Did you see Glee? Oh cool, me too. I’m gonna write a recap here and all, but I thought maybe y’all might have a feeling or three about tonight’s ep?

Also I know this is weird, but I personally relate more to Santana’s speech about how she came to realize her sexuality/feelings for Brittany or whatever than any other coming outish scene I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I have seen all of them. Look. I have my character now. Sometimes I think of lesbians popping up on the television like Pac-Man or something.

[Also a disclaimer: Yes, we’re aware Santana can’t be “labeled” as a lesbian and isn’t necessarily a lesbian but fuck us in the ear if we can’t employ hyperbole because it’s more fun that way. Anyhow, she’s not a real person — she’s a character. We can feel however we want to about her because she’s not real and therefore our opinions of her will not impact her life because she’s not actually alive. It’s much funnier to say SANTANA IS A LESBIAN than it is to say SANTANA LIKES BRITTANY, BUT DOESN’T WANT TO BE LABELED]

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    • I’ve rewatched this twice as a show ting and this scene/the landslide scene PROBABLY EIGHT TIMES through the magic of tumblr already and I have cried every time. EACH AND EVERY TIME. no judgement here.

    • Cried too. And this:
      “Also I know this is weird, but I personally relate more to Santana’s speech about how she came to realize her sexuality/feelings for Brittany or whatever than any other coming outish scene I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I have seen all of them.”
      I agree. The confusion and mixed up feelings. It hit my little bi-curious- but really a lesbian teen that’s still a part of me very hard. :)

    • I cried too. I felt for her – she was actually coming to terms with who she is, and being open and vulnerable. It’s very scary to do that.

  1. i haven’t seen this yet..being a uk viewer…but damn..i WAS santana in school..shagging anyone to find a fit..and to deny what was true…i cant wait to watch it..i bet i relate to it too. glee might be corny on the surface but underneath it so often get the point and with such clarity. yay glee.

  2. I can officially say that this episode broke me down. Just like Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy, “You can’t pray away the gay” speech, I related so much to her mini-break down in the hallway. So true to life.

    All I can really say is, it’s about damn time Glee aka Mr. Murphy.

  3. I love Naya Rivera for that performance. It was so amazing and so inspiring. And surprisingly nuanced for Glee.

  4. So. Many. Feelings.

    My head exploded.

    Also it was an amazing speech/confession. I’m pretty sure I didn’t breathe or move the entire time. The more they develop Santana’s character the more I love her. Jesus fucking christ Santana and Brittany are literally some of the best characters on the show right now not even including their shipness.


    • Agree with every single sentiment. I think I held my breath too! I don’t think I have ever felt so nervous for a fictional character. I loved that locker scene!

      Yep, I think I’m just gonna say I think it’s one of the best coming out speeches on tv/film.

  5. So I’m in Australia, but OMG.



    (okay, there were lesbians on Neighbours when I was like ten, who were the only reason I watched Neighbours. But I was a kiddy then, so.)

    • Actually, there have been lesbians on mainstream Aussie tv since at least the 70’s. There were lesbian characters on two soapies (The Box and something about planes). There were lesbian characters in “Pacific Drive” and “All Saints”. Also “Secret Life of Us”. Not to mention “Prisoner”. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

      • I haven’t heard of any of those shows, except for All Saints, so I’m either not trying hard enough to find lesbians or I should watch more TV.

        Maybe I should say teenage lesbians. Because I don’t quite relate to adults as much…

          • But I don’t know what channel Skins is on, I watched the first ep of The L Word and hated it, and I love Buffy but I never know which season is on and I just get confused. *sadface*

          • Skins is on ABC1 (I think? or maybe ABC2 – one of the ABCs, but I just watch it online anyway). Skins USA also starts off with lesbians, so it’s even better! And you should give the L word another chance, it may not be perfect (and it definitely gets better after the first ep!), but it’s still all about lesbians and there can never be too much of that :P

            I should have a Buffy marathon. Although I was more interested in perving on SMG than anything else…

          • Them too! I was just picking Aussie shows, because we were showing gay characters 40 years ago. There have been countless imported shows with gay characters. Almost any ABC tv series had a gay and/or lesbian character on it. From memory Heath Ledger played gay in a tv soap about the Australian Institute of sport. Right now on Coronation Street there is Sophie and Sian, who play 16 year olds in love.

  6. Oh my god, awesome! I haven’t seen this show in ages, but I’m definitely going to catch up. Could you include her speech in the recap? Pretty please? <3

  7. I’m exploding with the all the homogayness of this episode. between everything Brittana and Kurt’s dad…I just can’t even.

    So Artie can fuck off and die now, yes? okay fiiiiine. that may be a bit much but perhaps the “we’re together because we’re OMGAZN (which may look like omgaysian but they’re different you guys) and this is like pretend diversity even though it’s really just trite and one dimensional” couple can break up and Tina and Artie can roll away together into the sunset of happy heterolove so that there can be lots and lots of homolove and fingerblasting?

    Or maybe they can go on a field trip to the woods/mountains/naturelikeplaces where Artie is killed in a LANDSLIDE. and then santana can explain what irony is to britt after they have sexytimes.

    • Yeah, I’ve really had enough of Tina and Mike. It started off funny, but then they continued to just be “the Asian couple” and it became kind of racist.

      Along with wanting Brittany and Santana to be together, I also really miss the Artie/Tina relationship we had going in Season 1. Artie used to be one of my favorite characters on this show! But then they derailed him into a misogynistic jerk, and made him the cock blocking any chance of Brittana. I understand the importance of giving disabled characters faults so they’re not turned into the Inspirational Character, but they’ve just made Artie unlikeable.

  8. Gah, being from the UK really cramps my TV style sometimes. But this is EXCITING, I have already seen vaguely music-y videos of woe and angst. <3

    • This is what the infinite bounty of the internet is for! I’m up to date with real-time Glee + I’m in the UK
      (unless you have purist views with regards to TV-watching, which I understand – I’ve neverever found a high-quality Glee episode online)

  9. This made me so happy, this post made me so happy. Maybe the classmate sitting in front of me right now might be lesbian.

  10. I cried like a baby. Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’m a hard cryer or anything, but it was just so relateable. We’ve all had that moment of self-discovery where that difference we were feeling actually has a name. It’s scary and it makes you (or, at least, me) want to cry.

  11. Actually, this episode made me not want Santana and Brittany to end up together. Became clear that they’re entirely different creatures.

    • I agree, at least for now. They’re obviously in two different places. I vote Santana gets over Brittany by having a hot, torrid affair with me. Or someone else, that’s cool, whatever.

  12. i am ‘apprehensive’ about watching glee because i am afraid of ‘feeling too many feelings’

    • There are many many feelings awaiting you BUT DO IT BECAUSE SO MANY OF THOSE FEELING WILL BE ABOUT SANTANA LOPEZ and how you want to hold her hand and have her look at you like she looks at Brittany.

    • I felt the same way about the feelings and then I watched it and I had feelings all over the place and it Will Not Stop.

  13. I thought it was cute how Santana kept tearing up during Landslide but the scene at the end where she came out to Brittany and told her she loved her just broke my gay little heart. I do NOT remember this kind of stuff being on primetime tv when I was in highschool. I wish it had been.

    And as much as I wanted them to get together I totes understand why they can’t just yet. Brittany really likes Artie. Also, also, also I kind of want to see these girls struggle with this. I remember being in highschool and liking girls and asking one out and it wasn’t easy at all.

    Seriously though, they had better as hell end up together eventually. I’m just willing to accept Brittany’s momentary rejection of Santana as a necessary plot device. Lol.

    • Your much more understanding of this “necessary plot device” than I. It’s not that I have a problem with an annoying plot device, we all watched (and loved) the L word. I just don’t understand where Brittnays rejection came from… What I’m saying is it didn’t make sense. Brittany may love Artie but it’s clear shes IN love with Santana.

      I have many more this-better-be-a-glitch-on-the-road-to-adorable-lesbian-couple-time feelings but I really should get to work.

      • Artie is really sweet to Brittany and she said they talk about things. That might be enough to tip her towards Artie at this point. Santana’s willingness to feel/talk is new and it would be hard to trust.

        • It’s also a tricky position for her to be in: She got with Artie to make a point with Santana, and then she found she genuinely liked him. Even if she’s in love with Santana, it would be a somewhat shitty thing to do to Artie to just drop him the second Santana says that maybe she can do this. What she has with Artie might not be her ideal, but it is stable, and as Vikki pointed out, Santana isn’t exactly Stable Sally right now in terms of feelings and openness and trust.

  14. My main feelings are as follows:
    3. Autostraddle, I love you, sorry for the capitals.

  15. It was like Lesbian and Gay Glee Night last night and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!!!!!

    Now that that’s out of my system…

    I totally was with Santana for this whole episode. The way Brittany asked Santana to search for feelings and then rejected Santana once she realized those feelings and what they meant KILLED ME. Also they kind of made me momentarily dislike Brittany because I had a girl pull something similar in college and you know, it hurt awfully.

  16. I am going to watch this tonight on DVR with my religious friend who thinks I am going to hell! I’m hoping she’ll see the grilled cheezus and get the bug outta her a$$!

    • I used to have a conservative religious friend like that, although it wasn’t so much the gay issue (for one, we stopped being friends before I came out, and two, as a high school music geek she had enough friends who were some form of LGBT that she’s learned to deal with it). But she was a huge jerk about the fact that I started drinking and doing drugs in college. And I’m not talking about becoming an alcoholic or doing lots of hard drugs – I’m talking a couple drinks and a joint once a month at a party.

      At some point, if the friend is opening his/her mind you just have to kick ’em to the curb. Graduating was a big realization that we didn’t have anything in common besides orchestra (and I’m in a music school now) and liking the same jerky boy (I’m bi, not gay, btw)

  17. I loved this episode and never post here, but I wanted to share something I just saw on facebook…

    I have friends from random places (who I’m only friends with to have more neighbors for my games), and I saw a status one of them made, which her friends commented on. They were talking about how they can’t handle Glee anymore; that it’s inappropriate for children now and is too “in your face”. Someone said they could handle Kurt, but this is too much (obviously referring to Brittany and Santana).

    Are you kidding me?! Like I understand because of the sexual stuff and like how last episode was all the drinking, but to be upset and stop your kids from watching it because more characters are gay? Wow.

    • Alot of straight people can handle one gay character as long as they are desexualized(kurt) but becomes a problem for them if their are two gay characters who have feelings for each other because they are afraid those characters will have sex and they will have to watch it.

      I don’t know people are letting their kids watch Glee to begin with. It is not a kids show! You mean to tell me these people are perfectly fine with watching a teenage girl get pregnant and give teh baby up, kids dressing and dancing inappropriately during group numbers, admit to sleeping with the school(as long as they are boys!), all get drunk and make out with each other, etc. but more than one gay character is too much for them? Bullshit. “What about the children?!” is just not going to fly with me anymore because I know these people are not letting their young kids watch that crazieness. I believe they are the one who are watching it and are horrified that gay people are real people with feelings but that’s about it.

      I’m sure there will be plenty of angry articles in the media in the next couple of days about how “Ssantana is a lesbian! What about the children?!” but they are still full of shit.

    • i watched the view ealier (i know) and sherri was freakin out sayin glee is not an appropriate show for kids, for the 8pm time slot blah blah blah. she took particular issue with the condom and cucumber scene (all 1.5 seconds of it) which led joy or whoopi to suggest that it was a good thing that a teevee show might encourage/help kids and parents to talk about sex. elizabeth and sherri both said something along the lines of first teaching kids about respecting themselves before before going into details…..which is what i feel Kurt’s dad did last night by telling him not to go throwing himself around, kinda make sure there were feelings involved before having sex. And not a mention of this from Sherri or Elizabeth. Ugh.

      • Can no longer stand watching the veiw for this reason. All the oposing opininions flying around is just too stressful. And when I yell at the tv it gives me the cold shoulder so I try to avoid it at all costs! :)

  18. I usually dislike Glee, but Brittana occasionally wins me over. I’ll watch the episode today on hulu or something. My anti-Gleek wall is crumbling around me.

    • I know what you mean. I have vehemently not watched Glee since last year, because it just got too stupid, and even Mike Chang’s godlike abs haven’t been enough to draw me back. I watched the new episode this morning, though. Granted, I fast forwarded through all of the non-Brittana parts.

      • Exactly! It was a little too Kidz Bop for me. I need a plot, damnit. Or a lesbian couple with decent sexual chemistry. So, let’s get on that.

  19. Brittany’s locker totally had two little post it notes that said “I <3 Santana"
    Can't make this stuff up :)

  20. Oh wow I can’t believe I didn’t see this last night. If I had I probably wouldn’t have harassed my friend via Facebook, trying to get her to hurry up and watch Glee already so I would have someone to process my feelings with. “You can watch your gf playing video games anytime. I don’t care if she doesn’t like glee.” “I know about time zones and that it is the middle of the night for you but gleeeeeee.”

    So yeah. (BTW is this what “Brittana is on” looks like, Mr. Falchuk? Because it doesn’t seem all too “on” to me.) My head is so full of feelings. Gah. Lots of happy and sad.

  21. Poor Santana. Artie *is* just a stupid boy. And I mean seriously…Brittany was the one who insisted that their relationship confused her and that they talk about their feelings with Holly Holliday.

  22. I for one would have liked if they had taken the opprotunity to do a melissa etheridge number. “I’m the only one” would have been preferred.

  23. “Can I just applaud this trio for exploring the uncharted world of sapphic charm? Brava, brava.”

  24. I also didn’t breathe during all of the Brittana parts. They made me nervous. I was scared that the show was going to screw the whole situation up but I was pleasantly surprised how well they did. It also killed me at the end when Brittany said she can’t be with Santana right now because she also loves Artie. I think she will come to her senses soon. I hope so!

    I also liked how Kurt’s dad stepped up and gave Kurt the “sex” talk. I can’t wait until Kurt finally has a relationship.

  25. Ohhh… So this is what Santana meant when she said “I know what cheating looks like, I do it all the time.”

    They can’t be together as a couple in the public, but they could still continue scissoring like they were doing before the feelings… Or did the feelings ruin that…? Stupid feelings.

  26. Also, I had to lol during all the Brittana scenes, because I felt tingly inside. I didn’t know how to deal with those feelings.

    I watch Glee to laugh, not feel actual feelings. So what the fuck gives…

  27. Does it make me a bad person if I laughed at the corny dialogue? Some of it was okay… but “just because I sang a song to Brittany doesn’t mean you can label me” is just a lot cheesier than real life. Gwyneth felt forced into the whole Brittana situation, especially with the “we should talk to an adult about this” thing. Gwyneth sang most of Landslide, and having her sit there between them kind of ruined the feeling for me.

    However. I have been spoiled by Skins’ fantastic lesbian plotline and I have to remind myself “Glee is not Skins, Glee is not Skins” like a mantra in my head. This episode still made it difficult to breathe because of all the feelings and I’m glad that the uncharted world of Sapphic charm has made its way onto one of the gayest shows on this planet.

  28. I wonder if they are going to continue this storyline or just go on and pretend like it never happened.

    (Brittany should totally ditch Artie for Santana… just saying)

  29. 1) so happy a non-trivial exploration of female bisexuality is being explored and not just exploited. everyone can’t be kurt, but that doesn’t mean what they’re feeling isn’t real.

    2) i teared up. santana has always been my fav character on the show for her bitchy comedic relief and slam dunk vocal performances, but i was so moved by this display of vulnerability from her. so good.

    3) i was a fan of santittany and is much as it hurt to see santana rejected, i MUCH prefer her and brit as bff. i think santana can focus on herself for a while and maybe she can road trip to pa and hookup with shay mitchell or something.

    4)ppl are so upset at brittany, but i think brittany’s decision was the most mature thing she’s ever done. she loves them both and yes she was the one that made them sit with holly to discuss their feelings, but it was more for clarity. brittany has a boyfriend who she loves too, in addition to loving santana. since she’s in an actual relationship with artie and santana has been denying her that since the onset of their little flings, i think brittany had the right to choose artie for now. yes “he’s just a boy” but he’s still a person with feelings and britt clearly has feelings for him too.

    their situation is all kind of complicated. sucks that my girl santana lost this particular battle, but she will win the war!

    oh and i hope that she wasn’t just a bitch because she was afraid to admit her sexuality. #TeamKeepSantanaABitch. she’s too funny not to be. just a sexually fluid one.

  30. i think that was one of the best musical numbers i’ve seen on glee so far. i know they were just looking for an excuse to have gwyneth sing a country song, because that’s what she does, but seeing a banjo up there and hearing some country harmonies was really nice. helps that landslide’s one of the best songs ever written, too.

    i like this turn for santana. naya rivera doesn’t make it feel forced or like she disagrees with her character’s direction. and because we don’t really know anything about her or brittany’s character or their relationship, we can’t say it’s inauthentic either. i’m interested to see where they take this, i hope they don’t just drop it.

  31. Oh man. My heart broke in so many pieces for Santana. Very believable.

    Also, LANDSLIDE. That made me so happy, I had to hold my breath.

    I think glee and Pretty Little Liars should have a crossover. Santana and Emily makes more sense to me. Or. Wait. Idk what I’m saying. haha

  32. Reasons why I love my birthday
    1. born on international women’s day where i see women smiling all the time and celebrating (I can say they celebrate my birthday)

    2. the premiere of my favorite glee episode ever

    3. sweet lady kisses from the lady friend


  33. This is what happens when I’m sick and sleep all day. Awesome things happen in my absence! I’m going to go scour the internet for info since I’m from the UK. Happy, happy, happy :)

  34. Not a single song, t.v. Show, movie, etc. Has ever made me cry as Much as this episode has. Hell, I’m crying as I write this. This was/is my life. I was Santana. Nayarit Rivera did an unbelievably amazing job. It was perfect.

    The only thing I am missing is someone to hold me while I cry and tell me everything is going to be alright.

    P.s. I Love you autostraddle, pelase say you love me back…

  35. Of course after sitting through months of middling-to-lame episodes, the one time I miss Glee, this happens. Of course.

  36. First I cried like a child.

    Then I went to bed and had a dream wherein Santana and I sang a love duet for the Glee kids, which culminated in a kiss so passionate that I woke up with tingling nerves and a pounding heart. Quickly followed by mortification and a sharp sense of self-loathing.

  37. glee’s not usually one for making me cry, but i totally did. a lot. when they sang landslide i lost it. too many feelings.

  38. Is it too cliche and corny to say that this episode really did fill me with glee?!

    I feel like the girl who has too many feelings, and I don’t even go to that school…but I was soooo moved by this ep! Tears were pouring out my eyeholes.

    I do wish that Santana and Brittany were able to sing Landslide though, cuz Paltrow totally jacked it…but she gets Ani DiFranco shivers so I guess that’s okay.

    And Naya Rivera is an AMAZING actress. Why isn’t she doing more stuff?

  39. For those girls who can’t understand why Brittany is still with Artie, I have some insight…I am Brittany…in the sense that I’m bi, overwhelmed with girl drama and enjoy the stability of having a boyfriend who is sensitive and talks about feelings and such. (I suck at cheerleading, can’t dance, and I’m pretty smart.)

    But man, I so totally relate to the having to know how someone feels about you, and I love that the message of “sex carries feelings too”, which Kurt’s dad gets into, is played through nicely. Because while our public schools fail in educating kids about safe sex, we fail them in the larger sense for not educating them on the emotional and mental after effects of sex.

    Sex is great and fun and a total party in your pants, but it’s never completely devoid of emotion…and if you think it is, just look at Santana’s emotional journey in this episode…sex makes feelings. And whether they are good or bad, the important thing is that we FEEL them.

  40. I have a huge crush on Brittany already, but now Santana also. I had only a little crush before. NOW IT IS HUGE.

  41. So many feelings…. I watched the show with my gf and we looked at each other after the speech and we were both crying…. It def hit very close to home…

  42. I was more than a little teary at this part… I spent most of this season identifying with Brittany and then suddenly I realized that I was Santana (in high school).

  43. I don’t know what’s going on in this show, but I’m in the middle of watching Landslide and my heart is all hurty-like and I’m crying and I have a lot of feelings, okay?

  44. I am super Gleeked about this! I didnt cry but Santana’s self-discovery did ring a bell with me too. I agree that is was very realistic and accurate portrayal for television as far as coming out stories go.

    I didnt cry but it took a lot not to, just sayin!

  45. That “He’s just a stupid boy” line explains a lot about Santana Lopez. Everything really. Naya’s work killed me this episode. I loved every scene with her and Heather. And I think it sucks that Santana opened up finally just to get shut down and thus will probably never do it again.

    I used to have a “best friend” that would want to cuddle and kiss all day but then kiss her boyfriend right in front me and every time she did it felt like a kick in the stomach.

    Then there was the sex talk I had with my mom, who would get flustered at the mention of me being with a boy, where she suddenly told me (after catching me and my ‘friend’ in a sleep cuddle) “I wish you’d just get a boyfriend and get it over with.” Followed by “if you don’t want to go to hell I suggest you make the right choice.” And despite these warnings not to be gay she still refuses to acknowledge that I am.

    So between Emily & Moze, Santana & Britt, and the “Can You Pray the Gay Away? (SPOILER ALERT: Not so much)” episode of Our America I also watched last night, I am having ALL THE FEELINGS! right now. I’m having them everywhere.

    Those kicked-in-the-stomach/no-I-won’t-be-wearing-a-dress-to-church/no-I-won’t-be-going-to-church feelings haven’t left me all day.

    The whole situations makes me so sad for Santana. So close to home in so many different ways… Not to mention how I felt about a friend in high school, but I just never told her in that instance… Interestingly enough, I decided to contact her last night after a good 7 months of not talking and maybe someday I’ll be courageous enough to let her know about my crush for her after all these years :/

  47. I cried. During Landslide and the locker scene. Because I’ve been there almost to a scary degree. Goddamnit Glee, why must you press the feeeeeeeeeelings?!?!?!

  48. You guys. The locker scene is now being called “The Hurt Locker scene.” I laughed and laughed and then I felt bad and then I laughed some more.

  49. I had so many FEELINGS while watching the episode, Naya Rivera really did a brilliant job

  50. I did the fist in the air thing, like at the end of breakfast club. ohmygaaaddddd What an epic moment

  51. sounding like a broken record, but yes: SO MANY FEELINGS <3
    I just watched it and was like I neeeed to go visit autostraddle now where people will be having these feelings re: this too!

  52. Finally.

    After being disappointed by the writers’ handling of the topic of bisexuality last week, I definitely wasn’t expecting to be so impressed by this week’s long due acknowledgment of Santana and Britney’s relationship. As others have said, Santana’s speech at the lockers came off as genuine and heartfelt. I think everyone who has gone through the process of coming out can really empathize with her, as well as Britney. I’m excited to see how they develop both of their sexualities throughout the rest of season.

    • Agreed!

      The way they handled bisexuality last week was almost enough for me to give up on Glee. I was expecting they would handle the Brittana plot trivially as they had in the past but it was all surprisingly honest, relatable and heartbreaking.

      I was so overwhelmed by the end of the whole episode that I needed a fix of ice cream STAT.

  53. This was AWESOME.

    I hope they keep this going/end up together… I’m glad to see that they picked up a lesbian line, it just seems like the gay guys get all the high school story lines!

  54. i think its because i gave up on glee that i can’t feel anything for this. I JUST CAN’T, WHAT AM I, A ROBOT? I MEAN, LOOK AT NAYA RIVERA AND HER FUCKING EYES. FEEL SOMETHING!

    oh well.

  55. I really want Glee to do an Indie episode and perform a Tegan and Sara song!

    I get Fleetwood Mac and all but can’t we just cue Santana walking down the halls singing ‘look me in the eye and promise no love is like our love…’

    Just sayin!

  56. “What I realized is why I’m such a bitch all the time. I’m a bitch because I’m angry. I’m angry because I have all of these feelings, feelings for you, that I’m afraid of dealing with, because I’m afraid of dealing with the consequences.”

  57. im going to be openly lecherous and say i’ve totally daydreamed about being in the middle of brittany and santana.

    and now even though i’ve been boycotting Glee for months…i’m going to watch this episode on hulu.

  58. Fleetwood Mac + Santana + gay. I can’t even. OKAY GLEE, YOU HAVE WON ME BACK. I WILL WATCH YOU TONIGHT, IT CAN BE LIKE OLD TIMES.

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