Sunday Funday Will Have Its Pie, Eat It Too, Probably With Obama

I really wish I could give you something better than a mini-apple crisp recipe this Sunday Funday, but that’s hard to top. I love pie. Doesn’t everyone like pie?

Instead, though, I have good news about Obama being a nice guy, old(er) people who like gay people, and the Self-Evident Truths project!

Grandparents for Marriage Equality

What happens when an old married couple decides they love gay people? A beautiful PSA. In it, Lutheran Pastor, Reverend John Reitan, and his wife Dorothy share photos and memories of their married of almost 70 years in an effort to speak out in favor of Washington’s marriage equality law. In this video, John remarks, “we want our nine grandchildren to be able to share in the joy and happiness that Dorothy and I have,” referencing the fact that two of his grandchildren are gay.

Two Relevant Stories About Obama

+ Barack Obama, President of the United States, is totally speaking at Barnard as the keynote for this year’s graduation. Does this mean he likes gay chicks? Either way, it’s still awesome:

Barnard College announced today that Barack Obama will deliver the keynote address for this year’s 600 graduating women. SO JEALOUS. I don’t even remember who my commencement speaker was, just that he was super pretentious and that I had never heard of any of the supposedly amazing books he talked about having written. It’s also a possibility that I was too hungover to deal with the whole thing — but if Obama had been the speaker seeing me off into the real world, I never would have stayed up all night drinking bad whiskey at the horrible on-campus bar! Anyway, at least we can all watch the speech, broadcast live, on Barnard’s website, and pretend we’re right there with the POTUS.

+ So Rush Limbaugh called this woman who wasn’t allowed to testify about birth control in the House hearings a “slut” for using birth control in the first place, and then demanded she put all her sex on tape for him! But to make it all better, Obama gave her a call to tell her her parents should be proud of her and that she was awesome and that he liked women’s rights!

Self Evident Truths Hits the South

Remember Self Evident Truths, the iO Tillet Wright project I told you I loved? It was based in New York City then, but now it’s moving on down to the south to get more footage, more queer people, and more of a good time than ever. So help them out!

Ladies With Accents

Sandra Bullock was totally hot speaking German or whatever at the Oscars. If you like accents though, maybe watching multiple videos of women speaking with them will be the perfect afternoon activity for you.

Mary Portas Calls Her Relationship “Bloody Brilliant”

Mary Portas, host of the show “Queen of Shops,” left her husband a little while back and found something else – a woman to love named Melanie:

The 51-year-old tells ES: “I certainly wasn’t some suppressed lesbian thinking, ‘God, I can’t wait to get out of this marriage’. We just grew apart. And I happened to fall in love with a woman. Graham [her ex-husband] was the first person I told about Melanie.”

The fashion expert has two kids – Mylo, 18, and Verity, 16 – and now lives with journalist partner Melanie Rickey in West London.

“I don’t want to sound smug but [life with Melanie] is bloody brilliant,” she says. “I know we’ve got it right and I know that my children are wonderfully interesting and interested because of it.”

America’s Next Top Model Might Be Queer

Season 18 of America’s Next Top Model features a half-American, half-British group of competing women who look unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed in the natural world. The “British Invasion” also comes, however, with two reasons to watch: 20-year-old bisexual Laura, and 25-year-old lesbian AZMarie, who “prides herself in her ability to be both masculine and feminine.”

LiLo Retrospective: SNL

Lindsay Lohan has had many good ol’ times on SNL, long prior to her appearance last night. It’s nice to remember them all in one post.

Kittens in Space

Kittens in Space. This is real.

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  1. This year seems to be more about women and their healthcare and not about what we really need to be talking about, its really disturbing

  2. Wow the Self Evident Truths project is in my city today! Seriously considering going down there.

  3. I’m sorry, I realize I should be more concerned with social progress/lack thereof, and the President, and whatever else, but, seriously–


  4. Kittens in Space actually has a really nice story behind it.

    From io9
    “Hoping to cheer up Boing Boing editor Xeni Jardin (who is unfortunately going through chemo), musician Jonathan Mann offered to write her a song for his “Song-a-Day” project on a topic of her choosing. Naturally, she opted for a tune about kittens and space, inspiring Mann to create this silly video about the first feline mission to Mars. “

  5. Thanks for the Buzzfeed link. Love the irony of the DADI sketch, since she was accused of the exact same thing four yrs later. LOL at the Harry Potter sketch. She looked gorgeous in the Weekend Update. *sigh* Debbie Downer was classic. Rachel Dratch is so good.

    The Sandra Fluke thing. She is so brave. Limbaugh is such an asshat. And to think Sarah Palin may’ve been Vice President four yrs ago.

  6. Is it just me or are Lutherans generally cooler about this stuff than most other Christians?

  7. I really wanted to go to the Self Evident Truths project in NOLA this past week but I had class both days. :/ Heartbreaking.

  8. No.. it may just be the Lutherans you’ve met. I’ve had the exact OPPOSITE experience with the Lutherans I’ve met! My mom taught at Lutheran school (she recently resigned because, among other reasons, her pastor and church board told her she was “going to hell” for believing that God welcomes everyone to heaven…) I just sent her this video and was like “Why don’t the Lutherans you worked with love like this??”

    And yay Self-Evident Truths in Athens this week! I’ll be there!

    • There are a bunch of Lutheran churches in the States (here is a list) with varying levels of liberalness. The most liberal, from my understanding, is the ELCA and they tend to be super gay friendly.

  9. Okay, okay, I love that Mary Portas is queer and all, but she really shat all over the British lingerie industry really, which is a crying shame, because as a lingerie-o-phile, I object. So now I’m conflicted.

  10. I love the kittens in space song/video and knowing that the guy did it for Xeni Jardin makes it even better

  11. Is it weird that I watched the whole video of Evangeline Lily talking even though I don’t understand a word of French? :)

  12. Is that Alia Shawkat aka Maeby Funke at the bottom left of the Self Evident Truths poster? Or just someone who looks just like her?

  13. Yeahhh. Depends on which Lutherans. Because there’s the ultra super conservative German Missouri Synod Lutherans and then there’s the we love everyone and so does Jesus ELCA Lutherans.

    Raised in Missouri Synod. But switched over to ELCA….kind of. Let’s just say I have a Jesus is my Homeboy shirt that sleep in from time to time.

  14. Ugh. I wish I had read this yesterday. I live about forty minutes away from where the Self Evident Truths people were shooting yesterday and awesome things like this rarely happen in Alabama.

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