Relevant To Your Interests: Science In The Kitchen

The kitchen is where we go to have a really intimate relationship with science, if you think about it. We eat our science daily. This summer, I’ve been baking basically one elaborate cake per week (give or take a few weeks) and never have I been more aware of the structure of food, exactly what it takes to make a cake not sink in the middle and why etc. Baking is sweet, sweet science. But in this case? I’m talking about the stuff that feels like you should have your lab coat on instead of your apron. Join me on this kitcheny-science journey, will you?

Eat Your Science

Culinary Herb Garden w/ Planter, $66.99Molecular Gastronomy at Home: Taking Culinary Physics Out of the Lab and into Your Kitchen by Jozef Youssef, $19.82Molecule-R Cuisine R-Evolution, $54.95. DIY Fermentation Kit, $42.00.

Drink Your Science

I have never felt more sciencey (and let’s be real, a little like Professor Snape also) than when brewing beer at home, just fyi. It’s super fun and if you can, you should try it. I did smaller sized kits here because I live in a New York City apartment.

Herbal Tea Garden w/ Planter, $69.99. West Coast IPA Brewing Kit, $45. Microbrewing Science by Christopher L. Brown, $15.95. Brew Your Own Kombucha Kit, $99.

Experiments To Do At Home

Yeah, this is the part where I revisit every kitchen science kit I wanted to do as a kid. I honestly still want to do them as an adult? I think it would be even more fun? Maybe we as adults should make a thing of purchasing kid science kits to do in our kitchens JUST BECAUSE?

Candy Chemistry Kit, $29.48. KidzLabs Kitchen Science, $9.91. Tasty Science Kit, $17.13. Field Notes 3 Pack, $9.95 (remember, children of all ages, the difference between futzing around and science is writing it all down).

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  1. That candy science kit legitimately looks like a good way to get into making candy at home, if anyone has been wanting to try…

    Cooking is my favourite type of science. All of the experimenting and none of the having to write up excessive data tables.

  2. I want to get back to making bread regularly. Also I like ideas for science with kids in the kitchen. A thing to remember if we get older foster kids. Some days it feels like we’re just surviving, but there should be time for fun and learning, too!

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