Queer Tarotscopes: Libra Season Is Ready for You to Lighten Up

We’ve officially left the intense transformation of summer behind, and have now moved firmly into autumn, a season that brings rich growth, deeper connections, and powerful revelations. Virgo season helped to slow things down, urging us to consider how far we’ve come, to tap into our most potent internal magic, and to work to understand what is truly driving us — and things will start to move again in airy Libra season, a joyful time of balance, harmony, and beauty. Libra asks us to lighten up a bit, to release all of that heavy intensity and goal setting and instead prioritize connecting with others, exploring our creativity, and seeking pleasure in the world. We’ve earned a bit of a break, a chance to flirt and play and shake off some of that powerful awareness and deep reflection. This isn’t to say that we need to leave everything we’ve learned behind (please don’t, you’ve worked so hard!), but rather that we can take those new goals and ideas out for a spin, share them with others and get valuable feedback and insights, put pieces together in new ways and see how we’re inspired to go further.

If we think about the astrological calendar, the first half of our year (Aries to Virgo) encourages self-exploration, understanding who we are and what drives us, learning to define ourselves as individuals. We start in energetic fire, learn to explore our deepest pleasures and desires for connection, set boundaries for our emotions, express confidence in who we’re becoming, and take time to process the growth we’ve experienced, setting more detailed intentions for our goals. Similarly the first cycle of the major arcana in tarot follows the Fool through archetypes of exploration, reflection, and creation, helping us define, manifest, and refine our dreams, and pushing us to uncover our deepest desires, fears, and needs. Both journeys focus on us as individuals, asking us to explore the depths of who we are, to come to terms with our biggest dreams and most powerful ambitions. Libra season ushers in the back half of the astrological calendar and the next cycle in the major arcana, when we begin to see how our actions, choices, and morals impact those around us.

Our card for the season is Justice, an archetype of balance, harmony, and personal ethics. A classic figure with symbols so many of us are familiar with, Justice uses her scales to weigh her choices, letting her keen mind and deep experience make decisions that prioritize clarity, wisdom, and equality. Armed with her sword, symbolizing the power of the intellect, she deliberates and considers, trusting her mind to help her come to the right conclusion. This archetype is certainly one that asks us to make choices thoughtfully and carefully, but in tarot this card also speaks to the integrity we hold within, the ways that we understand and process truth, the things we believe on our deepest levels. And while the themes this card explores may seem intensely personal or individual, ideas around morality, choices, and equilibrium deeply impact the world we inhabit, where the decisions we make and the reasons we make them can powerfully influence those around us, shaping the choices, ideas, and actions of others. Now that we’re moving into the next phase of the astrological calendar and the major arcana, we’re beginning to open ourselves up to our community, to learn about ourselves through our interactions with and experiences in the world. Justice represents those moments when we start putting our own ideas and ethics to the test, seeing how we’re able to evaluate situations, make thoughtful decisions, and find what feels fair, equal, and right in problems that aren’t just theoretical.

Justice and Libra both urge us to figure out exactly what balance means to us, what we believe, and how those beliefs manifest in the real world. It’s easy to play out situations in our minds, to imagine ourselves taking a moral stance or defending those with less access or privilege, but when we actually are faced with those situations in real life we don’t always act in the way we expected to. Libra may be the peacemaker, eager to smooth things over and find a way for everyone to get along, but Justice asks us what we’re willing to fight for, what truly matters. We need to take the lessons from the Hermit and Virgo season, the shadows we discovered and the secrets we explored and the darkness we learned to stop fearing, and shift those learnings into actions. And while Libra may bring a feeling of lightness to the air, a desire to share and explore and collaborate, there’s still richness and depth in this kind of movement, in this willingness to understand. Justice often feels hard and fast, black and white, intense and unmoving, but Libra reminds us that there are always multiple perspectives, gives us space to listen and process and be flexible in our decision-making. The deep transformations of the summer may have passed, but that doesn’t mean we stop growing.

September and Libra season may be a time when we have a bit more space to move and play, but many of our cards for the coming weeks urge us to continue those themes of exploration and reflection, pausing to consider where we are in our journey and what our recent choices, emotions, and desires reveal about who we are. Many signs are called to evaluate their progress, to surrender to stillness, to lay a thoughtful foundation for the future. Others are encouraged to let the dreams that have been simmering start to manifest, to take steps towards creation and progress, or to embrace the movement that is stirring after periods of rest and recovery. Libra season has room for a lot of experiences, for mistakes and questions and listening to those with experience and wisdom to offer, so embrace a spirit of flexibility, and make space to keep learning about both yourself and the world you inhabit.

In this season of Libra, let these broader themes of balance and harmony come into play, paying attention to how you navigate your own beliefs with a world that is both evolving and deeply attached to the past. Remember the archetype of Justice, and the ways that our personal morality and understanding of truth influences our choices and actions. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, harmony, and love, so if you know your Venus placement you can also plug your card for that sign into this spread for a more complete perspective on your weeks ahead.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Libra season!


The Hanged Man

It may feel like everything and everyone around you is lightening up, casting aside the intensity of the past few months and moving forward with joy, while you’re feeling a bit stuck in your own progress. So many shifts have happened recently, and it may feel like you don’t know which way to go next, or like you’re forced to wait for something to happen before you can keep moving towards your goals. This can be a frustrating period, a time of stagnation and even discomfort – but remember that whatever you’re waiting for needs time to settle in before you can keep progressing. Try to be patient with yourself during this challenging time, the moments of stillness and quiet before another shift.

You may be tempted to harness your own fire and the air of the season to push past this period of waiting, but this forced pause is an essential part of your path. Surrender to the feeling of it, the sense of not knowing, and let yourself breathe into whatever is coming. You have a chance to prepare before the next stage of growth – this card often comes before a deep shift or powerful transition, so take this time of reflection and healing seriously.


The Fool

After the quiet stillness and contemplation of Virgo season, you may have found yourself intently focused on your goals, clarifying exactly what you want and what needs to happen in order for you to find the success you’ve been craving. But this season will bring an important moment on your journey – a leap of faith, following your instincts and taking a chance without necessarily knowing what the outcome will be. This can be a scary thing to do, especially for someone like you who prefers to have everything planned out before any risks are taken – but chances are this is something you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, something you’ve been craving or perhaps have been afraid to let yourself want. What’s really holding you back from pursuing this dream? Resist the impulse to ignore your intuition and instead try to embrace the not knowing, the endless possibilities. Channel Libra’s sense of freedom and flexible collaboration and take a chance – this is the time to go after what you want, and to try not to control every aspect of how you get there.


Seven of pentacles

You may have found Virgo season to be a time of equilibrium, bringing yourself back to balance and rediscovering which of those big dreams really speaks to you. Pull that energy forward into Libra season, maintaining balance and keeping yourself focused on your overall goals. You’re right at home in airy Libra, enjoying the collaboration and connections that thrive in this light and bright time of year. You may find yourself gathering others to you, attracting people that can help bring you fresh perspectives and powerful new ideas for your ongoing work.

Celebrate the progress you’ve made and make sure you’re still on the right track, but don’t let all that swirling air and easy, playful energy distract you from the bigger goals you’ve set. You’re someone that loves starting things, getting caught up in brainstorming and relishing the joy of exploration and collaboration, but resist the temptation to abandon all your work for the freshness of a new path. If things are feeling stale or you’re getting restless, take some time to sit with your current work and consider if anything needs a shift. This isn’t the time to leave your project behind, but some small adjustments or fresh energy, whether from collaborators or otherwise, could help reinvigorate your passion for this work.


Two of wands

A few different options or possibilities may emerge for you this month, allowing you to combine projects or choose a path forward in your creative endeavors and inspirational movements. Libra is all about balance, listening to your gut, and trusting your own experiences and wisdom to guide you through, so let your sense of truth help you choose between paths this season. And while these decisions may feel like ones you need to make immediately, connected to work that’s close to your heart or inspires you to take quick action, this is a season of thoughtful consideration and gentle movement, one brimming with playful, collaborative energy. Ditch the urgency and spend some time dreaming about what could be, letting your mind explore the potential that each path forward offers. This could be a good opportunity to bring trusted friends or advisors into the mix, talking through your options and balancing the pros and cons. Give yourself the space to make a choice that speaks to both your intuition and your creative passions, then move forward with confidence and strength.


Nine of swords

You spent time in necessary reflection during Virgo season, building out structures for your bigger plans – but in spite of all of that organization, you may experience some self-doubt this month, struggling with your own fears and even isolating yourself from those that could offer support, help, or resources. In a season where it feels like so many are discovering connections and building on previous work, you may feel alone, lost, or confused about how to move forward. Give yourself permission to reach out to those who could support you, to ask for help when you need it, and try not to get too tangled into your own ideas about what others are doing or thinking.

You’re someone that deeply appreciates recognition for your work or ideas or inspiration, but it can be easy to drift away when you aren’t feeling that kind of excitement or encouragement from those around you, or when it feels like you aren’t being seen clearly. Be honest about your emotions, and let others help you find the kind of balance you require. This isn’t a time to be strong in solitude – be kind to yourself and ask for what you need.


The Emperor

Last season may have brought some powerful emotions and important new connections, forcing you to spend more time with your feelings, intuition, and relationships than you are used to. And as beautiful as that heart work has been, this season you can get back to the business of getting organized for the future, the kind of planning and structure that’s right in your wheelhouse. This archetype is all about creating foundations, practicing discipline, and paying attention to the slow building and thoughtful guidelines that have helped you get this far already. Let your natural instincts for order and your ability to manage even the smallest details thrive this season, putting the plans you made last season into practice. However, don’t get so focused on perfection and obsession that you lose sight of the beauty, balance, and joy that this season can bring. Take pleasure in your work but make sure you take some space for creativity and collaboration as well – you may find that bringing others into your work strengthens both your progress and your outlook.


Four of wands

Happy birthday, Libra! Your season will bring both powerful connections and growth in your creative work, as you find inspiration in collaboration and build strong foundations for your future. Enjoy the passions that your projects can stir, the beauty you find in balance, the ways that seeking harmony can strengthen your outlooks.

The thoughtful building and careful construction that you’ve been working through last season will continue in the coming weeks, but you may feel a bit more creative energy building, a bit more confidence and inspiration and excitement as new pieces fall into place. Embrace your natural ability to work with others, to share ideas and get feedback and create something that’s both beautiful and intellectual. Celebrate the progress you’ve made, the vision you’ve nurtured that keeps expanding, and enjoy the excitement in seeing things come together. You may love starting new projects and pouring your energy into whatever your next idea is, but investing your time and passion into this ongoing work will pay off in ways you may not even be anticipating yet. Keep going – you’re doing great.


Six of wands

Last season was all about quiet reflection, retreat, and exploring your own inner shadows, but Libra season will bring a burst of creative energy that will push you forward into powerful and focused movement. If you’ve set a project or two aside, or haven’t felt the inspiration that you’ve needed to keep progressing in a certain area, you may find yourself reinvigorated in the coming weeks, eager to press forward. Libra season has a lighter feeling to it, a joy in pleasure and beauty that can often bring inspiration, so try not to isolate yourself as much as usual and instead enjoy the flowing energy and powerful collaboration that this season can bring.

As exciting as this burst of potential can feel, remember too that Libra season is all about balance. You’re a passionate soul, one that can easily slip from excitement to obsession, so make sure you stay in control as you push forward on this new path. There’s no shame in putting yourself fully into your work, into caring deeply about what you’re doing, but moving too quickly could make you overlook details or lose focus. Move thoughtfully thought this intense period of growth, and you’ll find yourself even closer to those overall goals.


The Magician

You may have held yourself back during Virgo season, hesitating or doubting yourself, searching for truth or waiting for just the right moment to act. And if you haven’t found it yet, this is your sign – go for it. This archetype is all about creation, gathering all of the resources at your disposal and putting them together in new and exciting ways. This is a chance to push the envelope, to take some chances, to see what happens when you combine your natural creativity, your desire for exploration, your innate understanding of the world, and your ability to motivate others to build something powerful and exciting.

This isn’t a time to worry about perfection, or to obsess about where something might go – instead let your natural fire burn brightly, and see what you come up with. Libra is a sign of effortless movement, pleasure in beauty, and brilliant collaboration, so consider working with others in new ways, and seeing what their perspectives can bring to your own ideas. Above all, let yourself dream bigger than you have in awhile, and see what comes forward. What happens if you stop limiting your own ideas, and instead let them take up as much as space as they need?


Eight of swords

You’ve been dreaming and building, working hard with your signature focus and organization, but this season may bring some flickers of doubt, some worries, some shifts in your confidence. Sometimes we get so focused on where we’re going and the story we’ve been telling that we lose sight of the bigger picture, and find ourselves trapped in a narrative that limits us from the wide range of possibilities that exist. If you feel stuck, discouraged, or frustrated with your progress (or lack thereof), take a deep breath and harness that Libra energy into exploration, collaboration, or new perspectives. You may be viewing things too narrowly, or only seeing your struggles through one very specific lens, unwilling or unable to see other versions of the truth. You have more options than you realize, but it may take someone else offering their viewpoint and insights for you to discover the ways you can still move forward, the small shifts that could change everything for the better. Allow your expectations a little flexibility, and you may be surprised by what opens up.



You’re someone that tends to see the bigger picture, that focuses on large and gradual shifts rather than obsessing over small daily struggles, but you may find that something is moving out from under you this season. This archetype isn’t usually about literal death, but instead signals the natural end of something, the conclusion of a cycle, a necessary goodbye. Whether a relationship is coming to a close, you’re shifting careers or finances, or a dream you’ve carried for a long time is transitioning to something new, take some time this season to say goodbye to what you’ve lost. This experience can bring both relief and sadness, so don’t rush this process. Honor where you’ve been and where you’re going, and give yourself permission to gradually make space for something new to begin.

Chances are, you know exactly what I’m referring to – Death is not an archetype that sneaks up on us, but rather one that brings an end that is both expected and understood. But if you are caught off guard by this shift, be extra gentle with yourself, reaching out for support and not pushing yourself beyond your own limits. Even a welcome end can still bring sadness and necessary adjustments, so be patient with yourself.


The High Priestess

Last season may have brought some challenges, frustrating conflicts or a lack of movement, but Libra season will bring opportunities for internal exploration, deep wisdom, and trusting your intuition – all skills you excel at and thrive within. Balance out the joyous fun and light pleasures of Libra season with some rich internal work, paying attention to that little voice that you’re so good at honoring. If you’ve been feeling pulled towards deeper spiritual explorations, challenging your own beliefs or working to find a richer understanding of truth, this is the perfect time to dive deep. And while this may feel like intensely personal work, something that you’d prefer to do with privacy and intention, Libra season is the perfect time for understanding and collaboration, for exploration and questions. Consider how a teacher, mentor, advisor, or simply someone you admire for their deep wisdom and powerful intuition may help you see things in a new way, could help you shift your perspective or challenge your assumptions. You have a beautiful sensitivity and a rich understanding of your own emotions, but there is always more to learn, more to see, more ways to grow.

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