More Real Live Lesbian Sext(ing the Zine)

Check out Part 1, including an interview with the pretty-much-not-anonymous-but-you-get-the-idea creators

Day 32 10:01 AM
I’m still in bed so I just kicked off a blanket.

I was picturing you in bed.
It’s a good picture.

Heh ?
Not totally naked today... I changed my sheets last night so I’m wearing some red American Apparel boy briefs, which is my usual PJ situation, when there is one.
Not always red, obviously. Many colors.
I have been getting too worked up in the mornings to sleep naked on clean sheets.

*Wonders whether I can make you destroy your sheets even through boy briefs*

You definitely are off to a good start with a comment like that...
Secretly: I have been wet since we started talking, even about innocuous, safe for work subjects, because you — your brain and your language and your teasing — drive me sorta crazy.
Sorta mega ultra crazy.

I’m very glad to know I’m not the only one.
Maybe this is a good time to mention that I’m taking off my pants....

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