Sunday Funday Is a Fool for Alyson Stoner’s New Queer Music Video

Hello lemon drops! It’s been a hard weekend/week/month/year politically, no? I think everywhere, but especially in the US, we’ve been struggling. I’m holding y’all in my heart, especially us survivors — we are so strong and so brave and just because America is full of unjust laws, doesn’t mean we won’t get the justice we deserve one day. I really, truly, believe that, and I hope you do too. Alright, let’s get into some ~good news~. My goal for today’s Sunday Funday is at least five smiles per person, so here we go!!!

Music, Music Everywhere

+ Alyson Stoner‘s new song, “FOOL”, has a super cute queer couple plus a VERY cute cat.

+ Brandi Carlile performed at Austin City Limits festival yesterday afternoon to a packed crowd where she spoke about the importance of claiming the title of “parent” as queer and trans people. Yeah, it was beautiful and I fucking cried, do you even know me?

+ Speaking of my favorite yodeling lesbian, Brandi Carlile has also been added to the all-female lineup for CMT’s “Artists of the Year” show.

+ Kacey Musgraves is PISSED that country isn’t friendlier to/for LGBTQ people.  Here’s her greatest callout song, “Biscuits” to send to your nosy, rude, homophobic neighbors.

Let’s Get Cultured

+ The Tampa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival returned to the city this year for its 29th year. The lineup includes “Wild Nights With Emily”, a comedy about Emily Dickinson’s love affair with Susan Gilbert.

+ D’Arcy Carden fromThe Good Place talks about her character Janet, sexual fluidity, and Queer Eye.

+ At an NYCC panel, Aimie Carrero (Adora) revealed that there will be LGBTQ characters in the new reboot of She-Ra on Netflix! In case you missed our coverage about the show last year, here’s how we feel about it over here at Autostraddle dot com:

Playwright Jean Tong talks to theatre makers Rachel Perks and Bridget Balodis about queer dramaturgy and identity, astrology and finding a new language.


You’re Gonna Make It After All

And here’s why:

+ Tokyo banned LGBT discrimination! 

+ These 10 queer activists are gonna teach you how! 

+ Autostraddle’s coming out with another themed issue and we want YOUR submissions!

Okay I love you so much, we’re all gonna make it. Keep breathing, drink water, stretch a little bit, maybe check to see if you’re sitting up straight, and definitely snuggle with a pet if you can today. I’m gonna go see Janelle Monáe later today and think about queer resistance through badass performance. Y’all are all on my heart and my mind, and I hope you’re doing well. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other this week okay?!

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Ari is a 20-something artist and educator. They are a mom to two cats, they love domesticity, ritual, and porch time. They have studied, loved, and learned in CT, Greensboro, NC, and ATX.

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  1. I love Alyson Stoner so much. And I hope she does more explicitly queer stuff. From her op-ed on teen vogue you could feel she struggled a lot with coming out, so it’s a joy to watch her being so comfortable with her sexuality.

  2. I feel like Autostraddle wants me to care about fashion. When I told my sister that the movie theater gave me a senior discount (ten years too soon) without asking Friday night she said: “have you seen how you dress?”. I thought “damn I should start paying attention to those Autostraddle articles”. You anticipated my needs. Well played Autostraddle, well played.

  3. When Trump won the elections in the US I was shocked and sad for you guys, but today I’m devastated. Here in Brazil today was the first round of the presidential elections and a homophobic, racist, sexist, pro-dictatorship rightwing extremist man got around 48% of the votes.

    Bolsonaro is a man who has made racist, sexist, and homophobic claims such as, “I would rather my son die in a car accident than be gay,” and, “my sons would not date black women as they were well educated.” He even said to a woman that she was, “so ugly” that she, “didn’t even deserve to get raped.”

    A few decades ago, when Brazil was under a military dictatorship, the government tortured many people for speaking out against the regime. Bolsonaro has said that, “their only mistake was not killing those people”.

    He basically makes Trump looks like a good person. Can’t believe this is happening.

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