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Silk Pillowcases Changed My Life, Made My Self-Made MILF Dreams Come True

This Changed My Life is an ode to the small, seemingly chill purchases bought by Autostraddle writers and editors this year that made our lives infinitely better. Did these items LITERALLY CHANGE OUR LIFE? No, we’re being gay and dramatic. But perhaps a pair of sunglasses really did change your life — who are we to judge?

A side-by-side close up of a navy blue silk pillow case with a star pattern, laying on top of gold colored sheets

In 2020, I decided it was time for me to adopt the rich mom aesthetic. It’s similar to coastal grandmother, but just a little younger and flashier. Think Biologique Recherche shelfies, or maybe APLs (this was pre-Veja). Very Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies, or really any mom walking down the street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. And sure, technically I don’t have kids, but maybe I will someday! I just wanted someone on the street to read me as a MILF (which, I don’t know if this counts, but a man at a grocery store once said “Happy Mother’s Day” to me so maybe this is already happening?).

Part of this transformation into rich mom included investing in my bedtime routine, because you know rich moms sleep a full eight hours and look well-rested once they’re up. I wound up buying an eye cream for the first time (it did not work), some melatonin (it actually worked), and most importantly, new linens. Specifically the Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, which I wound up asking for on my birthday/Christmas/holiday list that year.

I had always wanted a silk pillowcase, but considered it an unnecessary luxury. I didn’t see what it would add to my life — I already had several organic cotton pillowcases (all Target, all excellent) that I swapped out regularly. My opinion changed the moment I opened the box that contained the silk pillowcase.

I got my first in the “Celestial” style because I love witchy gay vibes and I thought it’d be fun to sleep on stars. Within the first week of having that pillowcase, I noticed major changes in my skin and hair – so much so that I wound up buying a second one in an emerald shade. It’s safe to say that I am now a silk pillowcase believer!

Since I started using a silk pillowcase, I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in skin hydration; my skin is noticeably plumper when I wake up in the mornings. Silk absorbs less moisture than cotton does, making it a great choice for anyone with dry skin. I’ve also been experiencing fewer breakouts. I’m not totally sure why this is — there isn’t a ton of evidence that silk pillowcases transfer less bacteria onto the skin (as compared to cotton or other fabrics) — but they are less irritating which could be a factor.

My hair is also much smoother after sleeping on silk. I’ve noticed that when I travel and sleep on pillowcases made of other fabrics, I have more flyaways and my hair feels generally drier. I could just travel with a silk pillowcase, but I’m honestly too scared of leaving it behind and not having it once I get home. I sleep super hot, and before silk pillowcases came into my life, I used to flip my pillow over to try and find the cold side. I haven’t done that at all since getting a silk pillowcase. The fabric is cool to the touch and it remains that way all night despite how sweaty I get when I sleep!

For a wider shade range, albeit at a higher price point, you could try Slip — I mean just look at this gorgeous burgundy! Alternatively, you could try Quince. Their silk pillowcase goes for $40, cheaper than both Slip and Brooklinen, and comes with a zip closure to make sure your pillow stays snugly within the pillowcase. Target also sells one ($30)!

The only major downside to the pillowcase has been having to wash it by hand, but honestly, it’s not so bad. They air-dry pretty quickly and the benefits outweigh the cost. If you’re a vegan, I know that silk might not be an option for you (the silk in this pillowcase is a mulberry silkworm byproduct), but you could still get many of the same benefits from a satin pillowcase! Satin is synthetic and as a bonus, machine-washable, though it does feel slightly less luxe.

If you, too, want MILFy vibes without having to have children, I highly, highly recommend a silk pillowcase!

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  1. I used a silk pillowcase and noticed… No changes! Which is sad. Also, I knew this going in but the silk definitely changes colors permanently from things like… Getting my conditioner and shit all over it and being washed. Which sucks!

    Super cool you had luck with it and would accept any tips

  2. YMMV but I wash my silk pillow cases (blouses and any other silk products) on tap cold, delicate and then lay flat to dry. It’s never done me wrong.

    Silk pillowcases are amazing though! I love how much better my hair looks with them.

  3. Oh that celestial pattern is fantastic!

    I do love silk in garments, I usually try to recycle trift shop finds, especially those with unfortunate colours from the bargain bin, since it can be dyed. I’m not fancy enough for silk pillowcases though.

    Btw: from a textile nerd, and because I want people to know what they need to buy for alternatives. Silk is the fiber type. Satin is a type of weave, and can be made with all sorts of fibers. (Satin weaves have long floats making them very smooth and drapey.) What people want for pillowcases is usually a silk in satin weave. Other types of woven silks can be far less smooth. In some countries if you ask for a “satin” fabric, the synthetic option is what they point out for you, so terminology may differ depending on place.

    For vegan options you can go for a synthetic satin weave. They look smooth and shiny. Polyester isn’t exacyly environmentally friendly though. And they can cause static and aren’t breathable. Imo a better alternative is viscose types, like lyocell, that is somewhat more environmentally friendly and very smooth. Or a classic like linen, but it needs a couple of washes at least to make it very soft. Very strong though, will last you a long time. There are reclaimed silks and silks that don’t kill the worms, but they tend to be far less smooth.

  4. if you wanna keep your money queer WHILE acquiring silk pillowcases:
    this magical queer parent can handdye you custom silk pillowcases with natural dyes!!!! reach out on instagram (and see their gorgeous past work there too) – https://www.instagram.com/be.earth/

    i got my friend non-commissioned ones from them that were ‘supernova’, and they ran $175.

  5. I have a silk eye mask now and notice fewer pimples on the bridge of my nose than when I had an eye mask with synthetic fabric. I haven’t splurged on silk pillowcases yet because i have oily skin and hair, so my cotten and linen ones have been treating me fine, and it hasn’t felt like a need! I have been thinking about it though…

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