Sunday Funday “Ran Out of F*cks to Give”

It’s Sunday! Your 4/20 hangover is gone and probably your food baby as well. Go throw out those pizza boxes! It’s a brand new day and a brand new week and I have a lot of Eileen Myles, Margaret Cho, and President Obama to go around. Also, Mormons!

Mormon Parents Come Out As Loving Their Kids, Being Nice to Gay People

It wasn’t too long ago that Mormons from Brigham Young spoke out about the idea that their lives, too, can get better – and that it won’t be easy. Now, parents of gay Mormon youth have announced they will be using the “It Gets Better” campaign to speak out about the experience of learning to love and accept their gay children, despite their religious beliefs, and with a lot of help from Kleenex:

In the video, parents recall how they struggled with their faith when their children first came out as gay. One teary mother says she learned her 19-year-old son was gay after he tried to kill himself. A father describes his initial discomfort with gay men. The message is that God wants them to love their children despite their sexual orientation.

“When he came out, I wasn’t quite ready to accept that situation,” said Charles Carver, a father from Utah, said in the video about his son.

“My job is is to love. My job is to accept,” he said later.

Eileen Myles Is Amazing, Likes Amazing Stuff

I was scrolling through “The Advocate,” just a typical day in the life of Carmen Rios, and I found this list of six things Eileen Myles couldn’t love more. I’m deeply moved, as always. I’m also kind of thinking I seriously need to see Iceland.

…Steven Alan shirts.

I can’t resist them. I love going into the Steven Alan store and getting one for a book party or just because I’ve worked hard on something and want to own something new. I’m not against wealth; I just think everybody should have it, same as health.

President Obama Dislikes Bullying

President Obama was given a private screening of Bully at the White House, and immediately afterward – on the Day of Silence – announced that he supports the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Student Non-Discrimination Act. 

Rihanna “Out Of Fucks To Give,” Must Read Autostraddle

This conversation should go down in the Twitter Hall Of Fame as “Most Amazing.”

Margaret Cho’s Big Gay Interview

Even a woman as awe-inspiring as Margaret Cho has heroes, right? And because it’s Margaret Cho, they are so obviously she-roes. Cho is lesbian singer/songwriter Garrison Starr’s “biggest fan,” and Cho recently  interviewed her for The Advocate” and was absolutely adorable:

[Cho] What type of singing do you enjoy most? My fave is when you go real high in your range. Your voice is so beautiful and dynamic and really interesting because the tone is so different in each octave.

[Starr] That’s so sweet, dude.


How does someone not want to see this?

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  1. wow, autostraddle . . . posting photos of hot girls at Bahrain’s F1 which has sparked mass protests and retaliation deaths of civilians? I’m really disappointed in you

    • Uhm.

      I don’t quite understand this… why are you imbuing photos of hot girls with deeper messages?

      Do the pictures somehow signify autostraddle condemning or condoning something? Perhaps you are… overreacting a tiny bit?

      As an aside, I didn’t actually know anything about what was going on in Bahrain or with the F1 until I saw your post and looked it up… So a little education was to be had.

      But it seems to be that your post signifies a desire to not show any pictures of a controversy unless they are “ugly” (in some fashion) pictures. All or nothing is not how the world works, and there can be beauty amidst darkness, hope amongst despair, etc. Not to overly imbue the picture that I didn’t see with any deeper message, but one shouldn’t say “oh, there’s bad stuff on that country, so we should get no joy out of anything there!”

      The pictures were already moved from this article by the time I saw it, so I can’t really interpret further, but I think it would have been better for autostraddle to leave the picture and add a blurb about what was going on there after the source was “uncovered.”

      Just my thoughts.

    • I had about 45 seconds of realllllly wanting to see it, then for about 30 seconds I was depressed, and then I felt better for the last 45 seconds. Basically, I don’t know if my emotions could handle Chimpanzee as a movie and not just a trailer.

  2. I am still laughing over that Rihanna tweet. Saw it on my feed and laughed…no more like guffawed because it was so damn amazing. Then deluded her song in my head…

    Ooh nah nah
    No fucks to give
    Ooh nah nah
    No fucks to give

    Oh Rih. How I love thee.

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