Sarah’s Team Pick: Don’t F*ck With Otters

No, seriously. Don’t.

Yesterday, an Irish otter turned on the farmer who rescued it from a crisps bag, which I am quite certain means potato chips. Rather than be grateful, the otter bit this guy and chased him around the yard. Normally I like my otters cute and cuddly, but this guy is actually kind of badass. Check this out:

And to make yourself feel better about otters generally, watch this video. You’re welcome.

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Sarah lives in Chicago with her partner and her big white Great Dane. She is a lawyer by day and a beer brewer/bread baker/knitter by night. She & her partner are currently learning how to grow their own food, and eventually they hope to move to a small farm outside the city. In 2009-2010, before jetting off to law school, Sarah was Autostraddle's Managing Editor.

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  1. I would bite someone’s ass too if he ‘rescued’ me from my crisps bag.

    On another note, I found a purple coloured piece of crisp the other day. And yes, of course I ate it.IT’S PURPLE CRISP!

    Tasted sort of bitter but I ATE A PURPLE CRISPS and I finally have something noteworthy to put on my tombstone.

  2. UK crisp flavors are amusing to me…like roast chicken crisps. and marmite crisps (which i really like). i understand the otter’s anger though. i’d definitely react the same way, except only if the “crisps” were “jaffa cakes”. JAFFA CAKES ARE AMAZING.

  3. Maybe he got pissed because he didn’t want to be “rescued”! If someone tried to “rescue” me from my “crisps” I’d go all Jackie Chan on their ass too (especially if they were Cheetos or Fritos…MMM)! :)

  4. The best part about this is that these people have an otter as a pet. I didn’t know that happened. Can you domesticate otters?

  5. I am not sure whether I am sad for that otter, because it’s in captivity, or supremely jealous of those people who have a pet otter.

  6. the otter isnt in captivity per say, the video description says its not a pet, and that shes an animal trainer for whatever water park that was. it also notes its illegal to have one as a pet, so we will just have to settle for cute pet squirrels.

    obviously it should be floating around a river somewhere but watching it chew car keys for 30 seconds was soo cute.

  7. Wow, autostraddle. I just saw a real live otter for the first time in my life today and it was out in the wild and then you post this on the same day! How do you get my life so?! I think you must be magic. Or stalking me.

  8. i really really love the attack otter photo. i mean…i just love the fact that someone was nearby with a camera to capture that particular moment. i can’t see the farmer’s face, but i can tell that he was freaking the fuck out. and that’s awesome.

  9. LOL. He will never mess with otter ever again. But honestly, this is pretty hilarious.
    Autostraddle, you always make my day complete!

  10. Never try and rescue an otter from a bag of Tayto-life lesson learnt! It looks like the otter is trying to give him a smack and bite him on the arse at the same time, priceless. I’ve been chased by a sheep before but thankfully no one had a camera and the sheep wasn’t trying to give me a back hand/hoof whilst chasing me! :-D

  11. That otter is the honey badger of Ireland. And as we all know, honey badger don’t give a shit.

  12. an otter took off the hand of a kid that was feeding it at this weird zoo type place. SCARRED FOR LIFE.

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