Sunday Funday Will Be Your Prom Queen/King/Absolute Ruler, Sure, Why Not

Look, we’re all here for the same reason: a healthy serving of good gay news. Let’s get to it!

Meet the First-Ever Same-Sex Couple to Become Prom King & Queen in Tallahassee

Congratulations to Brie and Lindsey, Leon High’s first-ever lady couple to totally win prom.

Praise Hallelu

The Church of Scotland has voted to allow its ministers to marry their same-sex partners, should they be so inclined. They’ve got a lot further to go on LGBT acceptance, but this is a strong first step toward empowering the church’s leaders to come out and drive that kind of change from within — with their partners by their side.

Labor Wants a Gay Rights Watchdog in Australia


via SMH

The Labor Party in Australia announced this week that if it wins control of the government, it would appoint a full-time LGBTI Discrimination Commissioner to the Australian Human Rights Commission:

“Great progress has been made in the fight for a fairer Australia but there is still more to be done,” the party said in a statement.

“Sadly, LGBTI Australians continue to face discrimination in many areas of life and many feel they need to hide their sexuality for fear of violence and discrimination.”

If elected, Labor would introduce legislation for marriage equality within the first 100 days of the new Parliament.

No, Texas, We’re Not Laughing WITH You

Don’t mess with Texas. But maybe loan them a proofreader. In the Texas GOP’s 2016 platform, they maybe definitely suggested that most Texans are gay and God loves it.


Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Your Bathroom Bills, Edition One Zillion

+ Trevor Noah dug into the “bathroom predator” myth this week and slammed the folks supporting anti-trans laws.

+ Q: What do Maroon 5, the National Council of La Raza, and Itzhak Perlman have in common? A: They’re all cancelling their events in North Carolina and speaking out against HB2.

+ Five reasons we’re winning the bathroom war, according to The Advocate.

Last But Not Least

Fuck yeah.

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  1. Is the USA still in the dark ages as far as LGBTQAI goes? Other countries do not have the problems with HATE and misinformation or noneducational in many cases as the USA. I speak mainly about the Gender issue people but also the LGB too. This being said LGB it is about who you love and are intimate with. Rather the Gender people is not who you love but the gender you are. We are all in this together with the Hate issues but yet different in the rights or lack of them. I am Trans and i like women. you say i am a girl but i am not into men so in turn i am as to attraction and intimacy a Lesbian. so LGBTQAI rights or lack that of Effects me too.

    • Not being patriotic or anything, but the U.S. is actually better than most.
      There are still countries where it is illegal to be LGBT. There are countries where homosexuality is punishable by death.
      The U.k. and Australia are plenty ignorant too. The whole world has a long way to go.
      Maybe Canada is ahead of everyone. They’re pretty low-key with their discrimination.

  2. Aw, those kids are so cute together! (I also love to see couples with a height difference that doesn’t fall along the gender presentation ideal!)

    • YESSS tall femmes with short masculine of center = My Everything

      I’m average height, personally identify as Basically Ur Dad And Not In A Sex Way, and like tall femmey girls

      As a collective, tall femmey girls have this weird habit of sometimes wearing heels

      Have u ever seen a tall person in heels stand next to a 5’5″ person?

      It’s Hilarious

  3. Thanks for posting the Trevor Noah bit – I missed that episode and it’s so good. Especially the last line.

  4. I really hope Brie and Lindsey know about Autostraddle. I would die of happiness if i opened up AS and saw my photo on the cover!! :) :) :)

  5. Is it just me or are teenagers getting way less awkward than they were when I was still a teenager

    Like who taught that child how to contour and fill her eyebrows in like that

    Why do they both have really great hair

    Who Gave Them The Right

    • is it ok that i had a mom-like reflex to the pic where i was like “hey there hand off the ass in the prom pic, kids!”

      i’m such an old

    • On a serious note, I think teenagers have much less private life than they probably did even 10 years ago – they’re very camera-ready and their intimacy and appearance are broadcast and subject to the scrutiny of their peers a lot more than before. So I guess it easily follows that they would develop a Look and Aesthetic earlier. I hope teenagers still have space to be awkward a lil bit. (Says someone who stopped being a teenager like 2 years ago)

        • Oh, for technique, certainly. But the drive to get more and better youtube tutorials is caused by the factors above, I believe. I didn’t have social media (and still don’t) as a teenager because I didn’t want to create an avenue for increased bullying, and I could already see the difference in behaviour in private settings between those who documented and shared their lives on Facebook (back then, it was basically only facebook) and those who didn’t.

  6. Yay for Labor finally getting their act together regarding LGBTI policy (they still have a long way to go on asylum seeker/offshore detention policy though). Sad they let the right factions of the party hold them to ransom when they were actually in power, and now we see that same dynamic over with the LNP. Spending $160 million (plus campaign costs) on a plebiscite is an obscene amount of money considering: marriage equality has clear popular electoral support so they should just do their job and legislate for it; will only give a free kick for extremists to slander the LGBTI community; result won’t be binding to parliament; and other parts of the budget would love $160 million instead of this waste.

    I’m just hoping this election we punish the LNP for thinking they could coast through a double dissolution election expecting to get power in both houses – those ideologues would do untold damage with that kind of power.

    • Couldn’t agree more! The sooner we see the back of the LNP the happier and safer I’ll feel.

  7. Speaking of bathrooms, last night I was kicked out a gay bar for using the woman’s room. They said my clothing doesn’t say trans, and says male. I wanted to cry. At least the manager let me back in, but what the fuck this is California. I just wanted to fucking pee, in quiet, not to harass anyone.

    • Wtf?!! I’m so sorry! I’m so angry for you! What the hell is going on with the cis gays??

      • I dunno. My friend thinks it was a woman(maybe a fruit fly, maybe not straight) who told on me, cause they saw a masculine looking person in the bathroom. Seriously I come in peace.

    • I’m pretty sure this is illegal in CA! We have really good anti-discrimination laws for the LGBT+ community. I’m trying to figure out what law/code section it may have violated…

  8. I’m sorry but I think king / queen status should be based on sex as opposed to sexual orientation.

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