Rachel’s Team Pick: This Notebook

Look. I’ve written in a lot of things and the fact of the matter is that this is the best thing for writing in.

1. Graph paper.
2. Sturdy black cover.
3. Perfect size.
4. Elastic to hold it shut.
5. Like a Moleskine but better and also you don’t have to be a person who owns a Moleskine.

What are you waiting for. God.

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Originally from Boston, MA, Rachel now lives in the Midwest. Topics dear to her heart include bisexuality, The X-Files and tacos. Her favorite Ciara video is probably "Ride," but if you're only going to watch one, she recommends "Like A Boy." You can follow her on twitter and instagram.

Rachel has written 1142 articles for us.


  1. I am a person who owns a Moleskine and feel like I may have to fight you to the death to defend said Moleskine’s honor.

    Sorry, nothing personal, it hast to happen though.

  2. I used to be the kind of person who had a moleskin. It is still around here somewhere, the only thing I ever wrote in it was something like “buy laundry tokens” before I got too intimidated. Now I use the kind you can get from the dollar store or a convenience store at 4 am if you have to because the kind of notebook that you buy at 4 am is the kind that doesn’t judge, you know?
    I feel like this is the kind of notebook that also doesn’t judge.

    • I think that notebooks are the least judgmental objects to exist because they reflect you, and whatever you choose to put in them.

      I prefer blank sheets because then I can write in whatever direction I feel best suits my feelings, and I can fit more feelings on a page.

      • Oh Squid, you said it better than I ever could. Still, there’s the inevitable downside: I always lose whatever I write on loose blank sheets of paper.

        • Aw, Thanks. I do have a solution for that too! I heard/read in an interview from some female artist that they take their loose paper and throw it in a shoebox.

          I started doing that, but then I got too anal about making sure the dates were in chronological order, and the size of the paper were descending. So if you’re not anal like me, you should definitely try it.

  3. what is a moleskine thing, why does it have (somewhat?) negative connotations? do the owners of the company chop down forests and giggle hysterically as they murder hundred year old oaks or something?

    I really like my black n red notebook though I think the lines far apart, I prefer college ruled. I will check out this picadilly thing though, I always like new notebooks.

    • A moleskine is something that both architects, journalists and white people like. As an architect, I can attest this fetish. I can also say they are too expensive for a notebook, even if they are good and sturdy.

      Personally, I just care about my notebooks being the same type, then I can place them in my bookshelf side by side and be happy.

      • i would like all of the notebooks since moleskines still don’t come in navy blue and it is 2011 where are they anyway.

        • moleskines + navy blue = YES. navy blue makes me feel safe, good looking, and professional. hehehe.

        • But I have seen many a navy blue moleskine…also hot pink and maroon…black, brown…grey. I worked at a borders last year and stocking them was part of my job ;-)

  4. rachel, why do you do this to me? i own two journals, that are empty because i keep compulsively buying pretty notebooks to hold my thoughts. WHYYYYYYY??

    • That’s me and every notebook I’ve pretty much ever bought. I don’t hate moleskin on its merits but rather because of the self-delusion of written grandeur it inevitably inspires in me.

  5. Where I live (Minneapolis), Target sells a knockoff Moleskine that is the exact same thing as this, but costs about $3. I love it to death.

    • Are there things in Minneapolis Target stores not found at large? Is Minneapolis a test market because it started there?

  6. I started seeing a therapist and she gave this to me. I wish I was lying when I say it’s now one of my best friends.

  7. i clicked the link to learn more about this notebook and amazon said 404 DOCUMENT NOT FOUND YOU SUCK. :[

  8. I love the graph paper Piccadillies too, and have reviewed lots of other Moleskine substitutes.

  9. you could write that comment in it. Underwater, of course, with the riteintherain.com stuff linked by Countrysongs.

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