the Mon-El show, I’m liking the show the way it is right now, and Dichen just made me like Roulette even more, she is one of my favorite villains of the DC universe.

    • I don’t like either Dt Danvers or Sanvers :/ But I also can’t think of anything better.
      Maybe I’ll just stick with Maggie/Alex whilst not yelling at people to get off my lawn and struggling with emojis.

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