Relevant To Your Interests: The Nerdiest Mugs That Ever Mugged

Some weeks ago, I saw an article on Gadgette about nerdy tea blends. Alas, there doesn’t seem to be any more tea left in that Etsy shop, but it did get me thinking about the steaming warmth of a nerdy mug to put tea in, even if it isn’t tea named after Firefly. I went forth and found a shocking amount of nerdy mugs, so here are, in particular order, the nerdiest mugs one can currently purchase on the internet.


  1. Player One/Player Two Mug Set ($24).
  2. Mister Rogers Sweater Changing Mug ($15). Heat changes Mr. Rogers from a sport coat to a sweater. Also get the look to go with the mug.
  3. Banned Book Mug ($15).
  4. I’m An Engineer Mug ($15).


  1. Doctor Who Text Game Mug ($15).
  2. Disappearing Dinosaur Mug ($15). Heat turns the dinos into fossils. Couple with a visit to the Museum of Natural History to see the Titanosaur.
  3. Hello World Mug ($12.50).
  4. Freudian Sips Mug ($15).


  1. Han Shot First Mug ($10).
  2. Wonder Woman Through The Years Mug ($15).
  3. I Am Sher Locked Mug ($12). Heat fills in the password. Kinda like in the actual episode, eh? EH? *elbow nudges*
  4. Tesla Patent Mug ($16).

Oh, and PS, I did manage to find you Second Breakfast Tea and Butterbeer Tea to put in your nerd mugs, so. Proof that the internet is magic.

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