So You’re Gay Now: Interview With My Childhood Best Friend, Iah

Welcome to So You're Gay Now, a series where Autostraddle writers get back in touch with that person they went to school with/knew from summer camp/grew up next door to who has since come out to ask:

When did you know?
When did you come out?
How did you perceive the LGBTQ-friendliness of the environment we were in?
Did you want to make out with me?
Did you get a vibe from me?
Secret celeb/high school crushes?
What would you change?

I can't think of sixth grade without thinking of Iah. She was the friend I could never quite believe I had: smart, outspoken, well-liked across all social groups. And she forever had a bit of mystery about her as the new kid who ultimately left as quickly as she'd come. She moved to Chile pa...

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Carrie's body is weird and she's making that work for her. She lives in DC by way of Los Angeles and has a conflicted relationship with social media, but you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram anyway.

Carrie has written 83 articles for us.