Sunday Funday Balls Hard With the WNBA and 2K20

Good morning Baltimore! And Atlanta, Abuja, the polar bears in the Arctic, Dallas, not Austin, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, New York City, Oaxaca, all of Iowa, Bogotá, and whatever family currently lives at my childhood home. And to you, if you’re not included in these groups of folks. How was your week? I came back from vacation on Tuesday and now it’s Sunday and honestly I’ve done nothing for the past five days except bake challah. Maybe your week was better? We can’t win them all, but luckily sunsets are always nice. C’est la vie! (holy bananas, I just remembered my first serious partner would say “la vie!” every time someone said “c’est la vie” and I think that’s the funniest thing in the world, so maybe laugh at that dad joke for the rest of today).

Okay, the news!

+ BIllboard’s first Pride roundtable on how the world is changing for LGBTQ folks.

+ Check out Peyton Fulford’s photography capturing queer life in the rural south.

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Hayden and Maggy, Athens, June 2017

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+ Portraits of queer flagging. 

+ Moriah Ella Mason, a Pittsburgh-based queer Jewish choreographer is creating work on the intersections of her life.

Good Trouble‘s Sherry Cola on coming out and her on-screen queer love triangle

+SISTASPIN is the party making NYC nighlife a little Blacker, queerer, and more femme.💅🏾💅🏾

+ Wow wow wow wow wow, nonbinary 20- and 30-somethings in New York are changing the face of organic farming.

Amita Kuttner, a Vancouver politician, recently came out as pansexual and nonbinary.

+ Queer Check-Ins wants to remind you to call your besties.

+ An Indian trans couple recently married in a landmark “rainbow wedding”. Hell yes, #t4t2kforever

+ What’s up with time-traveling lesbians in fiction???

Roxane Gay on the legacy of Toni Morrison.

+ All twelve WNBA teams will be on NBA 2K20. Also, how are there only TWELVE WNBA teams??? I need one (1) per state, please.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, a bientot, and every other musical theatre goodbye. I’ll see you next week! Read some good poetry under a shady tree this Wednesday for good luck.

Also watch A Black Lady Sketch Show to see heartthrob Brittani Nichols do everything she’s good at.

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