Sunday Funday Is a Teenage Intersectional Feminist Vampire

Hello, my strawberry popsicles! I hope you’re staying cool for the summer because goodness it is HOT. I saw a piece of trash that had just caught on fire while waiting for the bus earlier this week. The firefighters came and everything! And one of them was butch, so that was really nice. I’ve also started taking night runs this week, and honestly, it’s the best part of my day. I know I complain about the heat in Austin, TX all the time (and will continue to do until the day I leave this city), but right after sundown there’s this breeze, and it finally gets below 90º and it’s perfect. I am not yet at the point where I think running is “fun” (sounds fake, but okay), but running through my neighborhood with the stars and the breeze and maybe even a sweet outdoor cat every once in a while? It’s nice. I hope you have nice moments this summer. Maybe not a “good summer,” because that’s hard, and a lot of pressure and the world feels like it’s on fire right now. But I hope you have nice moments: little moments throughout your day when you smile and feel lightness and a connection to your body and your community. You deserve nice, pal.

Teddy Geiger is back to making music on her own terms (and she’s so fucking cute too! ?)

Jordan Peele hired black queer scholar, Kamil Oshundara, to help with representation issues at Monkeypaw Productions. If anyone else is hiring a black queer scholar, I am also available.

This is old, but my NYTimes app reminded me that I saved this long-read about K.D. Lang being a butch lesbian pop icon way back in March, and y’all it’s still good.

Everyone in Meshell Ndegeocello’s new music video makes out (and a bunch of them are queer as fuck)!

Nicole Amber Maines is slated to star in “Bit,” a movie that “centers on a teenage transgender girl who moves to LA and falls in with a gang of intersectional feminist vampires. (Nothing says 2018 quite like intersectional feminist vampires.)”

This isn’t gay, but Heather Hogan loved it, and so do I: GBBO winner Nadia Hussain talks about the reality of living with a panic disorder. Talking about mental health candidly can make any Sunday a Funday!!

Queering the archives, with Kate Messer.

The overriding message that I would love people, especially young people, to come away with, is that your experience is important. Your connectivity within a community is important. Your impact, your life’s impact on other people and on a city at-large, is so much more impactful and important than can be conveyed in one exhibit. … No idea that sticks within a community is worth throwing away.

The way I feel about somebody who ultimately makes the decision to end their time on this Earth is, “Well, they didn’t do anything to set up any memories for themselves, it’s the very least we could do.” And maybe I’ll include in that group people who left the Earth too soon and they weren’t expecting to, but it’s the least we can do.

To Jodie Foster, “Every day is gay pride day”. As the kids say, MOM!

Every day is gay pride day for me. Actually, it’s gay pride month the whole of June. I didn’t realize until yesterday. We had to figure the whole flag situation, how long the flag [goes] up. My kids will go [to the parade]. My son said, ‘Maybe there will be naked bodies this year.’ I said, ‘You didn’t tell me there were naked bodies last year!’

Finally, Brandon Urie came out as pansexual, so yeah, all those gay feelings Panic! at the Disco gave you in middle school were real.

Natalie Bedingfield voice: I love you, I love you, I love you! Have an amazing week. Hopefully, a cute animal on the street senses your good energy and comes up to you so you can pet it, or something. Stay cool pals! I’ll see you next week. Also, have you watched Duck Butter on Netflix yet??

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  1. Reading your words to us was that moment that made me smile ~ so thank you.

    And I really loved that quote from Kate Messer.

  2. Hi – I am Nicole’s father – we recently moved to Austin, Texas from Portland, Maine. We are extremely proud of Nicole. Today we are going to explore this great city and try and get use to the heat.

    Wayne M. Maines

  3. I watched duck butter last night and I cried and cried and cried. I am Naima and wow I need to start therapy :) hope this movie gets covered in AS!

  4. I always thought Teddy Geiger was super pretty. I like that she kept her name, too.

  5. The fact that they cast a trans woman to play the role of a trans woman is, IMO, the second-best thing about “Bit.” (The first-best thing being the pitch line, “a gang of intersectional feminist vampires.”) So glad to see Nicole Maines get this part!

  6. I didn’t read the article Heather shared the first time around, so thank you for posting it here! I really needed that right now. <3

  7. I really like the idea of intersectional feminist vampires because if you know history and see repeating patterns of fucking terrible ideas that won’t die rising up again like pond scum but are a mortal born after the even of those times people tell you you’re being hysterical and histrionic.
    They don’t fuckin listen “cause you weren’t there, this can’t possibly compare”

    But if you’re an immortal you totally were fucking there so STFU Becky it is happening again and we can’t let it, look what happened last time.

    And there’s so much time to learn and unlearn things and become a better ally and activist too if one were immortal.

    Yes, clearly this isn’t the first time I’ve thought about this and hopefully you’ll think about this at random intervals for no reason too.

  8. To be fair it was the band’s name PANic! at the Disco(saw this on social so I can’t get the credit for it).

  9. Also, I have a lovely cis, straight, teacher friend who read the NYT article and said:



    She’s a school teacher and frequently gives me the feels about how awesome and without prejudice little kids are and I am so grateful they have her for a teacher.

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