Meet The Real L Word’s Hot ‘n Shiny Power Lesbian Cast

THE REAL L WORD: HERE THEY ARE, LADIES AND LADY-LOVERS AND ALLIES: All of these women have experienced nothing but the finest dental care available in the land. You can find them playing tonsil hockey with each other in Los Angeles on the reality show we’re all afraid of.

We’ll probs see all these ladies at Dinah Shore, as we are presently on our way there! Much like the original cast, these women enjoy long-stemmed glassware, shiny hair and metallic dresses.  The Real L Word begins Sunday, June 20 at 10 p.m. on Showtime!

From E! Entertainment Weekly, the cast breakdown:

Tracy, 28: Smokin’ hot film and television development executive Tracy is the newbie to the lesbian scene, and still struggling with the aftereffects of coming out to her family. Throughout The Real L Word, we’ll watch Tracy juggle career, a new relationship and her ambivalent mother.

Whitney, 27: We’re bound to see some drama with this one! The Hollywood special effects artist is a self-professed terrible girlfriend, saying she’s “always looking for love, but losing to lust.” Keep an eye on this street-smart wild child.

Nikki, 37: Already famous in her own right (she’s a rep/manager/producer/industry bigwig, and publicly came out on The Oprah Winfrey Show!), Nikki is now engaged and planning her wedding to Real L Word costar Jill.

Rose, 35: Listen up, fans of the original L Word—Rose was actually the inspiration for Papi. This real estate advisor is a “lotharia” who wants to settle down, but can’t seem to shake her old habits. She’s currently in a loving relationship and has the full support of her family.

Mikey, 34: Also a bit of an L.A. celeb, Mickey is the founder of The Gallery Los Angeles and produces LA Fashion Weekend. She’s also engaged and trying to plan a wedding. We’ll see if she can balance her fiancée, clients and the motorcycle she loves so much.

Jill, 33: This Jersey girl next door is engaged to costar Nikki and enjoys her career as a writer in Los Angeles. She, too, has the support of her family.

GLEE: The cast of Glee is featured on the new issue of Rolling Stone:

While they may not be doing a full out Gaga episode a la Madonna, the Glee crew has released a few details about the Gaga songs in an upcoming episode (spoiler alert!): Bad Romance and Poker Face. The latter of the pair will be tackled by Lea Michele’s Rachel. Says creator Ryan Murphy, “Lea does a very stripped-down version of ‘Poker Face.’” Meanwhile, “Romance” sounds like a much more elaborate number, with the glee club actually donning Gaga-esque wardrobe for the performance. “I do know that we’re all different Lady Gagas, and at one point I am the Kermit the Frog Lady Gaga.” -Lea Michele (@ew)

GLAMBERT: Adam Lambert’s VH1 Unplugged version of Music Again. (@vh1)

CHRISTINA AGUILERA: X-Tina has released the first single “Not Myself Tonight” in advance of her new album, Bionic.  (@billboard)

CHASING AMY: Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy, United States of Tara) on her lesbian fan base:

I’m a gay icon! My friends tease me about that! I get my friends laid if we go to gay bars. [Laughs.] Yeah, because of Chasing Amy. It’s really interesting that as time has gone on, at first, people were sort of outraged over it because she gets together with a guy. Again, with that film, there wasn’t a need to really make it so black and white. I have friends here who go back and forth and who don’t really feel the need to define who they are in that way.” (@afterellen)

JOHNNY WEIR: In an interview with Chelsea Handler, Johnny Weir admits he doesn’t get along with fellow figure skater Evan Lysacek and strongly insinuates that Evan’s gay, gurl. (@towleroad)

GAGA: Check out what the Holy One eats backstage:  According to her concert rider, she requests a hot roasted chicken, “non-smelly, non-sweaty” cheese with whole wheat bread and crackers as well as a half-gallon of low-fat milk, salsa and guacamole! As for drinks, there is NO booze backstage! Instead she requests bottled water, ginger ale and hot tea. (@okuk)

ANNA PAQUIN: True Blood star Anna Paquin came out as bisexual while filming a public service announcement for the True Colors Fund, the organization founded by Cyndi Lauper to raise money for gay rights. “I’m Anna Paquin. I’m bisexual, and I give a damn,” the actress said into the camera while filming her PSA. (@people)

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  1. -Christina Aguilera’s new single…yawn….when is Gaga’s Teeth video coming out?
    – So there is no Shane in this L word reality show? Well guess I don;t have to worry about a new addiction. Where are my Kardashians?
    – Finally, something good/interesting about Anna Paquin, thought she would forever be on my shit list for playing Rogue.

    • hmm i heard the great gaga is shooting a video for alejandro first… it’d be nice to see one for teeth, that song is badass

      • I saw a preview for Teeth. I am pretty sure it was legit, I think it was on Gaga’s vevo. I don’t like Alejandro so I am hoping for Teeth

  2. Wow, that show sounds terrible. I’m glad I don’t get showtime anymore…:/ Reminds me of those awful housewives shows and such. Interesting news about Gaga songs on Glee..looking forward to the show to finally come back. Also I was (pleasantly) surprised when Anna Paquin came out. I’ve been in love with her for awhile. We’ve been getting a lot of the hot ones lately. Now if Kristen Stewart would please come out already!

  3. Yeah, I don’t have any feelings about that Real L Word cast. Except dear god why is this happening. I suppose it ~could surprise us all and be awesome. But I’m not gonna hold my breath for it. I’m just saying..

  4. Interesting… dairy products and peanut butter are usually no-nos before singing.

  5. Umm… so… for a second I wasn’t sure if that thing about Anna Paquin being bisexual was true or if I was just having some stress-induced delusion. I was pretty sure for a second that my brain was just trying to distract me from all of the shit I have to get done by being like, “Hey, look, here’s a gorgeous actress you love and she’s totally into women! No, really! Isn’t that great?”

    Also, that PSA is pretty awesome.

    • Yeah, this morning I was trying to figure out if it was true or just an elaborate and cruel April Fools joke.

    • I think it’s her “everyone thinks I’m straight” face. Where are the alternative lifestyle haircuts? #stereotypes

    • I think I actually mumbled “I’m sorry” when I looked at her because I felt like I’d offended someone.

      I probably won’t watch it… it has the potential to be a really engrossing train wreck, but all the power jobs and inevitable relationship drama will just stress me out. I’d prefer a reality show about a few lesbros instead.

  6. It took a few listens, but now I really like Christina’s new single. I can’t wait for her album.

  7. Nikki? Noooo. It just reminds me of Nikkayyy, dyke diva actress. Nothing can substitute Kate French’s boobs.

  8. Maybe I’m just weird but the title, The Real L Word, sounds really pretentious. Just doesn’t tickle my fancy. I know the others were actors but they will always be the “real” L Word for me. It kinda pisses me off how every celebrity is now bisexual? Why the need for labels? I also can’t help but wonder if they’re just like all those girls in my school that do it for attention. hmm maybe it’s because I’m just crazy. Either way, I’ll probably still check them out

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  10. I’m prepared for the The “Real” L Word to be exponentially awful but in that great way like watching volcanoes erupt. It’s sooo beautiful and mesmerizing but yet you know your life and everything around you is about to be majorly fucked up because of it.

  11. “I do know that we’re all different Lady Gagas, and at one point I am the Kermit the Frog Lady Gaga.” -Lea Michele (@ew)

    @ew? Childish, whatever, I think it’s funny…

  12. Hey Lady Gaga, I make an amazing roasted chicken. Stop by anytime.

    I like the We Give a Damn site’s information- it addresses a lot of issues I’ve recently tried to explain to a straight friend in a FB message a lot better than I could’ve myself. But the Cyndi Lauper talking on every page is obnoxious.

    Good for Anna Paquin. Now, I’m going to take Crystal’s advice and give that Christina song another listen and see if it grows on me.

  13. Anna Paquin is bi?! I’ve had a crush on her since Fly Away Home, but I guess I never really considered that she could be a bit gay.

    The Real L Word just doesn’t look interesting to me.

  14. for some reason, i thought i heard something about anna paquin being bi a few years ago, but i could never find anything about it online so: yay!

  15. Oh for the love of God… once again Eileen fails to represent ONE lesbian that I could possibly know in real life.


    • agreed. and surprise! they’re all either white or light-skinned! and they all have high-power show business jobs! maybe IFC is trying to defend herself against the criticisms that her show portrayed these unrealistic characters by finding REAL people nobody can identify with.

  16. Definitely don’t find the Real L Word all that interesting, especially after the cast description. I agree with lukeanais about the title of the show. =/ However, I’ll probably end up watching it at least once to see what its about.

  17. I don’t mind the cast of the Real L Word show. I think it’d be very difficult to find up and coming young power lesbians to actually be on a reality show. These ladies are established and a show like this may not affect them career-wise as much as those with not so high-powered positions. Also, entertainment industry people will be more forgiving than the corporate world.

    I may be in the minority, but I guess I don’t mind that they’re all glammy and shiny because let’s face it, they had to cast an actual show. They can’t pick boring people to be in a reality show. No one watches boring people … except Jon and Kate (sorry, I still don’t get that show). And if they’re boring, then they have to be pretty. If you look at a show like The Hills, no one really says “this is a representation of young Los Angeles kids.” We just think they’re dumb, attention-seeking kids. Right? In the end, it’s show business and they have to cast pretty, very dramatic people.

    The couple who outed themselves on Oprah seemed like nice people. At least when they were on Oprah!

  18. Why on earth would you add “apparently” to Anna Paquin’s coming out as bisexual? Sounds to me like you are dismissing the legitimacy of HER identity and any other bisexual as well. Shame.

    • autostraddle is actually bisexual. she told me in a note that she had feelings for afterellen but didn’t know how to tell her, but also didn’t want to break up with her boyfriend fourfour. so she’s currently straddling the line between order and chaos, which i’ve been told is the sad fate of all bisexuals. apparently.

    • i think the “apparently” denotes surprise more than anything else – as far as i know no one really saw that coming. it’s great though! don’t worry autostraddle loves bisexuals slash believes they are real slash a lot of us are them. we straddle the line between a lot of things.

  19. I have to say I agree about The Real L Word: mostly white upper middle class women = all kinds of lame. At least I could sort of relate to a couple of the fictional characters in the original series. Sort of. This show sounds bad. Bad, bad, bad. I feel like someone needs to like…topple Ilene Chaiken from her throne and take over. Someone who is interested in showing more of a diverse mix of women, and someone who won’t stoop to making a reality television show in order to scrape money from the skin of queer culture. I feel like this kind of repeated media picture of lesbians is exploitation: it’s branding us as this idea of something that only a very small portion of us embody. It feels disempowering. Okay, I totally just turned into an angry lesbian. Oops!

    /end rant

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