Sunday Funday Just Got Blessed By The Pope

Hello, sea monkeys! I hope you had a week that was wonderful and relatively free of all stressors, much like the week of my dreams that I am convinced is just around the riverbend. But either way, I come bearing good queer news to make your week even better!

Ireland’s President Just Signed Same-Sex Marriage Into Law, Motherf*ckers


The 34th Amendment to Ireland’s Constitution is totally gay.

Glen, the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network, also welcomed the move. Chairman Kieran Rose said it was a “historic moment for LGBT people and everyone in Ireland.”

“After the joyful scenes that followed the resounding Yes vote last May, it is wonderful that President Higgins has signed the act and made the result official.”

“We look forward to the Oireachtas passing the necessary enabling legislation to allow the first civil marriages for lesbian and gay people to take place as soon as it returns.

“As a nation, all of us can now look forward to the civil marriages that so many lesbian and gay people, their family members and friends have long awaited.”

The Mayor of LA Wants Gender Parity ASAP


Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, has established a Gender Equity Coalition to asset in making women’s rights “permeate every level of city operations.” I am very psyched about this for a trillion reasons.

Pope Francis Hath Blessed a Dyke

Pope Francis gave his blessing this week to lesbian children’s book author Francesca Pardi in a wild turn of events that led to this image.


Queers and Their Allies are Taking On Kentucky’s Kim Davis

This is what it looks like when over 100 people decide to stand on the right side of history in an incredibly public way in Kentucky. It’s the best.


The pro-equality protestors found the doors to the Rowan County Clerk’s office locked when they arrived, as clerk Kim Davis had apparently ordered the office shuttered when she learned about the march. Davis reportedly expressed security concerns for her staffers that might encounter the marchers, organized by the Rowan County Rights Coalition, notes the Morehead News.

But that didn’t thwart the protestor’s plans, as an organizer urged attendees on the event’s Facebook page to “please plan on attending and help make our voice heard loud and clear that we will not back down until everyone has their right to marry returned in Rowan County!”

This is Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow Singing “Smelly Cat”

Saw this, thought of you.

Look At This Tiny Dog Being a Farmhand


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  1. Best tidbit yet from the Rowan Co., KY mess: it’s come to light that this same clerk issued a marriage license to a trans man and his cis bride back in February. Many layers, there.

  2. This summer, my friend went to Rome and brought me back a keychain blessed by the pope. I’m so glad he’s keeping busy blessing keychains and lesbians.

  3. THAT PUP!!!!!!!

    Also, why hasn’t that clerk been fired? Is that like not allowed or something because you would think if someone is refusing to do their job as well as acting against an order from the supreme court that that would be grounds for termination??? Like I’m pretty sure you can get fired for just existing as a gay person in Kentucky but apparently not for straight up acting against the supreme court and disregarding laws??

    • I know in some states probate judges can chose not to issue a marriage license if they disagree with the marriage, maybe its the same in Kentucky for the clerk.
      In Alabama there are still counties not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples (or marriage licenses AT ALL) in response to the supreme court reason.
      Unfortunate realities.

    • The District Court is ready to hold her in contempt, and the County Attorney has initiated criminal charges (official misconduct), but that would only get her fined or jailed. Actual removal from office would require impeachment by the State Lege.

      The sad thing is, whatever happens she’ll end up a martyr, and the Repubs are likely to use her to gin up votes in the gubernatorial and legislative elections this Fall.

  4. Smelly caaat smelly caaat whaaaat aaare they feeding yooou ;D remember that from so long ago

    • Oh and I’m also excited by LA’s new Gender Equity Coalition! Especially since it plans to be pretty thoroughly intersectional, according to the description in the article. This could be a really big deal if it proves effective, really hoping that’s the case and that other cities and institutions copy the idea and spread it across all the land. That would be amazing.

  5. I will always remember the pope, not matter what he does or says now, as the man who wrote this, when he was Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina:

    “In the coming weeks, the Argentine people will face a situation whose outcome can seriously harm the family… At stake is the identity and survival of the family: father, mother and children. At stake are the lives of many children who will be discriminated against in advance, and deprived of their human development given by a father and a mother and willed by God. At stake is the total rejection of God’s law engraved in our hearts.”

    “Let us not be naive: this is not simply a political struggle, but it is an attempt to destroy God’s plan. It is not just a bill (a mere instrument) but a ‘move’ of the father of lies who seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.”

    “…today the country, in this particular situation, needs the special assistance of the Holy Spirit to bring the light of truth on to the darkness of error, it need this advocate to defend us from being enchanted by many fallacies that are tried at all costs to justify this bill and to confuse and deceive the people of good will.”

    He wrote this on a letter sent to the Carmelite nuns when equal marriage was been debated on Argentina, in 2012.

  6. Also the pope said this week that if you are transgender you can’t be a godparent. There are limitations to the liberal turn.

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