Sunday Funday Is Ringing in Pride Month with Justin Trudeau Because Canada Rules

I can’t believe I’m not at A-Camp right now and the only thing that will ever make it better is a bunch of good news.

Canada Rules

+ Justin Trudeau, of course, raised a pride flag on Parliament Hill for the first time ever.


+ Canada’s national anthem might soon be gender-neutral.

+ Every single Canadian province will soon fund gender-affirming surgery.

Okay, So People Still Hate HB2, Yep

+ Selena Gomez is donating proceeds from her June 7 show in North Carolina to an LGBTQ charity.

Selena Gomez is showing support for her LGBTQ fans in North Carolina by taking a “show must go on” approach.

In a letter to Billboard, Gomez wrote, “I am very fortunate to have grown up in a home where I learned from an early age that everyone should be treated equally.” That is exactly why she doesn’t plan on canceling her Revival Tour stop in North Carolina on June 7. Instead, Gomez will donate proceeds from the show to a local LGBTQ charity.

“I went back and forth on whether I should cancel my concert in North Carolina,” Gomez wrote. “And ultimately, I think what is right for me is to move forward with my show and donate a portion of the proceeds to Equality North Carolina and their effort to defeat this act of discrimination.”

+ The Grateful Dead will donate $100,000 to the HRC and Equality NC after a June 10 show as well.

+ Cyndi Lauper met with LGBT youth to discuss North Carolina’s bathroom bill.

“The Sims” is Getting On Your Level

“The Sims” is gonna expand its gender customization options very soon.


The Sims has always been this magical sandbox where you get to create the Sim that you want,” Rachel Franklin, executive producer of The Sims 4, told BuzzFeed News. “We recognize that diversity is beautiful and wonderful in the world — it’s our job to reflect that in the game.”

Franklin said that the design team, which has been working on the update for the past year, worked alongside LGBT advocacy group GLAAD to ensure the latest update would be sensitive to all players of the game — including transgender players.

“We are always delighted to see how people use the game and how people play the game,” she added. “We want them to be able to find a way to express themselves and their creativity and give them all the tools possible to do that — to accurately reflect themselves.”

This Dog, Tho

Shut the fuck up.


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  1. I’ve always loved the Sims… and Canada… and Justin Trudeau… and, that dog needs a gooey display of affection. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. I don’t get to say this often so here it is : GOOD NEWS OUT OF FRANCE (I know.)

    The Green Party, Europe-Ecologie Les Verts, just became the first in France to nominate a trans woman to its direction board (link in French:

    It’s good news, the party has always been pretty open to LGBT problems, but it’s also a pretty messy party, its leaders have repeatedly left the flock to go grab some of that power within the current government… Compromising a lot of principles…

  3. The biphobia and misogyny leveled at Amber Heard seems curiously absent. Unless I’ve missed something which I may have!

    • Yeah, you probably missed very shitty Valid Fluff post, that was deleted after first negative comment, and now Autostraddle seems to pretend that that never happened and they know nothing abou Heard’s situation.

      • Two things:

        -That post was meant to be taken as satire (although I can understand why people feel that it missed the mark) and I think it’s important to note that the author herself had posted before about her own sexuality falling somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

        -Most of AS staff including all of the senior editors have been away at A-Camp for the last week so they would not have had the opportunity to write and post a follow-up article yet. I am hopeful that one is forthcoming though.

        • Domestic abuse is not a good subject for satire. And that was very weird that post was just deleted without further conversation, which honestly was a bit triggering…

          • It wasn’t domestic abuse that was being satirized, it was society’s and the media’s tendency to explain away the abuse of powerful people through any means possible, including the perpetuation of rampant biphobic stereotypes. Unfortunately satire is similar to sarcasm in that it doesn’t always come across well in writing.

  4. The Sims is so much great…wait, gender customization expansions?! Shut up and take my money! =)

    • I totally made my wife and I in the Sims 4 and all we do is sit around talking, flirting, cuddling, making out, watching TV, and being silly. So… pretty much just us. It’s sickeningly adorable.

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