Sunday Funday is Supergirl, and She’s Here to Queer the World

Happy Sunday Funday, folks! It’s been a long, cruel week of winter here in Washington, DC, and I’m excited to announce it’s officially over! We’re moving into a new week and it’s a new day, a new life, and I’m feeling definitely okay about it. Here’s some good news to get it off to the right start.

#DearMe: YouTube Stars Pass On Words of Wisdom to Themselves

I used to be really into writing letters to my younger self. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to become a smash hit on the world wide web so nobody cares. But! Here’s some advice Hannah Hart, Francesca Leigh, Grace Helbig, Issa Rae, and other amazing people would give to their younger selves, courtesy of YouTube’s #DearMe series! Maybe that’s more interesting for you, I don’t know your life.

Check Out Supergirl’s New Costume

Look! Look! It’s the Supergirl costume and it’s not awful!


Wellesley Has Opened Its Doors to Trans Women

Anyone who identifies as a woman is now welcome at Wellesley. Calling every next Hillary Clinton!


Meet the NYFD’s First Woman Chaplain! She’s a Lesbian!

Hello, Reverend Ann Kansfield! You’re so great!


Can the SCOTUS Just Give Us Marriage Equality Already

The Department of Justice told the Supreme Court this week that gay marriage bans are unconstitutional, which I think is the federal equivalent of leaving a passive-aggressive note for your roommate about their life choices.


In addition, over 200 mayors have signed a brief urging the Justices to make marriage equality the law of the land:

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve is among more than 200 mayors who signed onto a brief in support of gay marriage filed with the Supreme Court Friday.

“In 2015 this shouldn’t be an issue,” Schieve said. “I’ve never found one good reason why two people shouldn’t be able to be married if you love one another — regardless of your sex or gender.”

“I just think love is love,” she said.

Hundreds of companies are also urging the SCOTUS to stand on the right side of history, despite the fact that many of them stand on the wrong side of so many other histories.

Do You Think Amy Poehler and I Could Record a Rap Album

This is Amy Poehler freestyle rapping at 24, proving that we’re #soultwins or maybe just directly related.

Planet Fitness to Transphobe: Bye Felicia

Planet Fitness dropped the membership of a woman who was “shocked and stunned” to see a trans woman in her locker room. That’s because Planet Fitness is a judge-free zone we can believe in.


In a further statement, the company said it “committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members. Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity.”

“In expressing her concerns about the policy,” the statement continued, “the member in question exhibited behavior that club management deemed inappropriate and disruptive to other members, which is a violation of the membership agreement and as a result her membership was cancelled.”

Fired Up, Ready for Action

This new Hillary Clinton action figure could be yours for fifteen dollars. I just wanted to let you know. Excuse me while I pledge away my life savings to this Kickstarter.

This Is A Weasel Flying on the Back of a Woodpecker

And this shit is 100% real, folks.

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    • i knew one second into the video that i wanted one but watched the whole thing anyway because i just love it THAT MUCH

    • …and by teamup i obviously mean weasel/woodpecker Enemies Forced By Poor Planning To Cooperate situation.

  1. Yay for Planet Fitness! Now get some proper squat racks ok?

    My gym has individual gender neutral changing rooms and I don’t know why more places don’t do that.

    • Mines has gender neutral, one per person bathrooms, but their locker rooms are gendered. Not sure what their trans policy is and I never tested it as I like the comfort of my own home. Plus, I identify as agender, so neither locker rooms are really for me. :-/

      • I feel you there, being gender fluid myself. I usually just change at home anyway for convenience’s sake, though!

  2. There generally appears to be a lot of support for Hillary Clinton on the site, so I’d be curious as to an evaluation of her policy-wise/as a candidate. Specifically, I think it’d be interesting to have commentary on her in the context of the current email debacle. While it’s obviously great that she’s a woman and queer ally who has a legitimate shot at being POTUS, I think it’s generally preferable to present fuller views of someone receiving an editorial endorsement (official or implied).

    In other news, the Supergirl promos = flashbacks to Autostraddle Glee recaps and my unresolved feelings about Marley and Jake. Sigh. (I assume they remain unresolved. I couldn’t hang once it moved to New York.)

    • hello! so much of that hillary content comes from me, and that’s because she’s like my ultimate and my everything? so, there’s that. none of it should be read as an “endorsement” or anything of her as a candidate. she isn’t even running yet!

  3. I am curious about this Planet Fitness thing, because I have looked all over their website and can find absolutely no information about discrimination policies except for their insistence on a “judgement free zone.” I wonder if, since it’s a franchising company, individual sites interpret this differently. While I’m glad that this Planet Fitness clearly responded appropriately to this situation, I’d love to see a more proactive approach, like offering gender-neutral changing areas, or giving some sort of public reminder that “judgement free zone” includes not judging someone by percieved identity markers. At least in my Planet Fitness, there are signs EVERYWHERE saying that in order to reduce “gym-timidation” you shouldn’t wear strappy tank tops or jeans (is this a thing people do?), but no straightforward encouragement or guidance as to what it looks like to proactively create a safe gym space for everyone who attends.

    • i am literally the least knowledgeable person about planet fitness / gyms probably on earth! but this sounds like a solid suggestion, maddie.

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